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Go Fresh Pet Dog Backpack Review

Hey there! So, you want to go camping or hiking with your pooch, but you want him to share some of the load, you need a dog backpack. Aside this, there are many other reasons for you to get a dog backpack, check them out here. Today, we’ll be reviewing the Go Fresh Pet Dog Backpack.

This backpack is brought to us by Go Fresh Pet.

Go Fresh Pet Dog Backpack

Who is Go Fresh Pet?

Otherwise known as GF PET™, this company is directly involved in  the manufacturing of pet products. Most of the products released by the company are patented and trademarked. The company says that it uses innovation and creativity to solve pets’ everyday needs and challenges.

One stand-out innovative product by this brand is its COOLFRESH™ technology. Basically, it’s an ice-cooling net put inside an ultra-absorbing fabric. From the manufacturers, the aim of this net is to keep your pets’ freshness for long periods.

This is just one of the many products and innovations Go Fresh has to offer the Pet Product industry. So, far Go Fresh seems to making a name as a brand with foresight. However, our review of its dog backpack today will help us see if the brand just talks the talk or walks the walk too.

Who Can Wear The Go Fresh Pet Dog Backpack?

This backpack is available in three different sizes; small, medium, and large. So, basically, your dog can wear this backpack, no matter his size.

Aside size, another factor you should consider is weather resistance. This backpack doesn’t provide any help against the elements. It is neither wind nor water resistant, and it doesn’t provide your dog any warmth.

If your dog needs warmth during your trail, then he cannot use this backpack. On the other hand, if you only go out when it’s warm and toasty, he should be able to use this.

Go Fresh Pet Dog Backpack

Another thing you might need to consider is training and doctor’s report. Does he need a special type of harness for training or medical purposes? Then he cannot wear this backpack. Also, if he just had surgery or is sick, it might be too heavy for him.

Features Of The Go Fresh Pet Dog Backpack

1. Material

This backpack is made with one material, and then lined with another. We managed to find the name of the material used to line the product, but unfortunately, we couldn’t find the name of the main one used in the product.

However, we would discuss the material from the functionalities provided by the brand, and customer reviews. From what we were able to gather, this material is not weather resistant. We’ve mentioned that earlier in our “who can wear?” section, scroll up to read.

This material is also lightweight. This is great because if your dog cannot lift so much, the empty bag is fine and if your dog needs the extra weight, you can easily put some weights into the bag.

The material is not very breathable though, and that’s why the manufacturers added:


Remember we said earlier that this dog backpack is lined with another material? Yeah, that material is mesh. For those who don’t know, mesh is simply, net-like polyester material.

It is made net-like, to allow for breathability and proper aeration. Human backpack shoulder straps are also made with mesh material. It is so that, while lifting the heavy load, your shoulders are properly ventilated so, you don’t sweat too much.

Also, because this mesh material allows for aeration, this backpack will be easier to dry. Although you are not expected to wash this every time, but even when you do, we’re sure you would want to make use of it as soon as possible.

Go Fresh Pet Dog Backpack

2. Design

This dog backpack is a 2-in-1 package. It is a backpack, and it’s also a harness. How?

Well, on purchase, it’s a backpack. The backpack is formed as a result of the combination of a harness and two side saddles. Basically, you buckle the saddles to the harness to form the backpack.

With this, you can easily take the load off of your dog during rest, without actually taking the backpack off. People are often worried about removing their dogs’ backpack because without it, there’s no place to hook their leash. This backpack allows you to remove the “bag” and still keep the leash hook.

The saddles are hooked on to the harness using buckles, and not Velcro straps. Buckles are a lot stronger than Velcro straps, which means that you can carry more load in these saddles. Also, these will stay on for longer, even if your dog falls and rolls over.

3. Color

This dog raincoat is only available in one color, grey with a touch of yellow. If you don’t like making decisions, this is good for you.

However, we do have to point out that grey is not a good color for a dog backpack, especially if you’re going to be out till dark. If you already go out with your pooch when it’s dark, you’re already familiar with the struggles of seeing him properly. Sometimes, you constantly have to point a torch at him.

That’s why we always advise that dog backpacks be made with high-visibility colors. Some people might jump in their defense that there’s a touch of yellow. That argument is moot because the yellow is not even reinforced with reflective stripes,. It will easily get overshadowed.

4. Fasteners And Hooks

The Go Fresh Pet Dog Backpack comes with a lot of buckles. There are two buckles that hook the “shoulder strap-like handles” that go under your dogs’ belly, and there are two other buckles that hook the saddles to the harness.

We think that the company that made this realized that buckles are a lot stronger than Velcro straps, and that’s why they used them instead. However, in a case where both buckles and Velcro straps get bad, it’s easier to repair the Velcro than the buckle.

This backpack also comes with a plastic hook for your leash. Its plastic, so you know you’re not using any metal chains for your dog. Also, if your dog pulls a lot, it might be a problem, he might even break the plastic hook.

Pros Of The Go Fresh Pet Dog Backpack

1. Versatility

One huge upside to this backpack is that it is a 2-in-1 package, making it versatile. That is made possible because of the harness and saddles design.

Because of this, you can use this backpack for a plethora of different activities from the tough ones: hiking, camping, hunting, etc, to the mild ones: exercise, a run, a stroll, and so on. For the earlier mentioned activities, you’ll need the full backpack, and for the mild ones, you can use just the harness.

Also, when you go for long walks and trails, this versatility is helpful. When you get to points of rest along the way, you can easily relieve your dog of the weight and still keep him on his leash. That way, he’ll be resting properly, but won’t be able to stray.

Go Fresh Pet Dog Backpack

2. Breathability

This backpack is quite breathable. This is really great if you go out when it’s scorching. It allows air to get to your dog properly, thereby, reducing perspiration and conserving your dog’s energy. Remember, you don’t want your dog to tire halfway through the course.

Also, this will prevent your dog from overheating. Overheating is dangerous because it’s quite difficult to detect before considerable damage is done. You won’t even know your dog is dying inside.

Get the Go Fresh Pet Dog Backpack here


Low-Visibility Color

If you intend staying late on that trail, or taking your dog for a walk in the night, this dog backpack is not for you. It’s grey, and so it blends right into the dark.

With this dog backpack, it will be more difficult to see your dog when it’s dark, which is quite bad. Plus, it doesn’t even come with reflective stripes which just makes matters worse.

Alternative Options To The Go Fresh Pet Dog Backpack

Bright-Colored Raincoat

Go Fresh Pet Dog Backpack

Lifeunion Service Dog Backpack

If you agree with our con about this product and you feel prefer a backpack that’s more brightly colored, then you should check out this alternative. No grey here, this backpack is available in bright colors like; orange, red, and blue.

This backpack doesn’t come with reflective stripes, but at least, the colors are bright enough for you to see your dog in the dark.

More Affordable Option

Go Fresh Pet Dog Backpack

Outward Hound Daypak Dog Backpack

If your budget is tight, you don’t have to break the bank. You can get the Outward Hound Dog Backpack instead. It saves you a few bucks you can use to purchase other things for your hiking trip.

Go Fresh Pet Dog Backpack


Lifeunion Service Dog Backpack


Outward Hound Daypak Dog Backpack


ColorGreyOrange, blue, redBlue and green
Leash hook materialPlasticMetalMetal


What Do People Think?

People like this backpack, although, people had issues with the fact that the hook is made with plastic. It worried people that the plastic won’t be as durable as metal, which is true.

Also, people don’t like the fact that they couldn’t use this in the night. People who prefer staying out late had to cut short their trail for their dogs’ safety.

What Do We Think?

This would have really been a great backpack if the manufacturers had just changed the color to something brighter. Even if they loved this color so much, they could’ve added some reflective stripes.

Besides that though, we do not see anything wrong with this product. In our opinion, it’s a pretty great buy. So, far you limit use to daytime only.

Get the Go Fresh Pet Dog Backpack here



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