XVolt Rechargeable Bark Collar — Detailed Review

XVolt Rechargeable Bark Collar

The brand XVolt, maker of the XVolt Rechargeable Bark Collar, is basically concerned with the production of electronic equipment. Basically, all its collars are the electronic kind, from bark control collars to generic training collars.

However, XVolt doesn’t just create products for dogs. It also has a few things that dog parents themselves can use. Some of them include electric fly trappers and external battery chargers.

Its featured product today is a bark control collar usually used on dogs who have a habit of barking at anybody or anything for absolutely no reason.

Bark control collars use a form of correction to teach dogs to stop barking unnecessarily. For more information on correctional collars, please click here to read our review on dog training collars. You could also click here to read our review on shock collars as well, if you need more information.

Now back to the XVolt Rechargeable Bark Collar.

This review will be dissecting this collar, telling you what works for us and what does not. However, we’ll leave the ultimate decision up to you.


Who Can Wear The XVolt Rechargeable Bark Collar

The XVolt Rechargeable Bark Collar is not meant to be worn by just any random dog. It is specifically for wrong barking correction. So if your dog is a gentleman or lady barker, he/she really does not need this collar.

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Also, dogs who cannot be trained for whatever reason including age and health condition should not be wearing this collar. A dog should be at least 2 months old before he can wear this collar. Additionally, the XVolt Rechargeable Bark Collar is recommended for dogs who weigh between 17 and 50 pounds.

XVolt Rechargeable Bark Collar



Features Of The XVolt Rechargeable Bark Collar

1. Receiver

The receiver detects the unwanted bark sound and sends the appropriate correction mode.

Generally, the collar is meant to pick up your dog’s bark sounds specifically and nothing else. Other sounds, whether bark sounds or not, should not set the collar off.

Now, for correction modes, the XVolt Rechargeable Bark Collar makes use of shock (which XVolt refers to as humane but is actually a bit too sensitive) and warning beeps which act as a prelude to the shock that is to come.

With time, your dog is supposed to understand that when the warning beep means he has barked a little too much. So eventually, the collar might not even need to send the static shocks.

Now when it comes to intensity and shock levels, there’s something you should understand. First off, on this collar, intensity levels and shock levels are different even though both of them are on a scale of 1 to 5.

So, what happens is, you can set the intensity of whatever level of shock you set the collar to give.

For instance, if you set the shock level to 1, the shocks administered will be mild. But even the mild shocks will be administered in order from very mid (level 1) to just mild (level 5). You get?

2. Shock Electrodes

For the shocks to get to your dog’s skin, you’ll need the help of shock electrodes. The XVolt Bark Collar comes with 2 pairs of shock electrodes; one long pair and one short pair.

The reason for the two pairs is so that you’ll surely have something that can reach your dog’s neck because that is the only way the collar can be effective. Long-haired or thick-furred dogs usually need the long pair because of all the hair or fur.

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3. Strap

The XVolt Rechargeable Bark Collar is kinda held together by an adjustable strap. The strap is water-safe and so can be washed if need be. Just remember to pull it off the receiver before you do that.

There is a plastic buckle on this collar for snapping and unsnapping. The XVolt Rechargeable Bark Collar doesn’t feature a leash ring. So if you want to take your dog walking while he is wearing this collar, he’ll need to be wearing his regular collar.

4. Charging Cable

The XVolt Rechargeable Bark Collar is a rechargeable collar that comes with its own USB charging cable. The cable can be plugged to basically anything that has a USB port, from your laptop even to a power bank. Of course, you don’t charge while your dog is still wearing the collar.

5. Test Light Bulb

This is used to determine if the shock feature of this collar works. What you want to do is to place this test bulb over the shock electrodes and get your dog to bark close to it. If the bulb lights up then it works. Of course, you wouldn’t be testing this collar when your dog is wearing it.

6. Training Manual

The XVolt Rechargeable Bark Collar comes with an instruction manual which is supposed to help you through the assembling and usage of this collar.

XVolt Rechargeable Bark Collar



Is The XVolt Rechargeable Bark Collar User-Friendly?

The XVolt Rechargeable Bark Collar is pretty much user-friendly. However, if you are getting a bark control collar for the first time, you should really ask for help. These things could be a bit tricky.

Additionally, we always advise that you consult your dog trainer or veterinarian before you decide to purchase a training collar.



Pros Of The XVolt Rechargeable Bark Collar

1. Battery is rechargeable which saves replacement costs.

2. Quite affordable.

3. Comes with a training manual.

XVolt Rechargeable Bark Collar



Cons Of The XVolt Rechargeable Bark Collar

1. No information on the adjustability of the collar.

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Alternative Options To The XVolt Rechargeable Bark Collar

Not interested in getting the XVolt Rechargeable Bark Collar? Check out these other options below:

No Shock Option — Everyday Urban Bark Collar

Because we know that some dog parents are not very excited about a collar that shocks their dogs, no matter how mild, we’ve listed the Everyday Urban Bark Collar. This collar uses only vibrations and sounds as modes of correction.

The Everyday Urban Bark Collar uses replaceable batteries that you shouldn’t have troubles finding replacements for. However, this collar costs way more than our featured collar. Click here to check our comprehensive review of the Everyday Urban Bark Collar.


Option With Replaceable Batteries — Pet Pawsabilities Dog Collar

The Pet Pawsabilities Dog Collar is another collar that doesn’t use static shock as a correction mode, and also uses replaceable batteries.

We can ascertain that the strap on this collar adjusts between 8.34 and 24.5 inches. So at least with this collar, you can be sure if the strap will fit your dog properly. The sensitivity and corrections levels on this collar are 7.  Click here to read our review of the Pet Pawsabilities Dog Collar for more information.


Opposite Spectrum — Barkguard Citronella Anti-Bark Collar

This one uses a correction mode that is neither shock nor vibration — citronella spray. Citronella spray is a specialized kind of liquid used in some bark control collars.

So the idea is that when your dog barks, the collar sprays the citronella into your dog’s face. The liquid is not harmful, so don’t bother yourself.

Keep in mind, though, that the Barkguard Citronella Anti-Bark Collar doesn’t come with its own spray and doesn’t produce its own either. It just comes with the box that should contain the spray. Please do not use water.

Click here to read our review of the Backguard Citronella Anti-Bark Collar for more information.



Comparison Table

XVolt Rechargeable Bark Collar

Click here to get it for your dog now!


Everyday Urban Bark Collar

Click here to get the Everyday Urban Bark Collar

Pet Pawsabilities Dog Collar

Click here to get the Pet Pawsabilities Dog Collar

Barkguard Citronella Anti-Bark Collar

Click here to get the Barguard Citronella Anti-Bark Collar

Correction Mode Shock and warning beeps Vibration and tone Vibration and tone Citronella spray
Correction Levels 5 7 7 None
Battery Rechargeable Replaceable Replaceable Replaceable



What People Have To Say About The XVolt Rechargeable Bark Collar

Well, from all indications, this collar seemed to deliver on its promises and that was enough for most customers.



Our Opinion

The XVolt Rechargeable Bark Collar is a regular control collar. It does what it should, nothing special.

XVolt Rechargeable Bark Collar