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Push Pushi Dog Raincoat — Indepth Review

Push Pushi Dog Raincoat

Welcome guys! Today, we’ll be talking about a peculiar dog clothing item- dog raincoats. Why we call it peculiar is because, this clothing item, unlike many others, is absolutely necessary. Today, we’ll be doing a review on the dog raincoat- Push Pushi Dog Raincoat.

A lot of people might argue than even though wearing your pooch clothes is cute, it is not needed or functional in any way. People might also argue that dog sweaters are not needed for pooches as dogs can generate their own body heat.

However, amidst all these, nobody can argue the fact that a wet dog smells really bad. Furthermore, nobody can argue that to keep your dog from getting that smell, you need a dog raincoat, or at least a dog umbrella.

If you want to find out more about dog raincoats, why you need them, and how to go about buying them, check out our dog raincoats article here.

About The Brand

Now that you know all you need to know about dog raincoats in general, we can talk about this particular one. Before we talk about the product in details, let’s know a little about the brand that brings this product first.

The brand who brings us this product is Push Pushi. This brand is basically about producing dog raincoats. Its patented design with the innovative hood is one in a million. This brand also produces other products for your dogs and cats like pet carriers and pet beds.

All of this company’s products is made in America and this family-owned company operates in California. This company aims to provide products that make our relationship with our pets feel like a regular walk in the park.

Who Can Wear The Push Pushi Dog Raincoat?

For your pooch to be able to use this dog raincoat, it would have to be able to size and fit him properly first. For it to be able to fit your pup, there would have to be a size available in his size.

So, to answer the question “who can wear the Push Pushi Dog Raincoat”, we would need to find out what sizes of this dog raincoat are available. What sizes are available?

  • Extra extra-small.
  • Extra-small.
  • Small.
  • Medium.
  • Extra-large.
  • Extra extra-large.

With these many different sizes available, you can tell that this dog raincoat will fit a wide range of pooches. To determine that, you need to measure your pup properly. Once you’re done measuring your dog, match the measurements you get with the company’s sizing chart.


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If you find a match, jackpot! Your pooch can wear this dog raincoat. If your dog is at the edge of one size, we advise that you instead pick the size upper, so it can cover your dog properly. However, if somehow your dogs’ size isn’t available, he cannot use this dog raincoat.

If the latter is the case, we advise that you head on to our “alternative options” section of this review. There, you would find other dog raincoats, and hopefully, you will find one that comes in a size that fits your pooch.

Features Of The Push Pushi Dog Raincoat

1. Material

This dog raincoat is double-layered. What this means is that it is made with two layers; one for the outer-layer (shell), and the other for the inner-layer (lining). Please take note of the names in the bracket as we might be using them interchangeably.

a. Outer Layer (Shell)

The shell of this dog raincoat is made with nylon material. Nylon is a good water-resistant material and that is why it is being used as the shell of this dog raincoat. For a material to even be considered as a shell for a dog raincoat, it has to be water-resistant.

Nylon is a pretty thin and lightweight material. So, this wouldn’t add so much to the weight of the dog raincoat. However, the lightness of the material also means that it can easily rip and tear. With nylon, you have to take extra care so the material doesn’t rip.

Also, when taking care of this material, you can machine-wash. However, it is only advised that you air dry and not spin. Also, you shouldn’t iron. Nylon is very susceptible to high temperatures. If at all you must iron or steam, only at very low temperatures. Although, it’s best to just not iron.

b. Inner Layer (Lining)

This dog raincoat is lined with fleece material. Fleece is a warm and cozy material. The reason manufacturers use fleece to line their dog raincoats is because it keeps your pooch warm and insulated.

This is particularly important if you have a pooch who cannot really keep warm on his own, when it gets really cold. This dog raincoat can act well as both a dog raincoat and a dog sweater.

For more reasons why, you need to keep your pooch warm when it’s really cold, check out our article on dog sweaters here.

2. Design

This dog raincoat comes in 4 different colors and 2 patterns in total, 6 different designs. The colors and patterns are:

  • Black and red (pattern).
  • Pink.
  • Red.
  • Royal blue.
  • Camo (pattern).
  • Yellow.

Out of these six different colors, we only advise that you get any of the colors and just ignore patterns. As beautiful as those patterns might seem, they are not functional at all.

What we mean by functional is that they are not high-visibility colors, they are not easy to see in the dark. And that is one function you want in a dog raincoat. This is because, if a dog raincoat is not easy to see in the dark, in turn, your dog is not easy to see in the dark.

If your dog is not easy to see in the dark, means that you’re not able to protect him completely and keep him safe. This is not something you want.

Pros Of The Push Pushi Dog Raincoat


Push Pushi Dog Raincoat Click here to get it for your dog!




1. Hoodie

The classic one! This hoodie is what puts the Push Pushi brand on the world map, no wonder it is listed as our top “pro” about this product. This patented design on a hoodie cannot be seen anywhere else, so, that’s the first huge plus to the product. Only this comes with this type of hoodie.

So, what exactly is this type of hoodie? It is an “umbrella-hood”, folds out to cover your pups head and snaps in place using magnets. It doesn’t squish your pups’ ears because it’s free, it doesn’t obstruct their vision because it is made of transparent material.

This hoodie practically just hangs over your dogs’ head, he wouldn’t even know it is there, only you will know. But it would keep his head completely dry, win-win.

It’s also completely sturdy. No matter how much your dog runs or plays in the rain, this hoodie isn’t coming off! At all!



Leaves Your Pups’ Underside Open

This dog raincoat only covers the top of your dog. With the lovely design across the back and the nice hood design, one would have hoped that this dog raincoat would cover your dog, all over. We are only left with broken hopes and shattered dreams.

This dog raincoat doesn’t cover your pups’ underbelly at all. If your dog is short and his belly is close to the ground, then you might want to look at this twice. If you get this dog raincoat, his belly will get all wet after every walk. NOT good from Push Pushi!


Alternative Options To The Push Pushi Dog Raincoat

Covers Your Pups’ Underbelly — Leepets Dog Raincoat

Click here for more details

This dog raincoat comes like a vest. That way, you know it totally covers your dogs’ belly and chest. However, this dog raincoat doesn’t come with a hoodie at all. If you’re one that doesn’t care about hoodies in the first place, then you should fancy this dog raincoat.

Dog Umbrella — Hankiki Pet Waterproof Dog Umbrella

Click here for more details

If your dog just won’t wear anything, there are some dogs like that, don’t try to force him. Get this dog umbrella. With this dog umbrella, you can cover your pooch completely but at the same time, he doesn’t have to wear a dog raincoat.

It also comes with a metal chain-leash so you can use it during a walk.

Push Pushi Dog Raincoat


Click here for details


Leepets Dog Raincoat

Click here for details

Hankiki Pet Waterproof Dog Umbrella

Click here for details


MaterialNylon shell and fleece liningNylon shell and mesh liningPlastic


What Do People Think?

Well, people really love the hoodie design, that’s basically what drives people to buy this product. The hoodie is really unique. However, people do not like the fact that their pups’ heads are covered but not their underbelly. Their underbelly is completely open expect for one thin strap.

What Do We Think?

We think it’s a nice product, could’ve been better tho. We would say it’s just fair. You can get equal quality at a far lower price, only thing different would be the hoodie.

Whether that’s enough for you, is only left for you to choose. We’ve done our bit, now it’s time to decide whether to buy, or not to buy. Want to buy?

Push Pushi Dog Raincoat Click here to get it for your dog!


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