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Paws & Pals OxGord Soft Sided Dog Crate Review

Today, our focus is on the Paws & Pals OxGord Soft Sided Dog Crate. And as usual, we are excited to be sharing with you everything we love and do not love about this crate. To begin though, we feel it’s best for us start this review with a brief story about the brand behind the crate – Paws and Pals.

Paws & Pals OxGord Soft Sided Dog Crate

Paws & Pals makes it its passion to sell high quality, trendy pet products to its customers. The brand believes that it’s not just about working with a good business model. It’s also about doing what is at the very core of their existence as a brand.

According to Paws & Pals the recipe for its products remains sourcing the best ingredients in the world. And also using the most competent and talented designers as well. Combining these two factors, this brand creates hand-crafted products which it sells across many retail sites.

The brand prides itself in being present, via its many offerings of dog products, in nearly every American home.

This brand currently offers a whole range of companion pet products from cat products to dog products. And these products have received a pretty wide range of acceptance across several online retail platforms.

In this review, we are going to check out one of its product offerings, the Paws & Pals OxGord Soft Sided Dog Crate. Hopefully, we will be able to provide you with enough information to make your best purchasing decision.


Who Is The Paws & Pals OxGord Soft Sided Dog Crate For?

Being a soft sided dog crate, this is naturally supposed to be for well trained dogs. Normally, if your dog is properly crate-trained, then they should be able to stay in a soft crate without tearing it apart completely.

But here’s the problem here. This crate is actually quite cheap and poorly made. So, even if your pup is well trained, they only have to go about their normal activities and the crate would come under.

The mesh windows and side panels don’t even need a beating. They could just put their nozzle to the crate and the fabric could rip.

Paws & Pals OxGord Soft Sided Dog Crate

We really aren’t sure how many sizes are available here because that bit of information is a bit sketchy. However, the one size we did find comes in the medium size at 32 inches. So we are also questioning. Is this available in other sizes for smaller and larger breeds too?

Features Of The Paws & Pals OxGord Soft Sided Dog Crate

1. Material

Paws & Pals did not give us much material to work with on the features of this crate. However, we will give our candid opinion on each of these features regardless.

Let’s begin with the material. Although Paws & Pals does not provide the exact name of the material it uses to manufacture this crate, it’s obvious that it’s fabric. Now, fabric isn’t a totally bad idea for making a soft crate. And, in fact, there are many soft crates that are made from fabric.

However, the Paws & Pals OxGord Soft Sided Dog Crate is obviously made from low quality fabric. And you can easily tell when you see and handle this product. It feels pretty flimsy and many pets will find it less than a challenge to break this crate down.

This crate won’t even hold a moderately energetic dog and we are not even exaggerating. It’s like chew material. Seriously, this crate is that flimsy. It could even fall apart while you set it up. But don’t take our word for it. Ask other customers who have bought this product before.

As for the frame here, it would seem that it is made of steel. But regardless, it still seems poorly made. Plus, it’s quite hard to even snap it into place too.

2. Multiple Entries

Paws & Pals OxGord Soft Sided Dog Crate

When crates come with multiple entries, it’s always a good thing as we know. It makes the crate super easy to access both for you the parent and your pet.

Now, on this count, Paws & Pals does excellently, providing us with three doors. There is a door on the top with two others on the front and side panels respectively.

But the zippers though… arrgghh! There are cheap too. It’s not just that the zippers break easily, they don’t even close properly. Like, how bad does it get that zippers won’t zip easily? Well, we guess some people found a way.

3. Mesh Screens

The screens on this crate are another hot mess. Mesh windows are not known for their strength, quite alright. And even on pretty solid soft crates, we have seen some less than standard windows. But it appears this one probably takes the cake or comes pretty close.

Now, on the bright side, there are enough mesh screens. So, your pet will feel very comfortable with enough air getting to them. That is undisputed, no doubt.

But we cannot assure you that these screens are going to last. Your pup will probably only have to touch them for them to get destroyed. And if you’re lucky, it would take a clawing to get the screens sufficiently destroyed.

4. Portability

Paws & Pals OxGord Soft Sided Dog Crate

Just like all soft sided dog crates, the Paws & Pals OxGord Soft Sided Dog Crate is very portable. It’s foldable and also comes with handles which make it easy to move this crate around.

Not everyone agrees that this is easy to fold and set up though. In fact, many customers did find it a bit difficult setting this up and folding it down. Things would pop, others would rip. And altogether, for some the experience of setting up and folding down was terrible.

5. How Many Sizes Available?

We don’t know how many sizes this crate comes with. But we do know that there’s a 32 inch crate. However, it would seem that a couple of customers were able to order larger sizes for their large breeds.

But without concrete information from the brand, though, we can‘t exactly say how many sizes this comes in.

Why We Love The Paws & Pals OxGord Soft Sided Dog Crate

1. Worked for a couple of pet parents.

2. Enough screens to ensure that your crate is adequately ventilated for your pet.

3. Comes with handles to make the crate easier to carry.

4. Also lightweight which adds to its portability.

5. Spacious enough to contain most pets comfortably.

6. This comes with multiple entries which makes it convenient to access the crate.

Paws & Pals OxGord Soft Sided Dog Crate

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What We Don’t Like About The Paws & Pals OxGord Soft Sided Dog Crate

Trust us, there are quite a number…

1. The fabric here is obviously low quality and there were too many complaints about the crate falling apart at the slightest touch.

2. Although this comes with multiple entries, the zippers here are not the best quality there is. They don’t zip easily and they break easily too.

3. The screen windows are pretty weak too.

4. The frame isn’t exactly high quality either.

5. A lot of customers encountered difficulty setting this up because it just kept falling apart or popping all over.

6. This company does not provide so much information on this product.

7. We think this is a bit pricey considering the many drawbacks.

Check Out This Sturdier Soft Crate Option – The Expawlorer Collapsible Dog Crate

Paws & Pals OxGord Soft Sided Dog Crate

The Paws & Pals OxGord Soft Sided Dog Crate isn’t exactly sturdy. So, we decided to throw in the Expawlorer Collapsible Dog Crate which is a much stronger dog crate. The materials used here are high quality. And even though the mesh windows need a bit of a reinforcement, this is a much more durable crate in all ramifications.

It’s also not so expensive. But then it does not come in so many sizes. Just two sizes actually, and they tend towards the smaller and medium breeds.

Now, mind you, this remains a soft crate. So, high quality or not you want to keep this crate for use with crate-trained dogs alone.


This Is Much Easier To Fold Down And Set Up – The Go Pet Club Travel Pet Crate

Paws & Pals OxGord Soft Sided Dog Crate

There’s something common to most Go Pet Club crates and that is the fact that they are super easy to fold down and set up. The Go Pet Club Travel Pet Crate is also one of such crates. And if ease of setting up is a deal breaker for you, you should totally try this alternative.

What makes this even neater is that when folded, this crate weighs less and occupies significantly less space. In fact, these are two of the reasons this crate comes highly recommended as a travel crate. It offers some serious level of convenience you’d hardly get from other soft crates.


For A Crate That Comes In A Range Of Sizes That Cover Small To Large Breeds, Try Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate For Pets

Paws & Pals OxGord Soft Sided Dog Crate

The Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate for Pets comes in a wide range of sizes that covers nearly every size of dogs. From extra small to large dogs, there is a size for every dog here. Plus, this is a high quality crate. The material is sturdy enough to make this crate durable. It also comes well ventilated and spacious enough to be comfortable for most pets.


You Should Also Check Out This More Affordable Option – The Beatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel

Paws & Pals OxGord Soft Sided Dog Crate

Lastly, check out the Beatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel. Now, this is not the sturdiest of crates. However, you’re not supposed to use this as your crate of first choice. It’s more like a spare crate.

So, you can have this in your trunk for whenever you need to travel last minute. If you consider its purpose, you could say this crate does pretty well. It will buckle under heavy use but as long as you use this for backup alone, it will last.

There are various colors to pick from which makes this a good choice for fashion-forward pet owners. However, it comes in only one size which is the 32 inch crate.


Quick Comparison Table

 FeaturedSturdier Crate OptionMore User Friendly OptionMore SizesMore Affordable Option
ProductPaws & Pals OxGord Soft Sided Dog CrateExpawlorer Collapsible Dog CrateGo Pet Club Travel Pet CrateNoz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate For PetsBeatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel
MaterialFabricFabricNylon shell with steel framesHeavy duty tight-weave mesh fabricPolyester
Sizes Available32 inches2 sizes: 20 inches and 28 inchesSmall (28 inches) and extra large (48 inches)532 inches
Colors AvailableGreyGreenBlueGreenBlack, blue, fuchsia, green, purple, red, and white
Assembly Required?YesYesYesYesPop up
Best ForMedium sized cate trained dogsSmall to medium crate-trained dogsSmall and eztra large crate-trained dogsCrate-trained dogs of all sizes except extra largeShy, crate-trained dogs


What Are Customers Saying About The Paws & Pals Collapsible Dog Crate?

The house is somewhat divided on what it thinks about the Paws & Pals OxGord Soft Sided Dog Crate. But if we check it well, we’ll see that it’s the way smaller half who like this crate. The bigger half? Boatload of complaints.

So, let’s start with the smaller half and what they liked about this crate.

Well, those for whom the Paws & Pals OxGord Soft Sided Dog Crate worked, some found the crate to be quite easy to use. Apparently, they were easily able to use this crate to transport their pets over different road trips.

However, they did agree that this crate isn’t exactly great for chewers which we all know is the golden rule concerning the use of soft crates.

Now this marks a perfect spot to begin our talk on all the reasons this crate didn’t work for most. This crate is, looks, and feels cheap! It just kept falling apart on different occasions and with different customers.

A lot of customers reported that the crate fell apart when their dog touched it. And for the unluckier folks, the whole thing turned to confetti while they were still setting this up.

So, yeah you could say that a couple of pet parents found this hard to put together. And let’s not forget the frames that kept popping all over the place too.

Zippers were another problem here too. For some it was hard to work and for others it broke even the first time they tried to use it.

Now, considering all these issues, some customers understandably decided to never patronize this brand again.

But then again, there were customers who sent their products back and got a much better one from Paws & Pals. We thought it was only fair for you know that fact.


We aren’t exactly sure the Paws & Pals OxGord Soft Sided Dog Crate is what you want to get for your precious puppy. But it’s still up to you at the end of the day. After all, it actually did work for some people and they liked it.

But this crate has way too many drawbacks in our opinion. It’s too flimsy, the screens are low quality, and the zippers are terrible to say the least.

If it totally rested with us, we wouldn’t get this. But hey, it might work for you. After all, “one man’s trash, another man’s treasure” is still very much a thing.

Paws & Pals OxGord Soft Sided Dog Crate

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