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Petrainer Dog Training Collar Review

Petrainer Dog Training Collar

The Petrainer Dog Training Collar is actually a product of the Petrainer brand. Now, the Petrainer brand is kinda like a subsidiary of the main brand which is iPets.

iPets is a brand that has been in the business of designing, manufacturing and distributing pet products. While this brand is primarily based in North America, its products have reached more places than that.

Furthermore, iPets is primarily concerned with making available training equipment including bark collars and also training collars of which our featured collar is one. However, aside carrying these products, it also makes sure to carry spare parts for the products which customers can purchase.

iPets prides itself on doing everything in the manufacturing process in house. And this apparently helps make its products affordable. However, we’ll let you be the judge of that and to do that, this review will come in handy.

But before we say anything, we think you should head on over to our article on dog training collars and also the one on dog shock collars. Those articles should help put things in perspective.

Now in this article, we will be reviewing the Petrainer Dog Training Collar as you’ve probably already guessed. The idea is to feed you with the necessary accurate information so that you can make the right decision. If you’re ready for this, we’ll start right away.

Who Can Wear The Petrainer Dog Training Collar?

The strap on the Petrainer Dog Training Collar adjusts between 3 and 25 inches and so can only fit dogs whose necks measure between those.

However, more than the fit, certain dogs should not wear this collar for certain reasons. We might not need to stress that really young puppies shouldn’t wear this seeing as the collar won’t even fit them.

However, other dogs like pregnant and lactating mothers, invalid dogs and even really olds dogs should not be wearing this collar. They are not in any condition to be trained.

Features Of The Petrainer Dog Training Collar

1. Remote Control

That the Petrainer Dog Training Collar is a remote controlled collar means that the responsibility of training your dog is entirely on you or whoever is wielding the remote. So, you have to be sure that you know what you’re doing.

Now, the remote control is a regular remote; a couple of buttons, LED display screen and is of the right weight.

Furthermore, we are sure that you know that the buttons are responsible for the workings on the remote. However, to properly understand what the buttons do, there are a couple of things you need to know.

First, the Petrainer Dog Training Collar has 3 modes of correction: beep, vibration and static shock. The vibration and static shock modes are what you could refer to as the primary correction modes.

Thus, the mode button you’ll find on the remote can only be used to toggle between the vibration mode and the shock mode. However, there is a separate button for the warning beep. You can hold it down so that the collar continues to beep for as long as you need to warn your dog.

Second, the collar has 100 levels of intensity (for both the vibration and shock modes) and you are meant to set it at whatever level is fine for your dog. For this reason, there are two navigation buttons on the side of the remote. You should be able to figure out which increases and which decreases.

Last, there is a small LED light on the top of the remote. To put on/off that light, there is a button with a flashlight on it.

Furthermore, the remote, paired with the collar receiver, covers as much as 330 yards (900 feet). That’s decent if you ask us.

Petrainer Dog Training Collar

2. Collar Receiver

The collar receiver is what actually stays on your dog’s neck and interprets the command that you send via the remote control. Furthermore, the electrodes on the receiver comes already covered with plastic covers. So you need not worry that metal probes will be digging into your dog’s skin.

Probably the most remarkable thing about the Petrainer Dog Training Collar is that two collars can be connected to one remote. Thus, you’ll find a button on the remote tagged ½. That button is there to help you switch between the two collars connected.

This makes sense because this way you won’t need to wield more than one remote at the same time. Furthermore, the collar receiver and the remote control too are waterproof. You might want to remove the collar if your dog is going to be submerged but the collar should be able to hold its own.

3. Test Light

If you get the Petrainer Dog Training Collar, you’ll notice a little clear plastic with a little bulb inside. That clear plastic with a bulb is what you’ll use to determine if the shock option works.

So what you’ll do is, place the test light on the electrodes than press the button to trigger the shock mode. If the bub lights up then the shock option works.

4. Collar Strap

We’ve already said that the Petrainer Dog Training Collar is an adjustable collar and can be adjusted between 3 and 25 inches.

Furthermore, the collar strap features a metal buckle that is both used for a clasp and an adjustment mechanism. There are enough adjustment holes on this collar for that.

The collar receiver is made of plastic and so should be able to hold up to water. It also has a small leash ring so that you can use it to train your dog during walks.

5. USB Cable

Both the remote control and the collar receiver are rechargeable, hence, the USB cable. Now, the USB cable is not your regular one. It has the regular part that can connect to basically anything with a USB port.

However, the part that should connect to the collar is split in two. One is your regular USB mouth for the collar receiver while the other is a pin mouth for the remote control. This way, you can charge both the remote control and the collar receiver at the same time.

Is The Petrainer Dog Training Collar User Friendly?

We don’t see you having issues with operating this collar. However, we still see the need to recommend that you inform your dog trainer or veterinarian before you buy any kind of training collar for your dog.

Pros Of The Petrainer Dog Training Collar

1. Control Two Collars

We like that with one remote controller you can control two collars. This reduces the stress of having to shuffle between using two remote controls when training two dogs.

2. Waterproof

We also like that the Petrainer Dog Training Collar is waterproof. It sure gives more options of where training can take place.

Petrainer Dog Training Collar

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Cons Of The Petrainer Dog Training Collar

It would have been way better if the collar had a better way of switching between receivers. The way it is now with the buttons really slows things down and doesn’t exactly allow for quick actions.

Alternative Options To The Petrainer Dog Training Collar

Is the Petrainer Dog Training Collar not exactly up your alley? Check out these other training collars:

More Sophisticated Option

Petrainer Dog Training Collar

Dogcare Dog Training Collar

If two collars are too few for you, you should really consider the Dogcare Dog Training Collar. With one remote, you can control up to 9 collar receivers.

Furthermore, the Dogcare Dog Training Collar comes with a button lock feature. At the slide of a button, all the other buttons on the remote are locked such that pressing them does not result in any reaction. This is praiseworthy because it erases the possibility of having accidental corrections.

If you want to know more about the Dogcare Dog Training Collar, you should head on over to this review.

More Affordable Option

Petrainer Dog Training Collar

Findway Rechargeable Shock Collar

If you are on a budget, you should consider the Findway Rechargeable Shock Collar. It is basically the same as our featured collar. However, this one supports only one collar receiver at a time.

One thing we really like about this collar is that the charging port comes with a rubber flap to protect it against moisture. However, you should know that the shock option has been known to pack a punch. So, if you’ll be going with this, you’ll need to be careful with the shock mode.

Check out this review for more information.

Comparison Table

Petrainer Dog Training Collar

Dogcare Dog Training Collar

Findway Rechargeable Shock Collar

Number of Collar Receivers


Strap Material


Correction Modes

Beep, vibration and shock.Beep, vibration and shock.Vibration and shock.

What People Think About The Petrainer Dog Training Collar

A good number of people are OK with the collar. However, one particular dog parent thinks a button lock feature would have made things better for everyone.

Our Take

We are not excited about shock collars as we think there are more humane ways of correcting and or training your dog. However, if your veterinarian and or dog trainer has given their go ahead then go ahead.

Interested in getting the Petrainer Dog Training Collar? Click this to get it now.

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