Ocsoso Dog Backpack Review

Some people think that making your pooch look cute (without harming them) is a waste of time. Others think that it’s an activity that’s worthwhile. However, we feel that if you can find a product that has a function and can also make your pooch look good, go for it. Today, we review the Ocsoso Dog Backpack.

OCSOSO Puppy Dog Backpack,Saddle Bags,Back Pack with Training Lead Leash (Blue Animail, L)


Who Can Wear The Ocsoso Dog Backpack?

This backpack tilts towards cute more than functional, and so do its users. The primary market for this backpack is small, cute dogs. Dogs that do not go out on long trails.

It’s for dogs who might just need a little more exercise. Dogs who don’t go too far away from home and just need a backpack to keep the little things.

Before buying this backpack, we advise that you see your vet. He would tell you whether this backpack would be safe, health-wise, for your dog. And if so, he will proceed to tell you how much weight you can place in the back, so you don’t put too much.



Features Of The Ocsoso Dog Backpack

1. Material

This backpack is made with cotton canvas material.  Cotton canvas is a very strong outdoor material. It is often used in making tents and other outdoor gear. A very notable mention is the fact that it is used in making military backpacks. So, with this material, you can rest assured of the durability of the backpack.

If you want a backpack that would serve you for a very long time, you might just have found it. Another thing to note is the use: If you’re not going to do extreme stuff with the bag, it’ll last even longer.

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The back of the backpack is lined with mesh material. This lining achieves two things:

First, it prevents the backpack from sliding along your dogs’ back. If you’ve ever used a backpack that was not lined before, we’re sure you would understand what we mean. Without the mesh lining to create friction, the backpack would be all over the place, which is not very comfortable for the dog.

Second, the mesh creates breathability. If your dog is going to be out when it’s hot, it is important that he gets proper ventilation so he does not overheat. Many people do not consider overheating very serious. However, we can tell you that it is as serious as freezing.

2. Design

There are two aspects to design, whatever it is. There’s the design in terms of build, and there’s the design in terms of looks. We’ll be looking at two of them, one after another.

First, build. The Ocsoso Dog Backpack is made to resemble the normal human backpack. This is unlike many other dog backpacks that are made as saddlebags instead. This backpack, just like human backpacks, is worn on your dogs’ back, over his two shoulders.

We do not know which style the dog prefers. However, if you have the money, you can buy the two and find out which one your dog prefers. Because at the end of the day, dogs have different personalities, and as such, would like different things.

However, one thing we do know about this backpack’s build is that it’s a lot less spacious than saddlebags. This one has one big zipped space, while the saddlebags have two big saddles hanging on both sides of your pooch.

The second aspect of the design is the look. This dog backpack looks very cute. It is available in six different designs, all featuring animal characters. For example, a green frog, pink butterfly, rose cat, and so on. And what is cuter than a cute animal carrying another cute animal on his back?

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3. Leash Attachment

When you’re taking your dog out, it is important that you keep him close, controlled, and in check with a leash. This is especially if you’ve not trained him to walk without it.

This backpack features a small D-ring placed directly at the top of the backpack. The D-ring is made metallic so your leash can attach to it just fine. It is also that way to prevent it from ripping while you’re pulling.

Also, with every purchase of this backpack, you get a free leash. If you’re getting a new pooch and you’re looking to cut costs on all corners, you can do it with this. For the price of one, you get both a backpack, a collar (ish), and a leash.

OCSOSO Puppy Dog Backpack,Saddle Bags,Back Pack with Training Lead Leash (Blue Animail, L)



4. Sizes Available

The table below shows the company’s sizing chart. You’ll need to measure around your dogs’ chest.

Chest measurement (centimeters)
Small 30-40.
Medium 35-50.
Large 45-60.




Pros Of The Ocsoso Dog Backpack

1. It is Hella Cute!

The reason we put this as the first pro is because we know that this is what most people who purchase this kind of backpack want. The backpack is really cute, providing six different animated designs that you can choose from to be the backpack cover.

Also, the build adds to it being cute. We all know how millennials love it when pets are doing human stuff. That’s why the manufacturers of this made it similar to human backpacks.

2. Something For The Little Dogs

If you’ve been looking dog backpack for your small pooch, we’re sure you’ve experienced a lot of stress. Dog backpacks are not very popular among small dogs. Because of that, there are a lot of backpacks that do not cater for the small dogs.

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So, if you have a small dog, you can be glad you’ve found a dog backpack that fits small pooches. The manufacturers of this product had your dog in mind when making this backpack.

3. It’s Very Affordable

At under $20, this backpack is very affordable. If you’ve ever shopped for backpacks, we’re sure you’ll agree with us right away. Backpacks can cost way close to $100.

It is important to note that while this backpack is affordable, it is not cheap. Cheap often refers to badly made products that are made with sub-standard materials.

OCSOSO Puppy Dog Backpack,Saddle Bags,Back Pack with Training Lead Leash (Blue Animail, L)




Smaller Than Expected

A lot of people found out that what they got appeared to be a little smaller than what they expected. Maybe because this was originally made for small dogs but the fact that the sizes are not the same as claimed is quite a shame on the manufacturers.

However, if you still love the backpack, we would advise that you seek the proper size to order from other customers who have made a purchase, or from the manufacturers themselves.




Alternative Options To The Ocsoso Dog Backpack

Brown Bear Backpack, Similarly Priced

BUYITNOW Cute Pet Backpack Harness Travel Outdoor Hiking Adjustable Leash Saddlebag for Small Dogs



If you want another design for the backpack, probably you didn’t like the six you’ve seen, well, check this one out. This backpack, though, only comes in this one design, the brown bear.

Speaking of functionality, the space in this backpack is quite larger than the one in the backpack we reviewed today.


Daypak Dog Backpack Hiking Gear For Dogs by Outward Hound, Large, Blue




Comparison Table

If you’re not the fancy type and would prefer old-school saddlebags for your pooch, this is for you.

OCSOSO Puppy Dog Backpack,Saddle Bags,Back Pack with Training Lead Leash (Blue Animail, L)

Ocsoso Dog Backpack

BUYITNOW Cute Pet Backpack Harness Travel Outdoor Hiking Adjustable Leash Saddlebag for Small Dogs

BUYITNOW Cute Pet Backpack


Daypak Dog Backpack Hiking Gear For Dogs by Outward Hound, Large, Blue

Outward Hound Daypak Dog Backpack


Colors available Six different designs with different colors Brown Blue, green
Design Human-like Human-like Saddlebags




What Do Other People Think?

Well, people really think that this is a really good backpack. It makes their dogs look extra cute, and it’s big enough to carry some of their dogs’ stuff.

However, a lot of people would advise that you do not use the pack as an alternative to a harness. This is because, on pulling, the bag is pulled along, almost going over the dogs’ head.



What Do We Think?

We think that this is a really good backpack for its basic function, to beautify. Plus, it’s really affordable.

OCSOSO Puppy Dog Backpack,Saddle Bags,Back Pack with Training Lead Leash (Blue Animail, L)