New World Folding Metal Dog Crate — Indepth Review

New World Folding Metal Dog Crate
We’re reviewing the New World Folding Metal Dog Crate today and as usual, we’ve got lots to talk about. For instance, a bit about the brand behind the crate.

New World Crates is a fairly popular pet brand and it is mostly known for its crates – one of which we are about to review. And from the testimonies pouring in from different corners, this brand knows its stuff. Also, this brand has excellent customer service.

What makes us love the brand, even more, is that its products are really competitively priced.

Now that we know about New World, let’s look at their Folding Metal Crate.


Who Is The New World Folding Metal Dog Crate For?

The New World Folding Metal Dog Crate is available in sizes for all dogs except the extra small breeds. This isn’t a heavy-duty crate, just your regular metal wire dog crate. So, your pup must have been crate trained before you decide on this crate for him. Also, pet parents who wish to travel frequently with their pets will find this a nice dog crate because it comes foldable. When folded, it takes up only a little space, and the handle will make porting easier too. Lastly, this crate wasn’t made for the super aggressive breeds.


What Are The Features Of The New World Folding Metal Dog Crate?

The following are the features of the New World Folding Metal Dog Crate:

  • Metal construction.
  • Single and double door options available.
  • Comes foldable.
  • Handle.
  • Removable pan.
  • Slide-bolt latch.
  • Available in all sizes except small.



New World Folding Metal Dog Crate





Metal Construction

This crate is made from sturdy metal wire just like your regular metal wire dog crate. And with the finish that New World adds to the crate, this unit should last long enough. No rusts or damage, all things being equal.

What does “all things being equal” mean? Well, most wire dog crates are not made with aggressive dogs in mind. In fact, we are yet to meet any wire dog crate that can stand up to an aggressive/destructive dog yet.


Single And Double Door Crate Option

There are two options for the doors you can get with this crate. You can either go for the single door (less expensive) or the double door (more expensive) option. With double doors, it will be a lot easier for you to access the crate. So you have to decide whether the extra comfort is worth the extra penny.

But if you can’t really afford the few extra dollars right now, then a single door would have to suffice. Luckily, the door is large and opens all the way. So, while it might not exactly be super convenient, it isn’t such a terrible idea either. You’ll probably learn to live with it.

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Foldable With A Handle

Like most dog crates these days, this crate is also foldable. If you’re going on a vacay, you can easily fold this down and pack it into your car. It folds really easily and it will only take a little space in your car.

And yeah, it comes with a handle which makes the crate look like a wire briefcase when folded. All in all, this is very convenient to carry around, if need be.





Removable Pan

This crate comes with a removable pan and, of course, it’s plastic. The pan is supposed to make crate cleaning easier. So, the pan catches all your pup’s accidents, and your expensive carpet can go unscathed.

Now, even though it’s a common trend to find dog crates with plastic pans, it still isn’t ideal. Metal pans are still the best. So far, we’ve only seen one crate with a removable metal tray. And that’s the SmithBuilt Portable Dog Crate.

The reason we advocate for metal trays is simple. They last way longer than plastic. Plastic is way too fragile. All it takes is an excited jump from your dog on seeing you and the pan could become past tense.

There are some metal trays sold separately, though. So, if you’re like us and a plastic pan really bothers you, there’s the option of replacing it.


Slide-Bolt Latch

It’s laughable that New World calls this heavy-duty. Guys, there’s no better way to say this but this is isn’t a heavy-duty latch. It’s a latch, period. And to make matters worse, it isn’t even curved, just a straight pin. If your dog is smart, trust us, he will just fiddle with it and break free.


All Sizes Available Except Extra Small

This crate is available in all sizes, except extra small. That is, you have the small (24 inches), medium (30 inches), intermediate (36 inches), large (42 inches), and extra-large (48 inches).

Now, please bear in mind that this crate does not come with dividing panels. Whatever informed this manufacturing decision completely eludes our understanding. Dividing panels are super important especially to pet parents with growing puppies.

So, if you’re looking to get you one, here’s one we found. We do hope it fits.



What Are The Benefits Of The New World Folding Metal Dog Crate?

The following are reasons that make the New World Folding Metal Dog Crate a great buy:

  • Sturdy and durable unit.
  • Spacious, roomy and comfy.
  • Relatively lightweight crate.
  • Quite affordable.
  • Easy to assemble and fold down.




What Are The Cons Of The New World Folding Metal Dog Crate?

The cons of the New World Folding Metal Dog Crate are as follows:

  • Somewhat flimsy latch system.
  • Poor door and latch alignment.
  • Included plastic pan is not durable.
  • Does not come with dividing panels.


Perhaps the greatest minus of this crate is the latch system. It isn’t the best we’ve seen around. The nature of the latch is somewhat flimsy and many clever dogs will bust out of this quick. Another downer on the latch, but this time with the door as well… In many cases, the doors and latches don’t align properly. So, you’ll have to lift and push before you close. Quite inconvenient.

The removable tray is plastic which is not as durable. Finally, the New World Folding Metal Dog Crate does not come with dividing panels so you can’t use this, from puppyhood to adulthood.


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What Are The Alternatives To The New World Folding Metal Dog Crate?

Alternatives to the New World Folding Metal Dog Crate include:

  • Petco Classic 1-Door Dog Crate: more affordable.
  • Homey Pet Metal Open Top Dog Crate: higher-end option.
  • Smonter Heavy Duty Dog Crate: for aggressive breeds.
  • Aspen Pet Porter Heavyduty Pet Carrier: plastic crate option.



More Affordable — The Petco Classic 1-Door Dog Crate





The Petco Classic 1-Door Dog Crate is a more affordable option if you can’t afford our featured product, just yet. It’s a single door dog crate, which is why it’s really affordable. Plus, it is also sturdy enough to be secure for your dog.

It comes with all 6 sizes of dog crates. And each size has a dividing panel included except the extra small size.

We recommend this to anyone who can’t afford our featured product. It’s durable, sturdy, and well constructed too.


High-End Option — Homey Pet Metal Open Top Dog Crate

Homey Pet 37" Heavy Duty Metal Open Top Cage w/Floor Grid, Casters and Tray





You only need to take a look at the Homey Pet Metal Open Top Dog Crate to see that it is a sophisticated unit. It is a metal wire dog crate quite alright but it is exquisitely built and is super breezy to assemble. In fact, you can set this up in less than a minute. As the name suggests, this also makes a really great traveling crate. You can fold it down to make it really portable. It will take up less space and weigh much less.

And finally, to make this crate completely portable, the Homey Pet Metal Open Top Dog Crate comes with rubber wheels. So, you can wheel this around with the heavy-duty handle on top. Besides making movement easier, the rubber wheels also protect your floors so metal feet don’t ruin the carpet.

It’s worth the investment. We think you should check it out.


For Aggressive Breeds — Smonter Heavy Duty Dog Crate





Some dog breeds can be really rambunctious and aggressive, especially the large breeds. This crate is a lot stronger than the average wire dog crate and that’s why we can recommend this for the aggressive breeds.

There are three doors on this unit which makes it easy for you to access the crate very easily. There’s one on the top, a big one in front and a smaller one also in front. That smaller door will help to make feeding easier. You’ll be able to place and remove the food bowl easily.

This needs assembly but it’s easy to assemble, sort off. You’d have to be a bit handy though because there are some screws to be fixed. But then again, this isn’t a wire crate, so you should expect that.

In all, it’s a sturdy crate with a quality finish which makes it really durable. Of course, there’s a plastic tray included for easy cleaning too.


Plastic Option — Aspen Pet Porter Heavy Duty Pet Carrier






The Aspen Pet Porter Heavy-Duty Pet Carrier is a great hard-sided pet carrier. It is relatively affordable and comes in a variety of sizes for various kinds of dogs. There are also different beautiful colors to pick from depending on your taste.

Plastic dog carriers are not for all dogs. But some dogs actually prefer them. We recommend this one because it is beautiful, very comfy and with enough slits to support adequate ventilation.

It also cleans out easily and is lightweight enough to make traveling convenient.



Quick Comparison Table

  Featured More Affordable More High End Heavy Duty Crate Plastic Dog Crate

New World Folding Metal Dog Crate

New World Folding Metal Dog CrateClick here for details

Petco Classic 1-Door Dog Crates

Click here for details

Homey Pet Metal Open Top Cage

Homey Pet 37" Heavy Duty Metal Open Top Cage w/Floor Grid, Casters and Tray

Click here for details

Smonter Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Click here for details

Aspen Pet Porter Heavy Duty Pet Carrier

Click here for details

Material Metal wire Metal wire Metal wire Heavy-duty metal Heavy-duty plastic
Sizes Available All except extra small All 37 inches 48 inches only All sizes
Colors Available Black Black Blue, pink, purple, cyan-blue Brown, dark silver, silver Breeze/black, lady pink/dark grey, light grey, dark pink/black, storm grey/black, deep red/black, dark grey/black, pueblo
Assembly Required? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Best For All kinds of dogs except aggressive chewers and escape artists All kinds of dogs except aggressive chewers and escape artists Crate trained dogs All kinds of dog breeds. Also great for aggressive dogs Crate trained dogs that love the solitude. Great as a pet carrier too.
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What Are Customers Saying About The New World Folding Metal Dog Crate?

Customers speak well of the New World Folding Metal Dog Crate. However, it seems the general complaint is with the latch system. Many of the customers found the latch to be too flimsy and many dogs have busted out of this thing. But besides these, it’s a general consensus that you get what you pay for with this crate. It is well constructed, and after the package is received, many can’t believe how large the crate actually is. Apparently, it is much larger than advertised. So, from all the positive reviews and gossip from customers, we would say that a lot of people who bought this crate were happy campers.



Should I Get The New World Folding Metal Dog Crate?

The New World Folding Metal Dog Crate is a pretty decent crate with single-door and double-door options which is a real plus. It’s also large and roomy but not too roomy for pets which is another big benefit of getting this crate. The absence of dividing panels and the poor latch system are small issues but, generally, if you’ve decided on this crate, it’s not a bad buy.







New World Folding Metal Dog Crate — FAQs

Is The New World Folding Metal Dog Crate Good?

The New World Folding Metal Dog Crate is a good wire dog crate with many benefits. It’s large and roomy with the option for one entry point or the more convenient double door option Additionally, this crate comes foldable which makes it easy to transport.

In terms of setup, this crate gets 5 stars. It’s super easy to set up and its light weight makes the process much easier. It definitely hurt that this crate is quite affordable.


What Is A Divider Panel For A Dog Crate?

A divider panel is a metal panel that is used in house training to partition a crate into smaller sizes corresponding to a dog’s size at each stage of his growth. Dog crates must neither be too small nor too roomy for a dog to keep them feeling safe but also for housetraining reasons.

However, puppies grow up really fast, hence buying a new crate every couple of weeks can be quite expensive. As a cost-effective alternative, dog parents buy crates for their puppies in their dog’s adult size and use dividing panels to adjust the space to their puppy’s size per time.


What Size Crate Do I Need For A 10 Pound Dog?

A 10-pound dog is an extra small dog breed typically ranging between 6 and 12 inches in height. Such dogs will need a crate size of about 18 inches to 22 inches which translates to about 45 to 56 centimeters.

Examples of such dog breeds include the Affenpinscher, Bichon Frise, Boston Terrier, Brussels Griffon, Chihuahua, Jack Russell Terrier, Japanese Chin, Maltese, Miniature Dachshund, Papillon, Pomeranian, Pug, Russkiy Toy, Shih Tzu, Toy Fox Terrier, and the Yorkshire Terrier.


How Big Should Your Crate Be For Your Dog?

Your dog’s crate should neither be too cramped nor too big. Your dog should have enough room to sit up without hitting his head on the roof of the crate. He should be able to lie with his legs fully stretched to his side. He should also be able to turn around in the crate conveniently.

But nothing bigger than that else your dog won’t feel safe and housetraining will be more difficult.


What Happens If Dog Crate Is Too Small?

A crate that is too small will be tight and uncomfortable for your dog and she will most likely reject it during training. On the other hand, if the crate is too large, your dog will not feel safe and potty training will be largely ineffective.

Usually, dogs do not like to live in close proximity to where they potty. But when there’s too much space, she can conveniently convert one part of the crate to a toilet and use the other part as her living space. This is why it is critical that your dog’s crate is accurately sized.


How Small Is Too Small For A Dog Crate?

If your dog can’t sit upright, can’t stretch his legs fully, or can’t conveniently turn around in his crate without hitting the walls of the crate, the crate is too small for him.