Alfie Dog Backpack Review

Hey you! You’re welcome. Do you want to get a backpack for your pooch? You’ve come to the right place. Check out this article first that breaks down and shows you the importance of dog backpacks. Today, we’ll be reviewing the Alfie Dog Backpack. Ready or not, here we go.

Alfie Pet - Oliga Backpack Harness with Leash Set - Pattern: Spiderman, Size: Small

Alfie pet products is a sub-company that is under Petoga Couture. The brand, it says, means quality and value. Alfie products have been featured in Petoga Couture for more than 5 years now. Petoga Couture, its parent company, has been in existence for a little over a decade, 13 years, to be precise. The brand was created out of the vision to lead the world of pet specialty stores, producing for spoiled pets all over.

That’s about enough information we think you need concerning this brand. If you want to know more about them, you can find out here. Now, let’s move on to discuss the product itself.


Who Can Use The Alfie Dog Backpack?

While the Alfie Dog Backpack can be worn by any dog, it is not for active dogs. It’s more of a fashion item than a functional backpack. This is not a backpack for dogs that go on long trails. It’s better suited to small dogs like toy breeds and should be used for light activity such as taking a walk around the park or an early morning jog.



What Are The Features Of The Alfie Dog Backpack?

The features of the Alfie Dog Backpack are listed below:

  1. A beautiful, eccentric design
  2. Small storage space.
  3. Leash attachment ring (metallic D ring).
  4. Over-the-shoulder straps.
  5. Free leash included.


1. Design

The design of this backpack is one to take note of because of its eccentricity. Most dog backpacks you find are like saddlebags. However, this is very different. Instead of saddlebags, this backpack is designed like a human backpack. This wat, your dog carries this like a human would carry their backpack, on their backs. In fact, looking at it from afar, this backpack looks like something a young child can also carry.

Whether this is good for your dog, or not, will ultimately be determined by your vet. So, please see your vet before getting this pack for your pooch.

We all know there are two phases to design: construction and beautification. We’ve discussed the former. Now, for beautification, this backpack comes in various designs.

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It’s available in 9 different, beautiful, designs. Some of the designs are superhero-themed e.g. Spiderman, Captain America, Superman, and of course, Batman. If you’re not a Marvel or DC fanatic, there are other animal-themed designs like a shark, lobster, and so on.

With these many designs to choose from, your problem will be how to make a choice because, to be honest, they’re all beautiful.

Like we’ve said from the beginning, this is simply for fashion and making your pup look cute. So, things like the functionality of the colors don’t apply here because your pup shouldn’t be wearing this out in the wild anyway.

Alfie Pet - Oliga Backpack Harness with Leash Set - Pattern: Spiderman, Size: Small





2. Storage Space

Rather than two saddlebags, this comes with normal backpack space like you would find in human backpacks: one big zipper, and then a smaller zipper.

You don’t expect this storage space to carry 4 or 5 days worth of food as the saddlebags would. However, nothing says it cannot contain the small stuff. A water bottle, a poo bag, a treat bag, this backpack should be able to handle little things like that, although, you’ll need to be careful with the water bottle as the backpack doesn’t come with a water bottle holder. If your dog moves, the bottle moves with him. In the long run, this can begin to hinder your dog’s movement.


3. Peripherals

The peripheral features in this backpack include: leash attachment ring and straps The leash attachment ring is a metallic D-ring. The ring rests just above where his collar would be. That way, he doesn’t need to start getting used to the position of the leash all over again.

The straps hang just like human backpacks do, over the shoulders. However, there is one last strap that goes across his belly, to make sure that the backpack stays in place.

Note, this backpack does not come with a handle like many other backpacks do, making your leash is the only method of controlling your dog. We think because of that, the manufacturers added a leash to every purchase. Yes, you read right, you get a free leash on every purchase of the Alfie Dog Backpack.


4. Maintenance

  • Only use for mild activities: daily walks, parties, or simply making your pooch look adorable.
  • Don’t put too much weight into the bag. See your vet for the appropriate weight.
  • The manufacturers recommend that you hand wash, always.
  • Air dry always.



What Are The Pros Of The Alfie Dog Backpack?

Here are some reasons to buy the Alfie Dog Backpack:

  • It looks cute.
  • It’s one of the few dog backpack options for small breeds.



1. It’s Cute

This is the best side to this product, it’s probably why the majority of people who bought it did. It is super cute.

What makes it really cute, is the combination of the fact that the dog is wearing it like a human, and the designs on it. Everyone loves to see pets do human stuff, it’s always so cute, this is no different.

Wear your pooch this to the park and everyone would want to take a pic with the dog that has a backpack on like a little baby going to school.

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You know what people love more than pets doing human stuff? You’re right! Pets doing super-human stuff. From wearing all the superhero costumes for Halloween to having superman on his back, everyone loves to see pets being associated with superheroes.

Alfie Pet - Oliga Backpack Harness with Leash Set - Pattern: Spiderman, Size: Small





2. Finally! Something For The Small Pups

If you’ve been out to find a backpack that fits a small pooch, we’re very sure that you must’ve had a very difficult time. Generally, dog backpacks are made for medium and large-sized dogs. Often times, little attention is paid to smaller cities.

It seems like Alfie noticed this and created something specifically for the small breeds. This backpack doesn’t come in a large size, only small and medium. The medium doesn’t tell the full story, though, because it refers to a medium-sized “small breed” not necessarily a medium-sized breed.



What Are The Cons Of The Alfie Dog Backpack?

The main disadvantage of the Alfie Dog Backpack is that it tends to run small which might not be a huge problem since it’s made for small pups anyway.



Size Runs A Bit Small

The only con people found with this backpack is that the sizing is a bit off because the backpack runs small. This doesn’t come as a huge shock to us as you can see from the time that this backpack was built with small pups in mind.


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What Are The Alternative Options To The Alfie Dog Backpack?

If you want something other than the Alfie Dog Backpack, check out these other options:

  1. BUYITNOW Cute Dog Backpack: different brand.
  2. Outward Hound Lightweight Dog Backpack: more functional, comes with saddlebags.



Another Design, Same Style

BUYITNOW Cute Dog Backpack

BUYITNOW Cute Pet Backpack Harness Travel Outdoor Hiking Adjustable Leash Saddlebag for Small Dogs






The BUYITNOW Cute Dog Backpack comes in the same style as our featured product. They both look like human backpacks. However, it comes in a different design with a beautiful brown bear. The bag comes in brown color, is made with soft cotton and comes padded with inner mesh to provide your pooch with absolute comfort.


More Functional, Saddlebags

Outward Hound Lightweight Dog Backpack

Daypak Dog Backpack Hiking Gear For Dogs by Outward Hound, Large, Green






Are you a more active person? Do you need a backpack that might not be that cute but is a whole lot more functional? Something that is tough enough to withstand the outdoors and come out without any wear or tear? Then you should check out this backpack.

The daypak comes with features like high visibility, cooling mesh, large expandable pockets, adjustable straps. All of which come together to make your journey with your pooch a very enjoyable, hazard-free, one.

With the daypak, you can venture into the outdoors with your pooch and he won’t look out of place. It’s available in three different sizes, and two colors. The straps are made adjustable enough to allow your dog his full range of motion.

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Alfie Pet - Oliga Backpack Harness with Leash Set - Pattern: Spiderman, Size: Small

Alfie Dog Backpack

BUYITNOW Cute Pet Backpack Harness Travel Outdoor Hiking Adjustable Leash Saddlebag for Small Dogs

Buyitnow Cute Pet Backpack


Daypak Dog Backpack Hiking Gear For Dogs by Outward Hound, Large, Green

Outward Hound Daypak Dog Backpack


Design Human-like bag Human-like bag Saddlebags
Color or designs available 9 Brown bear Green and blue





What Are Customers Saying About The Alfie Dog Backpack?

Well, people who got the Alfie Dog Backpack totally loved every bit of it. Everyone who bought this knew they were getting this for fashion purposes rather than functionality. And in that regard, we must say the Alfie Dog Backpack delivered 100% on its promise.



Should I Get The Alfie Dog Backpack?

The Alfie Dog Backpack is not a very functional backpack. If cuteness is what you’re looking for, then you can’t get it wrong with the Alfie Dog Backpack. It’s a fantastic choice for small breeds.


Alfie Pet - Oliga Backpack Harness with Leash Set - Pattern: Spiderman, Size: Small






Alfie Dog Backpack — FAQs

Is The Alfie Dog Backpack A Good Dog Backpack?

Small breeds are not typically known for hiking, long trails, and other high-energy activities. Hence, they do not need the same kinds of dogs as dogs with such tendencies. The Alfie Dog Backpack makes an excellent backpack choice for small breeds.

When taking your walks around the pack, your pooch can don this backpack. It comes with a D-ring for attaching a leash (it even comes with a free leash included).

Besides, it’s not just a fashion item. The backpack does come with storage spaces. Although they are definitely not saddlebags, the storage spaces can definitely hold small stuff like treats, as well as your dog’s water bottle or poo bag.


Can I Use The Alfie Dog Backpack With A Cat?

The Alfie Dog Backpack can be used with a cat as long as the cat is comfortable with wearing it.


Is It OK To Not Walk My Dog Every Day?

Skipping a couple of days walking your dog here and there as life gets in the way is definitely something that would happen at some point. There’s no need beating yourself up about it. It does not make you a bad pet owner.

Nonetheless, ideally, your dog needs a walk daily. For some breeds, they even need to be walked more than once a day.

If you find that you can’t make time for a walk with your dog on a particular day, you can make up for it by engaging in other physically and mentally stimulating activities.

You could try playing a game of fetch, engaging them with a puzzle toy, playing hide-and-seek, or even having a quick obedience training sessions with your dog.


Do Dogs Get Bored Walking The Same Route?

The answer to this question is not a straightforward one. Compared to a human, a dog’s sense of smell and sight are a hundred times better. Hence, even on familiar paths, dogs are always picking up new sights and scents to keep them interested.

On the other hand, there are dogs that get bored with walking the same route again and again. Nonetheless, there is a need to vary walking routes with your dog every now and then as dogs benefit from fresh mental stimulation and new opportunities to socialize.


Which Dogs Don’t Need Much Exercise?

The following are dog breeds that do not require much exercise.

If your lifestyle does not give you the time to keep up with the demands of exercising a dog regularly, you might want to consider dogs like the English Bulldog, Chow Chow, Basset Hound, Boston Terrier, Tibetan Spaniel, Shih Tzu, Bull Mastiff, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Pug, Miniature Pinscher, Pekingese, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Great Dane, Old English Sheepdog, and the Greyhound.


Is It Safe To Walk Your Dog At Night?

Walking your dog at night, definitely, comes with its risks. If you do decide to walk your dog at night, it’s important to take precautions such as using a reflective collar and/or leash to make your dog visible to oncoming vehicles.

It’s also important to stick to familiar routes as reduced visibility makes such paths much more potentially unsafe compared to if you were walking your dog in the day.