Barklo Bark Control Collar– Detailed Review


The Barklo Bark Control Collar, as a bark control collar, is meant to be used to help dogs understand that barking incessantly for no reason is not accepted.

You’ll definitely learn more about the collar as we progress. However, we think it will do you a world of good to go check out the article on dog training collar and the one on shock collars so that you have a basic idea of what we’ll be talking about.



Who Can Wear The Barklo Bark Control Collar?

The Barklo Bark Control Collar is for small and medium-sized dogs. The collar strap adjusts between 5 and 19 inches. If your dog is a small breed, be sure he weighs at least 6 pounds if you want him to wear this collar. Generally speaking, bark control collars should not be worn by dogs younger than 6 weeks old. They are too young to be put under that much pressure.






What Are The Features Of The Barklo Bark Control Collar?

The features of the Barklo Bark Control Collar are listed below:

  1. A collar receiver.
  2. A charging cable (USB)
  3. Nylon collar strap.
  4. A tri-glide and buckle
  5. Training manual.



1. Collar Receiver

The collar receiver is responsible for picking up bark sounds from your dog. This means that there are reduced chances of the collar picking up actions from your dog that are not barks. On the other hand, there are increased chances of the collar picking up bark sounds from other sources.

Now, because of the latter, you have to ensure that the collar receiver is snug against the wearer’s neck. This way, it can’t pick up a lot of environmental sounds.

The Barklo Bark Control Collar is not a shock collar. So, it makes use of warning beeps and vibrations. Here is what happens: Your dog barks the first time and the collar sends a warning beep. If he barks the second time in 30 seconds, the collar sends another warning beep accompanied by slight vibrations.

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If he continues to bark, the collar continues to vibrate against the wearer. And will progress through the 5 levels if your dog continues barking still. However, when the collar is done going through the levels, it will take a 1-minute break, whether or whether not your dog has stopped barking.

Apparently, the collar is waterproof. However, we’ll still want you to be careful if your dog is going to be submerged in water. Also, the collar receiver is made out of plastic.


2. Power

The Barklo Bark Control Collar is a rechargeable collar and comes with its own charging USB cable. You can plug the cable to any device that has a USB port. Just do not do it when your dog is still wearing it.

The only warning you get that you need to recharge the collar is a red light on the receiver. So, you’ll need to check the collar, say, at the end of the day.


3. Collar Strap

The collar strap is made of nylon which means it can be washed. And yes, you can machine wash the strap. Also, the strap does not bleed color.

For it to be able to adjust between 5 – 19 inches, this strap has a tri-glide. The tri-glide is made of plastic and is quite easy to work.

One more thing! There is a buckle on this collar for opening and closing the collar. The buckle is small enough to not be obstructive.


4. Training Manual

The Barklo Bark Control Collar comes with a training manual that is written in English. This will help you figure out the workings of the collar.







Is The Barklo Bark Control Collar User-Friendly?

With the training manual that the Barklo Bark Control Collar comes with, it is quite easy to work this collar. So, we think it is safe to say that this collar is user-friendly.


However,  we suggest that you speak with your veterinarian and, or, dog trainer to be sure that a training collar is what your dog needs. If they are OK with the idea, they could even give you pointers on what to or not to do.



What Are The Benefits Of The Barklo Bark Control Collar?

Here are some great reasons to get the Barklo Control Collar:

  • Does not make use of static shock.
  • Can be used in inclement weather, in light rain, and anywhere close to water as the collar is waterproof.
  • The Barklo Control Collar is easy to use and also comes with a user manual.
  • The collar makes use of rechargeable batteries.


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1. Safer Option

We actually prefer a collar that does not make use of static shocks. The reason is that static shocks could be quite jarring and sometimes even downright painful.


2. Waterproof

Barklo says the collar is waterproof, which means your dog could probably wear it in light rain or when he’s running in puddles. However, please try not to dunk it.


3. Easy To Use

The Barklo Bark Control Collar comes with a training manual that contains easy to follow instructions.


4. Rechargeable

We’d always choose a collar that is rechargeable over a collar that makes use of replaceable batteries. This is because we believe that in the long run, the rechargeable kind will save you a bit of money on replacement batteries. Also, you won’t have to worry about finding replacements.







What Are The Cons Of The Barklo Bark Control Collar?

One little challenge with the Barklo Bark Control Collar is that it might not pick up very light sounds like whining sounds. That means it won’t always send the appropriate correction.



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What Are The Alternative Options To the Barklo Bark Control Collar?

If you’re not interested in the Barklo Bark Control Collar, you could also check out these other options:

  • Authenzo Bark Control Collar: shock collar.
  • Pet Pawsabilities Dog Collar: uses replaceable batteries.
  • Backguard Citronella Anti-Bark Collar: sprays citronella as correction.



Shock Option

Authenzo Bark Control Collar





If you’d rather have a shock collar (which we aren’t excited about), you could consider the Authenzo Bark Control Collar. It is a rechargeable collar just like our featured collar and of course, comes with its own charging USB cable.

You should know, though, that the shocks this collar emits have been known to pack quite a punch. So, if you’ll be going for this collar (which we are still not excited about), click here to read our detailed review about it.


Option With Batteries

Pet Pawsabilities Dog Collar





If you’d rather have a collar whose battery you’ll have to replace as often as it dies down (for whatever reason), the Pet Pawsabilities Dog Collar is a good idea.

Also, like our featured collar, the Pet Pawsabilities Dog Collar doesn’t make use of static shock as a form of correction. The beeps and vibration seem to be good enough for it. Plus, this collar costs significantly less than our featured collar.

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We also have a review on this collar that you should check.


Opposite Spectrum

Backguard Citronella Anti-Bark Collar





The Backguard Citronella Anti-Bark Collar neither vibrates nor uses static shock. It sprays a special liquid called citronella. And the point is for the spray to distract the barker enough that he ceases his barking.

The Backguard Citronella Anti-Bark Collar does not come with its own citronella fluid so you’ll have to purchase some from a different brand. Also, this collar is operated by replaceable batteries.

For more information on this collar, check out this review.



Comparison Table

Barklo Bark Control Collar

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Authenzo Bark Control Collar

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Pet Pawsabilities Dog Collar

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Backguard Citronella Anti-Bark Collar

Click here to get yours now!

Correction Mode Warning beep and vibration Shock, vibration and beep Vibration and beep Citronella spray
Correction Levels 7 7 7 None
Battery Rechargeable Rechargeable Replaceable Replaceable





What Do People Think About The Barklo Bark Control Collar?

A good number of dog parents actually seem to be excited about the Barklo Bark Control Collar. The fact that it is able to correct bad barking behavior without resorting to static shocks is one of the things that people are most excited about.



Should I Get The Barklo Bark Control Collar?

The Barklo Bark Control Collar has a number of benefits for the buyer chief of which is that it does not use static shocks as a correction mode. The collar is also super easy to use, seems durable, can hold up in bad weather, and uses a rechargeable battery. Definitely a great buy especially for the price.






Barklo Bark Control Collar — FAQs

Is The Barklo Bark Control Collar Good?

The Barklo Bark Control Collar is a good collar and it works best for small and medium dogs. It’s not heavy duty enough for large breeds.

It is a no-shock collar, using warning beeps and vibrations instead of static shock. This makes the collar a safe and humane way to correct your dog’s excessive barking behavior.

This collar is super affordable too, so, you’re unlikely to have any buyer’s regret with this product.


Are Vibration Bark Collars Humane?

Compared to shock collars, vibration collars are definitely a more humane way of correcting excessive barking behavior in dogs.

Nonetheless, there are a few doubts about the effectiveness of vibration bark collars. While it works for many dogs, some dogs eventually get used to the vibration and cease to respond to correction.


Do Vibration Collars Work For Barking?

Vibration collars are an excellent, more humane way of controlling excessive barking in dogs. Vibration collars are also great for working with deaf dogs. When used correctly, the vibration collar for all kinds of training including tracking, hunting, search, and rescue.


Is There A Setting For Vibrate Only On The Barklo Bark Control Collar?

You can’t set the Barklo Bark Control Collar to vibrate only. It begins with a warning beep and then graduates to vibration if the dog does not respond accordingly. The warning beep on this collar cannot be disabled.


Is The Barklo Bark Control Collar Waterproof Or Just Water-resistant?

According to the manufacturers of the Barklo Control Collar, the device is waterproof and so can be submerged in water. To be on the safe side, though, do not submerge this too deep into water. Using this during a light rain or close to a body of water should not be a problem, though.


How Many Colors Of The Barklo Bark Control Collar Are Available?

The Barklo Bark Control Collar is available in three colors which are blue, black, and pink.