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Donidin No Bark Collar Review

Donidin No Bark Collar

We couldn’t find out much about the maker of the Donidin No Bark Collar. All we were able to ascertain is that Donidin is the maker of this collar. And also that Donidin is a pet product brand.

That’s basically all we know about the brand. And trust us when we say we really tried to find out more. However, we know a lot more about the Donidin No Bark Collar and we are more than willing to share.

In this review, you’ll get to know what this collar is about; its different parts, the functions of the different parts and whether all those parts work.

By the time we are done, you should have all the information you need in order to make the right decision. But before we get right down to things, we’ll quickly let you know a few things.

The Donidin No Bark Collar is a bark control collar and this means that it is meant to be used to teach dogs to stop barking unnecessarily. Bark collars usually make use of a number of correction methods to pass their message. And for the Donidin No Bark Collar, the primary mode is shock.

Now to have a general idea about what we are going into, we advise that you go check out this articles on dog training collars and shock collars if you haven’t already. Now that you have, we can continue with this review.

Who Can Wear The Donidin No Bark Collar

The Donidin No Bark Collar is a training collar, a shock training collar for that matter, so it shouldn’t be worn by just any dog. Puppies younger than 6 weeks should not be wearing this collar.

Furthermore, Donidin says that the collar is only recommended for dogs who weigh between 18 and 120 pounds.

Features Of The Donidin No Bark Collar

1. Collar Receiver

The collar receiver is a very important feature of the Donidin No Bark Collar. It is the duty of this receiver to pick up the bark sounds from the wearer, process the information and then send the appropriate correction mode.

Now, the collar waits till your dog barks twice in quick succession before it sends a warning tone. However, if he keeps on barking, the collar will then send a static shocks to him.

The Donidin No Bark Collar comes with two pairs of different lengths of metal probes that are responsible for getting the shock directly to your dog’s skin. The reason for the different lengths is so that you can have a pair that will reach your dog’s skin irrespective of his size or fur length.

Now, as regards the sensitivity levels, there are 7 of them. This means that you can decide how intense you want the shocks to be. You can also decide how sensitive the collar will be to picking up bark sounds. And we advise that you start not so intense at level 1.

There are two buttons on this collar that are responsible for navigating through the sensitivity levels. One is tagged ‘+’ while the other is tagged ‘-‘. You should be able to figure out which button is for what.

The Donidin No Bark Collar is powered by 1 replaceable battery. However, the collar comes with two of those batteries which means one of them is an extra.

Donidin No Bark Collar

2. Collar Strap

The Donidin No Bark Collar is held in place by an adjustable nylon collar. Being adjustable, the strap comes with a plastic tri glide. The strap is a one-size-fits-all, so you’ll have to glide the tri glide along to make sure it fits.

For a clasp, the Donidin No Bark Collar uses a plastic buckle that shouldn’t give you issues as regards opening or closing. Furthermore, the collar strap is washable. Just remember to remove it from the collar before you wash.

3. Plastic Tester

The Donidin No Bark Collar comes with a small plastic thing that has a light bulb in it. The idea is for you to place the tester on the shock probes. Then you could breathe on the receiver. If the lightbulb lights up it means that the shock option actually works.

4. Freebies

This should interest a lot of people. The Donidin No Bark Collar comes with 1 free collapsible dog bowl. It also comes with a free dog leash and 1 dog training manual. Plus, we’ve already talked about the extra battery.

Is The Donidin No Bark Collar user Friendly?

There are only two buttons on this collar and all you need to do is press either of them. Also, the battery can be easily placed into the collar. What we are just trying to point out here is that the Donidin No Bark Collar is easy to use.

However, because it is a shock collar, we have to point out that we aren’t exactly comfortable with it. We think there are more humane methods of training your dog to not bark incessantly than deciding to send him static shocks.

We also recognize that this is your decision ultimately, not ours. However, we’ll advise that your veterinarian and or dog trainer be in the know of your buying this collar. They should even be able to guide you through its usage.

Pros Of The Donidin No Bark Collar

1. Freebies

If the freebie thing is not a pro, we wonder what is. For the price of one collar, you get a collapsible dog bowl, a dog leash and a dog training manual. Let’s also not forget the extra battery (It is a freebie too). That’s a lot of freebies for just one collar if you ask us.

2. Easy To Use

The Donidin No Bark Collar is a pretty easy to use bark control collar. You basically just have to press the right button to set the sensitivity level and the collar does all the work.

Donidin No Bark Collar

If you are interested in getting the Donidin No Bark Collar, click this to get it now.

Cons Of The Donidin No Bark Collar

The Donidin No Bark Collar isn’t the most durable collar out there in the market. It will be there for quite some time but not nearly long enough.

Also, because the device is not vibration sensitive (that is, it picks up bark sounds and not necessarily vibrations from your dog’s throat), there’s only so much sensitivity that the collar can have.

This means that there is the possibility that the collar could pick up some sounds that are not exactly coming from your dog. Then, of course, it could shock your dog to correct him. That possibility exists.

Alternative Options To The Donidin No Bark Collar

Not interested in the Donidin No Bark Collar? Check out these other options:

Rechargeable Option

Donidin No Bark Collar

Authenzo Bark Control Collar

If you would rather not have a collar that uses a replaceable battery, you should consider the Authenzo Bark Control Collar. The battery is rechargeable and the collar comes with its own charging cable.

The Authenzo Bark Control Collar is also a bit more durable than our featured collar. Furthermore, the collar has a tiny LED screen on its surface for you to see what sensitivity level it is on as you navigate. Also, you should know that this collar is a bit pricier than our featured collar.

Check out the review of the Authenzo Bark Control Collar here.

No Shock Option

Donidin No Bark Collar

Everyday Urban Bark Collar

Not excited about a collar that administers static shocks as correction? Then you should consider the Everyday Urban Bark Collar. It only makes use of beeps and vibration.

Furthermore, the strap of this collar is reflective and so the collar can be used in dim light. Also, the collar comes with two faces; one blue and one orange. And luckily, this collar is less pricey than our featured collar.

We also have a review on this collar that you should check out.

Opposite Spectrum

Donidin No Bark Collar

Barkguard Citronella Anti-Bark Collar

This collar is a bit different from the other collars listed here because it administers neither static shock nor vibration. All it uses as correction mode is citronella liquid.

However, you should know that the Barkguard Citronella Anti-Bark Collar does not come with the liquid and does not produce the liquid it either. It comes with an empty canister.

So you’ll have to buy the citronella liquid from another brand. And no, you can’t substitute the citronella liquid for water. That’s not how it works.

Check out this review for more information on this collar.

Comparison Table

Donidin No Bark Collar

Authenzo Bark Control Collar

Everyday Urban Bark Collar

Barkguard Citronella Anti-Bark Collar

Correction Modes

Warning beep and static shockWarning beep, vibration and static shockWarning beep and vibrationCitronella fluid

Sensitivity Levels




What People Think About The Donidin No Bark Collar

People seem to think that the Donidin No Bark Collar is an OK collar but would have been better if it were more durable.

Our Take

We are not excited about shock collars and the Donidin No Bark Collar has done nothing to convince us otherwise.

If you are interested in getting the Donidin No Bark Collar, click this to get it now.

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