Thundershirt Outerwear Dog Raincoat — Extensive Review

Thundershirt Outerwear Dog Raincoat

Hi there! So, today we will be talking about the Thundershirt Outerwear Dog Raincoat.




Who Can Use The Thundershirt Outerwear Dog Raincoat?

To know whether or not your pooch can use this dog raincoat, the available sizes are the major things you would have to check out.

The sizes available for this dog raincoat are:

  • Medium- 26 – 40lbs.
  • Large- 41 – 64lbs
  • Extra-Large- 65 – 110lbs.

Okay, this is kinda weird, the sizing chart.

When companies give sizing charts, it’s usually in inches or centimeters, because that’s what clothes are measured in. But apparently, Thundershirt had other ideas.

So, if your dog weighs so much, but happens to be slender, you might have some complications getting a nice fit for him.

Anyway, from this “confusing” size chart, we still can manage to deduce that this dog raincoat is for big dogs.

If you have a small dog, we would advise that you just head straight to our alternative options. There, we will give you other dog raincoats that come in smaller sizes.

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Features Of The Thundershirt Outerwear Dog Raincoat


Thundershirt Outerwear Dog Raincoat





If you’re here then we’re guessing your dog is from 26lbs – 110lbs. So, now let’s go on to talk about other things you need to know about this dog raincoat.

1. Material

The company itself didn’t make it clear to us what material was used to make this dog raincoat (some Krabby Pattie formula type of stuff, lol).

However, from customers who have used this product, they claim it has a “rubberized nylon” feel. Sort of like thick nylon.

Many other dog raincoats out there are made with thin nylon, and most of them rip easily allowing water to easily soak the raincoat, and consequently, your dog.

2. Color

Oh yea, something the company cannot hide from us, the color. The Thundershirt Outerwear Dog Raincoat is yellow.

If you check, you would see that most raincoats, both for dogs and humans likewise, are yellow. Why is this?

Well, yellow is easy to see in the dark. It’s something about hue and contrast but we don’t want to bore you with all the deets.

You know, when it rains, it gets dark. But if your dog has this raincoat on on those days, you sure will not be having any problems seeing where he is at any time.


Thundershirt Outerwear Dog Raincoat





Pros Of The Thundershirt Outerwear Dog Raincoat

1. Leash Access Hole And Flap Cover

This is one very commendable thing about this dog raincoat. Not only does it come with a leash access hole, it also comes with a flap to cover it.

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Basically, without the leash access hole, it’ll be very difficult for you to manipulate your leash to hook it to your dog’s harness or collar.

2. Tummy Wrap

This dog raincoat, much like other Thundershirt dog clothes, features a tummy wrap.

This tummy wrap is fastened by buttons and covers your pup’s stomach.

This is good news because that area of your pup which is covered, is protected from puddle splashes.

Thundershirt Outerwear Dog Raincoat






1. The Hoodie Is Too Big

A lot of people complained that the hoodie on this dog raincoat is too big.

Most times, it is useless because your pup won’t move until he can see properly, and with this hoodie on, that’ll never happen.

Most customers who purchased the item had to cut and sew the hoodie again before it fit properly. Some tried to fold it up and it just became too heavy for the pup.

If having a hoodie on a dog raincoat is a big deal for you, then you might not want this product.

2. Not For Boys

If you have a boy dog, this dog raincoat is not for him. This is because, the tummy wrap covers his “you-know-what”, preventing him from taking a pee.

This is a big deal because, for every time your dog has to pee, you’ll have to remove the raincoat.


Thundershirt Outerwear Dog Raincoat




Alternative Options To The Thundershirt Outerwear Dog Raincoat

Small Sizes Available — Outward Hound Durango Dog Raincoat


If you skipped through our review cos the product didn’t have a small size, we’re glad to say we fulfilled our promise.

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We ran around and found you a dog raincoat available in small sizes.

This dog raincoat comes in various sizes including small and extra-small.

It also features fleece-lined insides that keep your dog warm throughout the storm.

More Fashionable Alternative — Ellie Dog Wear Dog Raincoat


If you’re a fashion forward person and don’t like the boring look of the product in review, you can check out this alternative instead.

With a yellow outer-layer and zebra-striped inner-layer, this baby is a beauty.


More Affordable Option — Blueberry Pet Dog Raincoat


As affordable as the Thundershirt Outerwear Dog Raincoat is, there is a more affordable option.

The Blueberry Pet Dog Raincoat costs a lot less and provides the same basic functionalities.



Comparison Table

Thundershirt Outerwear Dog Raincoat

Click here for details

Outward Hound Durango Dog Raincoat

Click here for details


Ellie Dog Wear Dog Raincoat

Click here for details


Blueberry Pet Dog Raincoat

Click here for details

Material Unsure Fleece-lined knit material Polyester outer-layer Polyester
Sizes Medium – Extra-Large X-small – X-large X-small – X-Large 10, 12, 14, 16
Hoodie Yes No Yes Yes




What Do Other People Think?

People do not like the fact that they can’t use this on their little boys.

Like, “why would you make a dog raincoat that covers his “you-know-what”?” That’s the question most customers are asking.

Aside that, people are also angry at the fact that their dogs can’t use the hoodie because it’s way too big.

Most times, customers have to adjust the hoodie themselves.


What Do We Think?

We love the brand, Thundershirt. And many customers love them, too.

However, we have to call them out on this particular product. When compared side by side with their other products, this does not meet up by a long shot.

Basically, it’s an average product, and well, from this company, we only expect excellence.

Perhaps this happened because they were making this at budget price, who knows?

Thundershirt Outerwear Dog Raincoat