Beatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel — Indepth Review

Beatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel

We’re pretty excited to be reviewing the Beatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel because Beatrice Home Fashions is a great brand.

Beatrice Home Fashions is a family-owned brand and they pride themselves in making buying or purchasing experiences not just a lot easier but a lot more pleasurable. Those guys actually do care about you for sure.

It’s a 4th generation company that deals majorly in the supply of private home fashion products to major retailers.

The brand has its own team of super brilliant and experienced designers, stylists, and merchandisers. And these guys work together to create some of the most beautiful home products in the market.

As the name might have suggested to you, Beatrice Home Fashions makes stylish home products. And apparently, it also makes stylish pet products as well.

One of these stylish pet products is the Beatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel, and today, we review it.


Who Is The Beatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel For?

The Beatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel is not supposed to be your everyday go-to crate. It isn’t even made with the strength of something you’re supposed to use on a regular.

Now, this crate is very lightweight. Also, it’s supposed to pop up and fold down easily as well. So, it might be a better idea to call this a pet carrier rather than a dog crate. It will, you know, keep things in perspective.

Now, do we need to mention that this is never to be given to chewy dogs? Like these dogs chew wire dog crates, what do you think they’ll do to a crate made of a material so thin?

Lastly, only medium breeds will be able to fit into this crate. It measures 32 inches.


Features Of The Beatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel

Beatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel



1. Lightweight

The Beatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel is practically featherweight. It weighs just 1.2 pounds! So, you can see that you can easily move this unit around without stress. Plus, you’ll find it much easier carrying your pet around in a crate that’s lightweight than in a crate that’s already heavy.

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2. Collapsible

The Beatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel comes collapsible. And this means that it can fold down quite easily and rapidly too. When folded down, this pop-up kennel barely takes up any space.

So, you can put it in your car when traveling or virtually anywhere at all. Its really small footprint ensures that it can stay virtually anywhere without taking up too much space.


3. Mesh Windows

This crate features two windows made of mesh which makes the crate a well-ventilated unit. Okay, you could also add the door as well. So, with all the windows and open door, there should be enough ventilation to make your dog comfy in his unit.

There’s no window on the back panel, though. Just letting you know…

But yeah, beyond ventilation, the mesh windows also help to make your pet visible while in his crate. Because soft-sided crates aren’t like wire crates, there are no bars. So, it’s super important that the crate comes with mesh windows.

This way, you will always be able to see your pet as you guys move around. And it’s not just for you. Your dog also likes to see his surroundings, and the mesh windows help him to see the world around him as well.

Well, admittedly, there are some shy pets that would rather retreat into themselves. In that case, get a hard-sided crate. But for most other pets, this pop-up kennel should work.

Beatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel



4. Single Door

The Beatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel comes with just a single door which further reaffirms that this crate is not for regular use.

To put things in perspective, during camping, or on any other trip, since your pet isn’t living there, he doesn’t need two doors to go in and out. You also don’t need two doors to get access to your crate or your pet as well.

A single door will most likely suffice.

But here’s the problem. It closes with a zipper which is quite flimsy. Before you know it, you’re going to get some holes all up in the areas around the zipper.

So, yeah, durability might be an issue.


5. Material

Beatrice Home Fashions made this crate from polyester which they claim is durable. But, think of it, this crate weighs just a little over a pound. It can only be so thick and so it can only be so durable.

In truth, the material of this crate is a little too thin for our tastes. We know it adds to the lightweight feature of this crate which we absolutely love.

But sweetheart, this crate isn’t going to last very long and it’s obvious. Like, you only need to take one look at this crate to figure out what we’re saying.

So, like we’ve been saying, light use only.

Beatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel



6. Just One Size Available

This pop-up kennel is for the medium dogs at best – it’s a 32-inch crate. And yeah, it’s the only size.


7. Several Colors Available

The Beatrice Home Fashion Pop Up Kennel comes in 7 fashionable colors: black, blue, fuchsia, green, purple, red, and white.

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Pros Of The Beatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel

1. Really lightweight and portable at 1 pound.

2. This actually folds down pretty well – much better than most other crates that claim to fold down easily.

3. It also pops up pretty easily too.

4. A wide assortment of fashion colors available.

5. Comes with two large mesh windows for enhanced ventilation and visibility.

6. This crate is fantastic for travel.

7. Apparently, you also get a carrying case with this unit.

8. Quite affordable.


Beatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel



Cons Of The Beatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel

1. The material of this crate is not very durable.

2. The zipper included is very flimsy.

3. Strictly for travel and not for regular use.

4. There was an isolated complaint about the dog crate never fitting into the crate again once out of it.


Alternative Options To The Beatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel

High-End Option — The Go Pet Club Soft Dog Crate




The Go Pet Club Soft Dog Crate is a fantastic high-end option if you’re willing to spend the little extra. It’s also great for travel like our featured product since it folds really flat and takes a very compact shape.

But why is this pricier?

Well, with this crate, you get a plush crate pad. Plus, it comes with 3 mesh windows, unlike the Beatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel which comes with only two. Also, each of the windows come with covers as well.

Click here to read our full review of the Go Pet Club Soft Dog Crate.


Sturdier Option — Check Out The Petnation Port-A-Crate Dog Crate




If a soft-sided dog crate is a must but you need something that’s a bit sturdier, then the Petnation Port-A-Crate Dog Crate is a great choice.

It’s made of a much stronger material (fabric) unlike the Beatrice Fashion Homes Pop Up Kennel that’s made of thin polyester. So, this will last longer than our featured product for sure. Plus, it also features a steel frame which keeps the crate firm on the ground.

Now, we know that a few customers have some issues with the Beatrice Fashion Homes Pop Up Kennel. They say that the crate tends to lean to the side when their pet crawled in. But this will remain firm when your dog gets in because of the steel frames.

Click here to read our full review of the Petnation Port-A-Crate Dog Crate.


Heavy-Duty Crate Option — The Yaheetech Heavy Duty Black Dog Crate





Some dogs love to chew and break out of their crates. If you have one of such breeds, you need a heavy-duty dog crate. A good option is the Yaheetech Heavy Duty Black Dog Crate with its iron construction. So it’s pretty tough.

It might not fold down but it comes with wheels to help make mobility easier.

It does come with a single door, though so it might be a bit convenient to use. But then again, it is super secure. So, no dog is busting out of here at all.

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By the way, there’s only one size of this crate available just like our featured product – the 37-inch crate.


Hard-Sided Dog Crate Option — The SportPet Designs Pet Kennel





…And it’s airline approved too! Yes, you won’t have any issues traveling on an airplane with the SportPet Designs Pet Kennels. Well, there’s always the off chance they just don’t like your face, though. Lol.

Anyway, this is made from sturdy plastic, so it is pretty durable. It gets assembled in a snap. Plus, it even comes with tie-down holes for gunges. As you may or may not know, it’s an important requirement for pet crates by airlines.

Now, be careful with the measurements of this crate. The kennel itself measures 32 inches, which you might peg for a medium breed. But the actual usable space is just 29.5 inches. So, keep that in mind.

Of course, our best advice remains to measure your dog in order to get a perfect fit. Click here to read our exhaustive article on dog crates and dog crating if you want to learn how to measure your dog perfectly.


Quick Comparison Table

  Featured More Affordable More High End Heavy Duty Crate Plastic Dog Crate

Beatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel

Click here for details

Go Pet Club Soft Dog Crate

Click here for details

Petnation Port-A-Crate Dog Crate

 Click here for details

Yaheetech Heavy Duty Black Dog Crate

 Click here for details

SportPet Designs Pet Kennels

Click here for details

Material Polyester Heavy duty polyester with PVC backing Tightly weaved mesh fabric Iron construction Heavy duty plastic
Sizes Available 32 inches All All 37 inches 32 x 22 x 23 inches.

Usable: 29.5 x 19.5 x 22 inches

Colors Available Black, blue, fuchsia, green, purple, red, and white Green, Brown, and Blue Brown Black Grey and white
Assembly Required? Pop up Yes Yes No Yes
Best For Pet carrier for crate trained dogs Crate trained dogs Crate trained dogs All kinds of dogs. Especially effective for aggressive dogs and Houdini pets Airline travel



What Customers Are Saying About The Beatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel

This crate isn’t for regular use and everyone knows it. So, it’s used for travel and camping and other such trips.

It made so many customers happy that this crate could fold down and pop up so easily which was more than they could say for most acclaimed collapsible dog crates.

Well, many customers also used this for potty too. You know, they just put a plastic pad in there and their dogs would go there to poop and pee. Some dogs really like their privacy when they do their business. So, yeah dogs be loving this unit.

(If Fido is proving difficult to potty-train, our comprehensive article on dog potty training might help. Click here to read it.)

But for the bad, everyone agrees that this is really thin and the zipper is also so flimsy. Many dogs have successfully chewed this to bits, which is why we keep saying you should only keep trained dogs in here. (Here’s expert information on how to train your dog. Click here to read our article on dog training equipment.)

So, that’s the general consensus. But yeah, this is a crate that most customers agree is pretty awesome.


Our Verdict

Beatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel is a pretty good kennel for the purpose. Like we said it’s great for travel with a well-trained pet and nothing more. Don’t use this as a regular dog crate.

Also, the crate is quite affordable too. So, even if it doesn’t last as long. You’d, at least, have the consolation that it wasn’t such a huge investment anyway.

Beatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel