Go Pet Club Soft Dog Crate – Indepth Review

Go Pet Club Soft Dog Crate

And you’re right on time for our review on the Go Pet Club Soft Dog Crate. This is a great soft-sided dog crate from industry leader – Go Pet Club. This brand has been providing pet furniture products for more than a dozen years now.

It is actually more of a pet store than a manufacturing company. However, it has its own exclusive manufacturer that creates all the beautiful pet products it carries.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at this crate.




Who Is The Go Pet Club Soft Dog Crate For?

Now, this is a soft-sided dog crate so it is best for crate trained dogs only. Any chewy, aggressive puppy will destroy this crate in a short time.

As for size, this crate comes in all kinds of sizes and styles, about 16 of them in total. And yes, there is something for a large or extra large dog here. So, it goes without saying that this is a crate for all sizes of crate trained dogs.


Features Of The Go Pet Club Soft Dog Crate

Go Pet Club Soft Dog Crate



1. Heavy Duty Polyester With PVC Backing

This is a strong soft crate, well, as strong as a soft-sided crate can be. The crate is made from heavy-duty polyester which is what makes the crate pretty strong and durable. It will definitely withstand prolonged periods of use.

And to ensure that this remains stable, it comes with a PVC backing.

2. Foldable With Carrying Case

A big advantage of getting soft-sided dog crates is how they fold flat. Being made of fabric, they fold really flat – flatter than metal dog crates. In fact, whatever its size, when folded, this crate becomes 44% lighter. And it also takes up 93% less space. Isn’t that just the most incredible thing ever?

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Let’s not forget the carrying case. It makes carrying the crate to travel a lot more convenient. It’s already lightweight so, it’s easy to carry. The carrying case is really just a thoughtful addition by Go Pet Club to make this already easy-to-carry-crate, a lot easier to carry.

3. Mesh Windows

This crate comes with three mesh windows on 3 sides. With the mesh windows, your pet will be able to receive as much ventilation as he needs to stay comfortable. You don’t want your pet overheating in his crate.

By the way, the windows also come with roll down covers just in case you ever need to, you know, roll down the windows.

Go Pet Club Soft Dog Crate



4. Screen Mesh Door

This crate comes with a screen mesh door. It adds to the ventilation but it is not very strong.

Now, let’s talk about the closure. This is closed by a zipper and it doesn’t look strong, at least not to us. A clever pet will definitely destroy it and make his way out without stress.

So, this looks cute and all. And it’s also well ventilated, that’s for sure. But in terms of security, it’s not the toughest kid on the block.


5. Removable Lambswool Floor Pad

Apparently, Go Pet Club cares about your pet’s comfort. In this crate, you’ll find a crate pad which should make your pet very comfy while lying down in his crate. The included pad is made from lambswool, so we are sure that this pad is going to feel really plush for your pet.


6. Available In All Sizes

This crate comes in all kinds of sizes. It also comes in different styles as well.

Pros Of The Go Pet Club Soft Dog Crate

1. This is a fantastic travel crate. It folds flat and compact and is also lightweight. So it makes traveling with it convenient.

2. It’s also very easy to store since it occupies a really small footprint when folded. When folded, this crate takes up 93% less space than when it’s setup.

3. Quite affordable.

4. Plush lambswool crate pad included.

5. Sets up really easily.

6. Well ventilated unit with a screen mesh door and 3 mesh windows with window covers.

7. Large and roomy crate.

8. Comes with pockets where you can store some treats and other toys for your pup while traveling.

9. Water-resistant PVC backing which makes the crate easy to clean by wiping down.

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10. Relatively sturdy and durable.

12. Also comes with a carrying case for a more convenient porting.

Go Pet Club Soft Dog Crate



Cons Of The Go Pet Club Soft Dog Crate

1. The screen mesh door could be a little tougher.

2. This isn’t a crate you want to get for a really energetic dog with destructive tendencies.

3. We’re not completely sure how this will hold up under consistent and prolonged use.

Alternative Options To The Go Pet Club Soft Dog Crate

More Affordable Option — AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog Crate





The AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog Crate us doing very well in the market for so many reasons. One, it is super affordable – one of the most affordable high-quality dog crates in the market, actually. Two, it comes with so many features as well.

It has a single door and double door options. Plus, it comes foldable, with a handle, and dividing panels too. If you read our in-depth review on the crate, you’ll find out that AmazonBasics paid attention to the little details.

This makes a very great choice in case the Go Pet Club Soft Dog Crate is a bit too expensive for now.

More High-End Option — Pet Gear “The Other Door” 4-Door Steel Crate (with Plush Bed + Travel Bag for Dogs)

Pet Gear “The Other Door” 4 Door Steel Crate with Plush Bed + Travel Bag for Cats/Dogs



If you want to treat your pet to a real-life of luxury and you can afford it, then take a look at this crate. The Pet Gear “The Other Door” 4 Door Steel Crate (with Plush Bed + Travel Bag for Dogs) is like getting your pooch his own apartment in your home. This crate is simply luxurious!

The crate is beautiful with a comfy bed and a travel bag for your pet as well. Of course, like our featured product, this crate is best for a crate-trained dog only.


Aggressive Dog Option — Walcut Heavy Duty Strong Metal Dog Crate





Since the Go Pet Club Soft Dog Crate isn’t a great idea for aggressive dogs, we decided to include an alternative. And look what we found, the Walcut Heavy Duty Strong Metal Dog Crate. It is a heavy-duty dog crate and it works for aggressive breeds. They won’t be able to knock this down and that’s for sure.

The unit is very easy to move since it comes with wheels. Of course, it is heavy, it’s called a heavy-duty dog crate after all. But the wheels should keep the moving business pretty fluid.

And it’s a very easy to clean crate too. The crate comes with a removable pan, so, it makes cleaning easy. All in all, this is a great crate for large breed dogs and other highly energetic breeds too.

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Wooden Dog Crate — Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate





A wooden dog crate is a nice option if you need something that would fit well into your living space. We checked out wooden dog crates and this one passed the test for us – the Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate.

It comes in a beautiful white finish and solid wood construction. Plus, it can even double as a fancy side table for your living room. There are different sizes for different dogs. And it also comes lockable for your peace of mind.

It does cost a little more than our featured product. But that’s to be expected since this is made from wood. Now, seeing as wood is fragile, it makes sense to be careful the kind of dog you put into this crate.

Quick Comparison Table

  Featured More Affordable More High End Heavy Duty Crate Wooden Dog Crate

Go Pet Club Soft Dog Crate

Click here for details

AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog Crate


Click here for details

Pet Gear “The Other Door” 4-Door Steel Crate

Click here for details

Walcut Heavy Duty Strong Metal Dog Crate

Click here for details

Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate

Click here for details

Material Heavy-duty polyester with PVC backing Metal wire Metal wire and wood Heavy-duty steel Wood
Sizes Available All All 27 inches, 36 inches, and 42 inches 37 inches, 42 inches, 48 inches 22.5 inches, 24 inches, 27 inches, 30 inches
Door One Single and double door option One 2 1
Colors Available Green, Brown, and Blue Black Walnut Black White
Assembly Required? Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Best For All sizes of crate-trained dogs All kinds of dogs except aggressive chewers and escape artists Most dogs especially crate trained dogs All kinds of dog breeds. Also great for aggressive dogs Crate trained, small breed dogs



What Customers Are Saying About The Go Pet Club Soft Dog Crate

Customers are happy. They loved how the crate fit their pooch, with space to spare. And most also found the crate quite sturdy, at least for a soft-sided dog crate.

As for the dog bed included, there seemed to be differing opinions. Some pet parents think the pad is a little too hard. While some think the pad is soft enough. But there’s no doubt that customers are grateful for the inclusion, especially at this price point.

Another feature customers really appreciate is the fact that this is easy to assemble. And that the windows come with covers? A total score for most pet parents.

Be that as it may, though, a few pet parents are still a bit skeptical about the durability of the crate. They are not sure the dog crate will hold up under a lot of moving around.

Our Verdict

This is a pretty great crate. It’s as sturdy as the average soft-sided dog crate. So, if you need this to last, you’re going to have to be gentle with it. But being made of heavy-duty polyester and PVC backing, it should do fine for a decent period of time.

This material also makes the crate a lot easier to clean. Thanks to the PVC backing, all you have to do is to wipe down. So, do we love the Go Pet Club Soft Dog Crate? There are a few reasons not to.

Yeah, it’s not as sturdy as metal wire dog crates but then again, that’s not its purpose.  So, yeah we love this crate. Totally.
Go Pet Club Soft Dog Crate

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