Dog Backpack- A Complete Guide To Everything About Dog Backpacks

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Do you want to go out for a really long walk with your pooch? Or perhaps you love hiking and would love your dog to come along? Whatever reason it might be, taking your pooch on a trail can be all sorts of fun. This fun is even multiplied when you throw in a dog backpack.

Today, we’ll be discussing everything about a dog backpack. The what, the why, the when and the how of a dog backpack.

All the important tidbits of how to make the right choice of a dog backpack are right here in this article. So, keep it locked here.

Now, let’s begin at the top…



What Is A Dog Backpack?

A dog backpack is basically what the name is, a backpack designed for our canine companions.

It serves just like a human backpack. So, generally, it helps to keep tools and other needed items safe and secure throughout a journey. It also keeps maps and secret items, just ask Dora the explorer.



Why Should I Get A Dog Backpack?

Well, we’ve told you a lot about dog backpacks, now we’re going to show you a few major reasons why you should get a dog backpack.

We’ll also be showing you scenarios where having a dog backpack would be most favorable, both for you, and your pup.

A Dog Backpack Is Great For The Winter

For Exercise

Well, winter is certainly a really chilly season, and not in a cool way, get it? Because of the cold in the snow and rain, it is very uncomfortable for dog owners to exercise their dogs.

If you had a pet bear, this wouldn’t have been a problem since they’ll just sleep through the winter.

However, you have a pet dog who doesn’t hibernate and as such takes in food throughout this time. If your pup doesn’t exercise throughout the winter, it can get very problematic.

During winter, you might,naturally, want to shorten playtime with your pup to a really short time because of the cold.

However, having a backpack on can make sure that your dog gets enough muscles going even if he only walks a short route. This is because, the dog backpack will serve to the dog like dumb-bells and weights for humans, it’ll wear them out faster.


For Visibility

Also, during the winter, evenings get darker faster. Because of that, it can be more difficult to see your dog in such conditions. What you would need in such a scenario is a dog backpack with reflectors.

These reflectors would help you see your pup even in the dimmest of lights. Couple those with some high-visibility dog collars and you can be sure that your dog will never get lost in the dark again.

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With the winter also comes cold, immense cold, sometimes unbearable cold even for dogs. And while people often prefer dog sweaters in these situations, we cannot deny the fact that some dogs don’t just like sweaters.


Dog Backpacks Could Replace Sweaters For Dogs And Dog Owners That Are Averse To Them

If you’re one of those dog parents who do not like dog sweaters, or perhaps your dog is one of those dogs that hates sweaters, then a dog backpack might be your answer.

Especially when your dog is outside, a dog backpack can serve as a huge source of insulation from the cold.

Also, a dog backpack would ensure that your dog expends more energy in exercise in a little time. This would in turn result in more heat being given off by your dog and he’ll be kept warm.

Unlike sweaters, all dogs love dog backpacks, so it’s one to look at to keep your dog fit even through the winter. The best part of it is that you don’t have to increase the length of the exercise, you might even need to reduce it.

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For Exercising Active Dogs

There are certain different dog breeds that are considered as active dogs. They are dogs that love the outdoors and love to exercise.

Basically, there are certain kinds of dogs that love activity. All dogs love to play,  no doubt. However, not all dogs are very enthusiastic about hiking, hunting and stuff like that.

If your dog is one of those dogs that like these activities, you might want to get him a backpack. A dog backpack will help make going on trails, mountain climbing, hiking, hunting, and so on even more enjoyable.

If your pooch is an active dog, it means that they also love to “be in a job”. But who else is going to employ them but you? Giving them a backpack to carry gives them a sense of responsibility.

Also, when going on long trails you’d normally have to carry a lot of equipment with you both for you and the dog. With a dog backpack, you can reduce this load, since you can now share the load between you and your dog with a dog backpack.

Your dog’s bottled water, treat bag and small things like that can be put into his dog backpack so you wouldn’t have to carry all the load yourself.

It might also be quite tempting to give your dog some personal items to carry too but be careful. Too heavy load might break his spinal cord.

Also, what if he gets lost or both of you get separated? The basic supplies you need to survive should be with you always and not your dog in case of any emergency.



Just like we have pointed out in snippets earlier, a dog backpack can take exercise to a whole new level. What’s more interesting is that it can be very useful for whatever dog you own, whatever his exercise needs are.

If your dog doesn’t like to exercise for long periods and prefers shorter sprints, getting a dog backpack is a really good idea.

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This is because a dog backpack makes sure that your dog’s exercise needs are met in short periods.

They put more weight on your dog causing her to expend more energy with every stride.


Training And Mental Exercise

Aside physical exercise, there should also be mental exercise. Dogs are really intelligent and staying without any sort of mental task for a long time can keep them agitated and frustrated.

However, mental exercise is not so interesting and not all dog owners know how exactly to do this for their dogs. If you’re one of those, then you should get a dog backpack.

When your dog is wearing a dog backpack, he’ll be a lot more focused. A dog backpack naturally makes your dog a lot more focused because the weight around his back makes him feel like he’s “on the job”.

And who isn’t focused when on the job?

Also, with this increased focus gotten from putting on a dog backpack, dog training becomes easier. This is because, a more focused dog is more likely to do what you tell him than one who’s mind is wandering about.


Also Makes Dog Walking Easier For You

Dog backpacks also make walking easier for you the dog owner. Because of the weight, your dog would tend to pull on the leash a lot less, making the walk enjoyable for both of you.

It will also prevent injuries that occur as a result of pulling too hard on the leash.

This increased pressure during exercise means that your canine friend gets all his muscles working and this will wear him out.

Because he’s very tired, he’ll easily fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night, giving you a chance to sleep also.

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How To Pick The Best Dog Backpack

If you go out there in search of a dog backpack, you’ll probably get lost. You might get swayed with prices and designs that you miss the small important details.

That’s why we’ve brought together everything you need to know about buying a dog backpack. It might be cheap, but is it good enough? We’ll tell you all about it here…

Consider The Weight Of The Dog Backpack

When getting a dog backpack, you’ll need to make sure that you check the purpose you want to use it for first.

The purpose will help you determine a lot of things the bag should contain including its weight.

If you want something just to make short neighborhood walks even more effective, get something a little heavy.

However, if you’re going to be going for long trails, walks or hikes, it’s best to choose a lightweight dog backpack instead.

No matter what backpack you pick, chances are they’ll not be too heavy for your dog. However, if it’s to make short walks more tasking, you might want to add a little weight to the backpack.

When thinking of how much weight should be added to the backpack, please see your vet. Only a vet will be able to give you specis. That is, how much your dog is able to carry for whatever period or distance.

If your dog is given a backpack that’s filled with things that make it so heavy, his spinal cord is in danger.

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Also, especially if the weights you’re adding are not actual weights (that is if you’re just using certain objects to make the bag heavier), it is best practice to have a standby weight scale.

Before you go out with the backpack, measure the weight of the bag with the objects inside and crosscheck with the advice given by your vet.


Look Out For Adjustability

Is that word too big? Well, it’s simply, the backpack’s ability to be adjusted. Simple enough, now? We’re sure it is.

The adjustability of a dog backpack is one feature that should never be overlooked. Because it is a backpack, getting a perfect fit might be a long stretch.

However, just like human backpacks are easily adjustable to fit multiple people, so should dog backpacks.

If your dog backpack is not adjustable, chances are that you’ll be buying a new one every six months. More especially, if your pooch is in his early, rapid growth years, you need this.

A bag’s adjustability doesn’t mean you should neglect measuring your dog before getting a backpack. You should measure your dog, always.

But even with perfect measurements, adjustable straps give room for little things like weight loss or gain and growth.

One tip to take note of is to always fit the dog backpack such that it is not so loose it easily falls off, or too tight that it squeezes him.


Consider The Efficiency And Maximum Weight Capacity Of The Dog Backpack

A dog backpack should, at least, be able to carry the dog’s essentials. These include, his water bottle, treats and poo bag. You’ll also need to get a backpack that carries these essentials efficiently.

Efficiently in the sense that the weight is distributed evenly throughout the dog’s body.

This will ensure that one part is not carrying more weight than another. Such uneven distribution can cause muscular problems for your pooch.

Also, depending on what activity you want to do with your dog, you can get a backpack that can contain even more stuff.

However, you need to make sure that the straps aren’t too tight that they’re choking your dog’s necks.

It Must Be Vet Approved

Even if most of your dog’s well-being is in your hands, you need to seek your vet’s advice. Your vet might not know more about your dog than you. However, he sure knows a lot more about the general health of dogs than you.

You need a dog backpack that is approved by your doctor to be healthy for your furry friend.

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How Do I Train My Pooch To Wear A Dog Backpack?

This is easy and much like the way you train your pup to do almost every other thing. You’ll need to start small, have patience and employ a lot of positive reinforcement.

Just like we said earlier, you have to start small. That means with this, you’ll need to start with an empty bag.

Also, cut short your walk routes. You know that with a backpack filled with the adequate weight, your routes would have to be cut short.

Again, after every activity with the backpack, reward your dog with a treat. This will help him associate carrying the backpack with good things. This is known as  positive reinforcement.




Phew! We’ve come to the end of our own trail. An interesting trail, wasn’t it? Filled with wonderful tips and needed information about dog backpacks.

What are you still doing here, friend? Go on out there and get yourself a dog backpack. That way, you can go on that adventure y’all have always wanted to go for.

See ya!