OneTigris Dog Backpack Review

OneTigris Dog Pack Hound Travel Camping Hiking Backpack Saddle Bag Rucksack for Medium & Large Dog (Dog Pack - Cotton Canvas)

Whether it’s hiking, hunting, or simply backpacking, a dog backpack is necessary if you want to take your dog out on a long trail. To find out more about dog backpacks, click here. Today, we’ll be reviewing the OneTigris Dog Backpack. before going into the product, let’s quickly check out OneTigris.


So, the company, OneTigris, is named after the mighty saber-tooth tiger. The tiger, although extinct, represents boldness, agility, energy, courage, and determination.

The company says it gave itself that name because it aims to recreate all the traits listed above in your (the customer) everyday life. It boasts of a connection to about 400,000 friends and customers from more than 70 countries in every continent.

With that said, let’s look at the backpack in details.



Who Can Wear The OneTigris Dog Backpack?

If your vet says he can, then he can. At the end of the day, only your vet is able to tell you what is best for your dogs’ health, and what is not.

Who Can Wear The OneTigris Dog Backpack?



What Are The Features Of The OneTigris Dog Backpack?

  • Cotton canvas or 1000D nylon material.
  • Sewn-on handle.
  • Non-Padded Straps.
  • Metal D-Rings.

1. It’s Available In Different Materials

One unique thing about this backpack is that it is available in two different materials, cotton canvas, and 1000D nylon. Please note, the prices for these materials alongside their colors, are slightly different.

So, which is better? Cotton canvas or 1000D nylon? Let’s find out.

Cotton canvas is the more traditional material used in making backpacks. If you’ve ever seen any large military duffle bag, chances are very high that they were made with cotton canvas. That already tells you most of what you need to know.


Cotton canvas is very tough and durable. However, unlike back in the days, the cotton canvas backpacks of today are no longer coated with wax, which in turn means that they are not waterproof.

On the other hand, nylon is the more “in vogue” material. Nylon represents a family of synthetic fabrics. It is a far better waterproof option to canvas cotton, however, it’s not as tough. Well, that’s why the manufacturers made this nylon thicker (1000D represents the thickness of the material).

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So, back to the first question, which is better? Well, on the premise that the nylon used is 1000D thick? That has to be better. Being that thick, it is as tough as cotton canvas, if not tougher, and it’s still a better waterproof material than cotton canvas.

That doesn’t come as a surprise to us as the nylon material is slightly more expensive than the cotton canvas material. Left to us? A few extra bucks well spent.

OneTigris Dog Pack Hound Travel Camping Hiking Backpack Saddle Bag Rucksack for Medium & Large Dog (Dog Pack - Cotton Canvas)

2. Color

This backpack is available in three different colors, brown, black, and tan. However, these colors are also dependent on what material type you pick.

The cotton canvas material is only available in brown, while the nylon material is available in black, coyote brown, and tan. Seems to us like OneTigris focused more on the nylon-based backpacks (hmm… why are we not surprised?).

Talking about all the colors now, we don’t think any of them is good enough. Why? Well, because when it comes to backpacks, we have to think about functionality, as much as we think about beauty. These colors are just not functional.

They’re all dark, dull colors. What if you stay out late? This doesn’t help you see your dog better. In fact, it makes it more difficult. What we think is that if the company loved these colors this much, they should’ve at least, added some reflective stripes. That way, you’ll be able to see your dog in the dark.


3. Handle And Straps

This backpack comes with one handle and three straps. The handle is on top of the backpack. It can be used to quickly control your dog and move him out of harm’s way. However, the company has advised that it should not be used to lift your dog, and we are in full support of that.


Using the handle to lift your dog puts too much pressure on his ribcage, which can be very dangerous. Also, the handle is not that strong, it’s made with the same material as the backpack and is only sewn on. With that much weight, it can break, sending your dog crashing to the ground.

For the straps, one goes around your dogs’ neck, and the remaining two go under his belly. This provides proper weight distribution. However, one thing we don’t like about the straps is that they are not padded. Padded straps help provide cushioning which these straps do not provide.


4. Metal D-Rings For Leash Attachment

You don’t have a harness? You don’t have a collar? No worries, if you have this backpack. It comes with two metal d-strings, one at the front, and the other at the back. With these, you can easily fix your dogs’ leash and take him out for a walk.

What we like about this is that they provided two, giving you the option of front pull or back push. It’s also nice for dogs who use specific harnesses. This can serve as two different kinds of harnesses, front and back, rather than just front like most other backpacks.

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What Are The Pros Of The OneTigris Dog Backpack?

  • It is comfortable.
  • It fits great.

1. Comfort

This backpack is quite comfy, thereby, making your dog feel at ease when wearing this. When it comes to dog apparel and equipment, the first and most important thing you want to look out for is how your dog will take it. Will he be comfortable with it? If he won’t, then you shouldn’t buy such.

With whatever material you purchase, this backpack comes with mesh lining. This mesh lining helps your dog by allowing more air get to him. When things are very hot during a trail, it can be the difference between your dog keeping calm and overheating.


Also, because this backpack comes with two D-rings, you are able to choose which is more comfortable for your dog. Some dogs prefer the leash at the front, others prefer it at the back, whichever your dog is, he’ll be able to use this backpack comfortably.

2. Great Fit!

Once you place this backpack on your dog’s back and adjust properly, it isn’t going anywhere. The backpack is really sturdy and fit. No matter how much your dog runs and shakes, the backpack doesn’t slip, fall, or move about. It stays right in place!

OneTigris Dog Pack Hound Travel Camping Hiking Backpack Saddle Bag Rucksack for Medium & Large Dog (Dog Pack - Cotton Canvas)




What Are The Cons Of The OneTigris Dog Backpack?

  • It isn’t waterproof.
  • The straps hang down.

1. Not Waterproof

This material is not waterproof. Just like we said earlier, the earlier days of cotton canvas saw them coated with wax, which made them waterproof. However, nowadays, they aren’t coated anymore, meaning they’re not waterproof at all.

This can be quite annoying when you go out and the rain or snow just soaks all your dogs’ supplies. Also, because it’s not waterproof and the material is thick, it’ll soak up moisture, which can give your dog a cold in the long run.

2. Straps Hang Down

The straps on this backpack are really long, allowing for great adjustability. However, when you’re done adjusting, the remaining straps just hang down with no reliable way of tucking them in. This can be quite frustrating as it can sometimes restrict your dogs’ movement.

Also, if your dog is short, the hanging straps can be dragged along the ground, collecting every available dirt on its way. This makes washing all the more difficult.


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Alternative Options To The OneTigris Dog Backpack

Is the OneTigris Dog Backpack not what you are looking for? Check out these other options:

  • More Affordable Alternative: Outward Hound DayPak Dog Backpack Hiking Gear.
  • Alternative With More Space: Kurgo Big Baxter Dog Backpack.
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More Affordable Alternative

Outward Hound DayPak Dog Backpack Hiking Gear

Outward Hound DayPak Dog Backpack Hiking Gear

You don’t have to break bank to get a good dog backpack. If you don’t have enough money to get the backpack we reviewed today, you should check out this backpack from Outward Hound. It’s quite smaller in capacity but it’s available in two colors, blue and green.

The colors available for this backpack are its selling point. Bright colors that will help you see your pooch even late into the night. It also has a cooling mesh area.



More Space

Kurgo Big Baxter Dog Backpack

Kurgo Big Baxter Dog Backpack, Dog Saddlebag, Dog Pack, Adjustable Saddlebag for Hiking, Walking, Running, Camping, Chili Red/Barn Red



If you’re ready to spend some extra bucks to get a dog backpack that has a lot of space for your dogs’ supplies, you should check this out.

It’s also available in three different colors, red, blue and orange. To add to the visibility, it has reflective stripes too. This is perfect if you’re going to be spending days in the outdoors. It’ll carry all your dog needs, and it’ll let you see him properly in the night.

OneTigris Dog Backpack

OneTigris Dog Pack Hound Travel Camping Hiking Backpack Saddle Bag Rucksack for Medium & Large Dog (Dog Pack - Cotton Canvas)

Outward Hound Daypak Dog Backpack

Outward Hound DayPak Dog Backpack Hiking Gear

Kurgo Dog Backpack

Kurgo Big Baxter Dog Backpack, Dog Saddlebag, Dog Pack, Adjustable Saddlebag for Hiking, Walking, Running, Camping, Chili Red/Barn Red

Color Brown, black, tan Blue, green Red, blue, orange
Straps One neck strap, two under-belly straps Cross chest strap, one underbelly strap Cross chest strap, one underbelly strap



What Do Other People Think?

People think that this backpack is pretty decent for its price. They like the fact that it’s very simple. Easy to use, easy to put on, and very sturdy.




What Do We Think?

Well, this backpack provides the basic functionalities that backpacks should. However, it provides nothing extra or unique. Also, the colors used are very dull and don’t do much in terms of visibility. To us, this is a fair product, and there are definitely better options out there.

OneTigris Dog Pack Hound Travel Camping Hiking Backpack Saddle Bag Rucksack for Medium & Large Dog (Dog Pack - Cotton Canvas)



OneTigris Dog Backpack — FAQs

How Big Are The Pouches On The OneTigris Dog Backpack?

The pouches on the OneTigris Dog Backpack are big enough to hold about 2 liters of water each, which is pretty decent.

Any more, though, and you might have a disaster on your hands with the puches tearing.

Can A Dog That Weighs 40 Pounds Now Continue To Wear The OneTigris Dog Backpack As He Grows Bigger?

A dog that weighs 40 pounds now should be OK wearing the OneTigris Dog Backpack as he grows bigger.

However, you want to pay more attention to the measurement of your dog’s chest than his weight.

If, as he grows, the straps that go around the chest still fit fine then it’s fine if he continues using the bag.

Is The OneTigris Dog Backpack Made In America?

The OneTigris Dog Backpack isn’t made in America. It is actually made in China.

Will The OneTigris Dog Backpack Fit A Cat?

The OneTigris Dog Backpack might not be the best idea for a cat, assuming they are willing to wear it in the first place. And that is because of how bulky it is.

This bag might prove too much for a cat to lug around.

Is The OneTigris Dog Backpack Waterproof?

The OneTigris Dog Backpack is neither waterproof nor water resistant.

However, if you need your dog to wear this in and/or around water, you could use some waterproofing spray and see if that works.

Will This OneTigris Dog Backpack Get Too Hot In The Summer?

This OneTigris Dog Backpack sure might get a bit too hot in the summer, especially considering that it weighs about 600 grams.

If you need something that is breathable and can be used in really hot summers, you could check out the OneTigris Dog Hiking Backpack.