Hurtta Torrent Dog Raincoat — Indepth Review

Hurtta Torrent Dog Raincoat

Today we’ll be giving you a review on the Hurtta Torrent Dog Raincoat, made by Hurtta. If you missed it, you might want to go back and read our exhaustive guide on dog raincoats. Click here to read that article on dog raincoats. It will give you a proper insight about dog raincoats and enable you appreciate this review more.

Alright! Now tto the business of the day- the Hurtta Torrent Dog Raincoat.

Hurtta is a pet company that produces dog clothes and clothing accessories. The company started out in 2002, and 16 years down the line, we’re still talking about its products.

It’s a Finnish company and we know how up north Finland is. Because of the extreme cold in their region, the creators of this company decided to protect their dogs from the cold and changing weather conditions. This need to protect their pups led to the creation of this company, Hurtta.

And now that we’ve answered that, we move on to the next section of this article.




Who Can Use The Hurtta Torrent Dog Raincoat?

This Hurtta Dog Raincoat is only available in 8 inches through to 32 inches (back length). This caters to a wide range of dogs, as you can see.

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Now, as an advice, if your dog is in between sizes, then buy a size up. It’s a dog raincoat, after all, and you want more rather than less covered.




Features Of The Hurtta Torrent Dog Raincoat


Hurtta Torrent Dog Raincoat




1. Material

We are not sure about the material used in making this dog raincoat as it was not clearly stated by the manufacturers.

People who have used this dog raincoat, though, say that the material is water-resistant. It protects their pooches properly from the rain and keeps them dry. They also pointed out that the material is quite lightweight.

Because it’s lightweight, this raincoat dries pretty easily and fast too. A simple towel rack would do the trick. Remember to always air dry, air dry only.

People who live in sub-zero conditions warned that this might not be good to use alone in sub-zero weather conditions. This is due to the fact that it’s lightweight and will not provide your dog with any form of insulation at all.


2. Color

This dog raincoat comes in three different colors; orange, raven(black), and cherry.

We would have said not to go for the raven but, thankfully the manufacturers placed reflective stripes on this dog raincoat. In the dark, they reflect light and make your dog easier to see.

Hurtta Torrent Dog Raincoat





Pros Of The Hurtta Torrent Dog Raincoat

1. Comes with a belt buckle which makes it easier to dress your dog in this raincoat.

2. Elastic leg straps to ensure that the raincoat does not slip off.

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3. Comes with a leash access hole that’s closeable.

Hurtta Torrent Dog Raincoat





Cons Of The Hurtta Torrent Dog Raincoat

1. Does not come with a hoodie.

2. Doesn’t Provide Any Warmth





Alternative Options To The Hurtta Torrent Dog Raincoat

Warmer Alternative — Weatherbeeta Parka Dog Raincoat



If you live in cold climates and you don’t want to spend double buying a raincoat and a sweater for your dog, you should check this dog raincoat. Features 220 gram warm polyfill, chest wrap, and belly wrap to provide your dog all the warmth he needs.

Comes in a highly-visible color together with reflective stripes for extra visibility.


Hoodie Option — Ellie Dog Wear Dog Raincoat



If you’re like us and you absolutely want a dog raincoat that has a hoodie, then you should check out this dog raincoat from Ellie Dog Wear.


Other Stuff From Hurtta — Hurtta Summit Parka Dog Raincoat


Do you love this brand but not this product? Check out this other dog raincoat from Hurtta. Aside from this being a dog raincoat, it also helps regulate your dogs’ temperature in the cold. Perfectly suited for the snow.




Quick Comparison Table

Hurtta Torrent Dog Raincoat

Click here to get it for your dog now!

Weatherbeeta Parka Dog Raincoat

Click here to get the Weatehrbeeta Parka Dog Raincoat


Ellie Dog Wear Dog Raincoat

Click here to get the Ellie Dog Wear Dog Raincoat

Hurtta Summit Parka Dog Raincoat

Click here to get the Hurtta Summit Parka Dog Raincoat


Hoodie No No Yes No
Warm No Yes Not really Yes
Style Vest Vest Jumpsuit Vest
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What Do Other People Think About The Hurtta Torrent Dog Raincoat?

Well, a lot of people like this product. The only minor thing people complain about is that their dogs don’t seem to like the leg bands. That might be a problem because these leg bands are what keep the raincoat from sliding from side to side.



What Do We Think?

Too pricey! Way too pricey for us. It’s a good product, it’s a great product even, but you can get same or even better quality for a lot lesser.

Maybe we’re paying for the manufacturers’ reputation too, who knows?

Hurtta Torrent Dog Raincoat