Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate For Pets – Full Review

Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate For Pets

Today, we review the Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate for Pets.

The Noz2Noz is a brand under a mother-brand – Firstrax. This mother-brand features other brands such as Petnation, N2N, and Lazy Pets..

Something to note about this brand though… customers seem to like its crates. However, we cannot commend its customer service or even give it any star rating above 0.

The numbers on its site that you’re supposed to call are not functional. And neither is the email address. The manufacturers weren’t even on hand to answer customers’ questions on e-commerce platforms.

So, suffice it to say that if you’re getting this crate, you really are on your own.



Who Is The Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate for Pets For?

The Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate for Pets is a soft-sided dog crate as the name and pictures suggest. So, naturally, it’s not for every pet. This crate is best for pets that are well crate-trained. You wouldn’t want your puppy chewing your hard-earned money to bits now, do you? Other dogs that can benefit from the Soft Krater also include dogs who are healing from a leg injury or orthopedic surgery. The unit makes quite a cozy, comfy place to recuperate and get better.



What Are The Features Of The Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate For Pets?

The following are features of the Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate for Pets:

  • Heavy-Duty Tight-Weave Mesh Fabric.
  • Steel frame
  • Water-resistant base.
  • Convenient handle.
  • Foldable.
  • 3 large windows with mesh covering.
  • Two doors.
  • Metal zippers.
  • Available in 5 sizes.



Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate For Pets





1. Heavy-Duty Tight-Weave Mesh Fabric

This crate is made from what Firstrax calls a “new heavy-duty tight-weave mesh fabric”. So, it’s made of fabric with a water-resistant base.

So, let’s examine this one after the other. This crate is made of fabric and, heavy-duty or not, it boils down to the same thing. This isn’t a crate for chewers.

Next, we look at the water-resistant base. This makes the crate suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This means that you can use the crate just about anywhere without fearing undue damage to the unit.

To keep this clean, you’ll be happy to know that the crate cover is washable. So you can always take the cover off the crate and throw it into the machine to get it clean.

Most times, fabrics like this don’t last long if you’re constantly taking them to the machine, though. So, keep that in mind when using this crate.

Altogether, this crate looks to be well made, at least, in this respect.


2. Portability

Soft crates are naturally portable, and so is this unit. It folds really flat and makes travel very convenient. In fact, it is really lightweight, at just a bit over 8 pounds. So, you will feel totally comfortable carrying this even with your pooch in it.

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Plus, this crate also comes with a convenient handle to make it much easier to carry. Another common feature of dog crates which Firstrax did well on.

However, some customers did complain that their crate didn’t come with a handle. We don’t know if this is a factory mistake or a thing. But from our research, it’s safe to say that your crate might or might not come with a handle.

Nonetheless, generally, you should find it easy to carry this crate.

Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate For Pets




3. Doors And Windows

This is a well-ventilated unit as it comes with 3 large windows, all with mesh covering. That way, your pooch gets enough ventilation to keep them healthy and comfortable.

It’s not exactly excellent, but the windows also help with visibility as well. Furthermore, they come with flaps to create that den-like feeling that dogs like. You do know that dogs are naturally den-animals, right? So, when you need to create that feeling, you can bring down the flaps.

As for the doors, there are two doors on this crate. One at the front and the other at the top. These make the crate easily accessible.

The doors are fitted with metal zippers too which form the closure for this crate. Now, beware, if your dog is an escape artist, he will be able to find his way around this zipper and set himself free.

One more thing, but this time about the mesh windows… Firstrax did try its best to make this sturdy but that’s not to say that it can’t be destroyed.

For some dogs, it will be through chewing and clawing. But for some other dogs, it might be just stretching. As a customer reported, their dog stretching his paws got the mesh windows to wear, a little.

So, watch out for these little things.


4. Steel Frame

To keep this crate sturdy to the ground, it is fitted with a steel frame.


5. Ease Of Cleaning

This crate is very easy to clean because it is washable.

So, in the case of any accident, all you need to do is to gently wipe down the cover with a stain and odor remover. And then when it air dries, you can take the cover off the frame and throw it into the laundry.

NB: When it comes to washing soft crate covers, we are always skeptical about constant washing as it tends to make the crate cover weaker in strength.

Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate For Pets




6. 5 Sizes Available

This crate comes in 5 different sizes for all kinds of dogs, except for the extra-large breeds.

Each of these crates also comes with a maximum weight that they can comfortably carry without breakage. If you want this crate to be durable enough for your pet, then it’s important to keep use this crate with the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • 21 inches: 15 pounds max.
  • 26 inches: Manufacturers didn’t state but we will hazard a calculated guess at 30 pounds max.
  • 30 inches: 40 pounds max.
  • 36 inches: 70 pounds max.
  • 42 inches: 100 pounds max.



What Are The Benefits Of The Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate For Pets?

The following are advantages of getting the Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate for Pets:

  1. This crate is quite well-made for its purpose as a soft, travel crate. As long as you only keep a crate-trained dog in this, it will serve for a long time.
  2. It folds and sets up really easily and swiftly too.
  3. It comes with rounded corners making the unit safe for you, your pet, and your home and car décor.
  4. It’s a well-ventilated unit with 3 large windows.
  5. The windows come with flaps so you can easily create that den-like feeling at bedtime.
  6. It’s a versatile unit great for both indoor and outdoor use.
  7. It’s portable and comes with a handle for easy carrying.
  8. The unit is also quite easy to clean as well.
  9. Comes with two doors, including a top door.
  10. Various sizes are available.


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Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate For Pets





What Are The Cons Of The Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate For Pets?

The following are cons of the Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate for Pets:

  • Firstrax does a good job with its zippers. However, there are still dogs that have been known to bust out of the dogs all the same. Our advice? Secure the zippers.
  • We don’t really understand. Does this come with a handle? Does this not come with a handle? Because the manufacturers do not mention anything about a handle. However, some customers mention a handle while others complained about the lack of one.
  • Firstrax’s customer service has to be the worst there is. Some customers complained about their inability to reach the brand when they had issues with the product.
  • Mesh windows are quite good. However, even with your dog constantly stretching his legs against the windows, it will give at some point.


By the way, if a handle is super crucial to you, then you can check out this dog crate which definitely comes with a handle.


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What Are Alternative Options To The Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate For Pets?

These are other options to consider if you don’t like the Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate for Pets:

  • Beatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel: more affordable option.
  • Dogit Deluxe Soft Crate: higher-end option.
  • Midwest Ultima Pro Extra Strong Folding Metal Dog Crate: for aggressive dogs.
  • Go Pet Club Soft Crate for Pets: travel option.



More Affordable Option: Beatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel





The Beatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel is a more affordable option if you can’t afford our featured product, for now.

Please, keep in mind that we do not recommend this crate as a main crate. It’s more preferable as a spare, travel crate. It’s made of very lightweight material, so it can’t stand extensive usage.

Plus, it comes in various color options.


Higher-End Option – The Dogit Deluxe Soft Crate






This is a higher-end crate for those who can afford to splurge. It’s a deluxe home, great for travel or even camping.

Just like our featured product, it’s also great for both the indoors and outdoors. However, this crate comes in all sizes, including an extra-large size, and an extra extra-large size.


For Aggressive Dogs: Midwest Ultima Pro Extra Strong Folding Metal Dog Crate





There’s no soft dog crate that will work for your aggressive dog. So, you’ll need to think of getting a metal dog crate. A good idea is the Midwest Ultima Pro Extra Strong Folding Metal Dog Crate.

It’s heavy-duty unit, and even though there are heavier duty crates, this will work for most dogs with a decent level of energy and aggressiveness.

It’s also foldable so you can travel with it.


User-Friendly Option: Go Pet Club Soft Crate for Pets






Of all the soft crates we have come across, the Go Pet Club Soft Crate for Pets is about the most user-friendly we have seen.

It comes with a comfy, adjustable handle. It also comes with two carrying cases which makes it easy for you to move this around.

It’s not as tough as our featured product though, and so, we usually recommend it strictly as a spare/travel crate. Also, this comes with decent customer service.



Quick Comparison Table

  Featured More Affordable More High End Opposite End More User-Friendly

Noz2Noz Soft Krater Crate for Pets

Click here for details

Beatrice Home Fashions Pop Up Kennel

Click here for details

Dogit Deluxe Soft Crate

Click here for details

Midwest Ultima Pro Extra Strong Folding Metal Dog Crate

Click here for details

Go Pet Club Soft Crate for Pets

Click here for details

Material Heavy-duty tight-weave mesh fabric Polyester Waterproof fabric Heavy-duty gauge metal Nylon shell with steel frames
Sizes Available 5 32 inches 5 sizes: small, medium, large, X-large, XX-large All except extra small 28 inches
Doors 2 1 Not specified 2 2
Colors Available Green Black, blue, fuchsia, green, purple, red, and white Brown and Blue Black Grey and blue
Assembly Required? Yes Pop up Yes Yes Yes
Best For Crate trained dogs of all sizes Pet carrier for crate-trained dogs Crate-trained dogs All kinds of dogs including decently aggressive and chewy dogs Small to medium crate-trained dogs
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What Are Customers Saying About The Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate For Pets?

The general consensus from those who bought the Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate for Pets is that the crate is sturdy and durable. At least if you’re using it for a crate-trained dog under supervision. Also, many customers loved the fact that the crate comes lightweight to make it convenient for carrying. However, it would seem that parents with large breeds are telling a slightly different story. Their dogs are tearing this crate apart, especially those with separation anxiety.

All parents seem to agree though that this crate is best used under supervision, else the crate could be destroyed. While some customers say that the crate comes perfectly odorless, others strongly disagree. So, when it comes to the smell of this crate, observations from customers range from odorless, to barely there, to almost overpowering.



Should I Get The Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate for Pets?

If you’re looking for a decent soft crate, then you can get the Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate for Pets. The crate gets it right on some of the most important features. However, it does have its drawbacks which we have highlighted in the review and you should take seriously. Of its several drawbacks though, its non-existent customer service is the most annoying. We do not understand why this brand will not stand by its products. We hope this improves soon because this is a good crate. But for now, this particular con makes this crate quite undesirable for us.



Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate For Pets





Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate for Pets — FAQs

Is The Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate for Pets Good?

The Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate, in terms of quality, is decent. It is made of quality, sturdy materials that make the crate very durable. The crate is also quite good-looking. Plus, it’s low maintenance as the material of the crate is washable. Furthermore, the Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Crate is spacious with large windows and multiple doors to make your pet feel comfortable and make the crate accessible. Definitely a good buy.


Are Soft Crates Are Good For Dogs?

Soft crates are especially good for small and medium dogs but not for large, aggressive breeds because they are not tough enough to withstand the rambunctiousness of large breeds. Soft crates also work for seniors and dogs recovering from a surgical procedure.


Are Soft Crates Good For Puppies?

Soft crates are cozy, warm living units for puppies. They work great for most puppies except you’ve got a chewer or an escape artist on your hands in which case you might need to get a more secure crate like a plastic crate or a wire dog crate.


What Type Of Crate Is Best For Crate Training?

The most common crate used for crate training is the wire dog crate. It’s probably the best as it’s the easiest to set up and clean. Another important benefit that wire crates have is that they are usually easy to open and close and they are high visibility which are benefits you want when house training. Plastic crates are great but they are better for traveling and dog parents who are always on the go.


How Can I Make My Dog’s Crate More Comfortable?

You can make your dog’s crate more comfortable by putting soft bedding in the crate to make the crate feel inviting to your dog. Also, put a few safe toys in there as well to keep your dog occupied in his crate. Preferably, go for large chew toys so that your dog does not mistakenly swallow something he’s not supposed to ingest.

Finally, place your dog crate in the quietest part of the most commonly visited part of your house, which is most likely going to be the living room. You don’t want your dog associating crating with isolation. So, put him in a room where he can see you and other members of the family, albeit in the quiet part of the room.


What Can I Put Under My Dog’s Crate?

A crate can ruin your floors or expensive carpet if you’re not careful. This is why many dog parents place materials under their dog’s crates to protect their floors. There are companies that sell mats specifically for this purpose. But the main goal here is to protect your floors by putting a barrier between your crate and the floor. So, anything that does that would work just fine, from old t-shirts to collapsed cardboard boxes.