Outward Hound Explore Dog Backpack Review

Today, we’ll be doing a review on the Outward Hound Explore Dog Backpack. If you do not know what dog backpacks are, or features to look out for before buying one, then you should check out our article on dog backpacks here.

Crest Stone Explore Dog Backpack Hiking Gear For Dogs by Outward Hound, Small/Medium


So, before looking at the product,let’s look at the manufacturer, Outward Hound.

Outward Hound, a very popular dog gear production company, was founded in the year, 1992. Being in existence for close to three decades, you can easily tell why this company has the reputation it has. Before even looking at it closely, you can tell that it is well respected for its experience.

The vision of the company has always been to create a great brand, create amazing products, and lead in the world of dog and cat supplies production. Whether this company has achieved its goals, or not, is for you, the customer, to decide.

One thing we like about this brand, though, is that it is always ready to listen to its customers. In fact, it encourages its customers to drop their feedback and remarks about all their products. This the company uses to improve on all of its products, which increases customer satisfaction.

Do you want to know about Outward Hound? Check them out here.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s focus on the product we have for today, the Outward Hound Explore Dog Backpack.



Who Can Use The Outward Hound Explore Dog Backpack?

If you’ve used backpacks in the past, you’ll know that backpacks are very generic. They can easily be used by any dog, without it causing any repercussions.

However, there is one thing we always tell our readers: see your vet first before making any decision about a backpack. Because backpacks can cause back problems and all whatnot, it’s important to see your vet for guidance about how to go about it.

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Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s go and see the features of this product.




Features Of The Outward Hound Explore Dog Backpack

1. Color

This backpack is only available in one color, bright green (or lemon) and light blue straps. These colors are really bright, highly visible colors. Combined together, they form an even brighter pair.

Because they’re so bright, they help you see your pooch when it’s dark. With this backpack on, you and your pooch don’t have to run back home when it’s getting dark. You can venture into the darkness with your pooch, fully aware of his whereabouts.

However, there is only one color available, which means, limited options. In fact, with this backpack, you don’t have a choice. If you like the backpack, you have to take the green, whether or not you like green.

2. Sizes Available

This backpack is available in two different sizes: small/medium and, large/x-large. First thing you have to note is that the bigger size is slightly more expensive than the smaller size.

However, you should not because the prices are different, get a small size for your pooch that obviously needs the larger size. It can be harmful to his health.

To find the right size for your pooch, you’ll need to measure his girth. Your dogs’ girth refers to the circumference which surrounds the widest area around his chest.

The figure below gives a pictorial representation of what the “girth” is. Including the company’s sizing chart at the bottom. With the chart, you’ll be able to match your dogs’ measurement with the size he needs, as recommended by the company.

Crest Stone Explore Dog Backpack Hiking Gear For Dogs by Outward Hound, Small/Medium




3. Leash Attachment And Handle

This backpack comes with one handle and two metallic D-rings. These together act as your controlling options. The best controlling option to use depends on the proximity.

Are you very close to your dog and need him to switch positions swiftly? Use the handle. Are you a bit distant but still want some form of restraint for your dog? Attach your leash to the metallic D-ring.

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One thing you should avoid doing is trying to lift your dog using the handle. The handle might not be strong enough to carry that weight. Meaning it can cut, which will obviously cause your dog severe pains when he crashes to the ground.

4. Compression Webbing System

The final feature of the Outward Hound Explore Dog Backpack we’ll be discussing today is the method with which it carries the load inside the backpack.

This backpack features a compression webbing system of straps. This system makes carrying the load super easy for your pooch.

However, one thing you have to look out for is the fact that these straps are not padded. You need to be extra careful if your dog isn’t hairy. Because they are not padded, if your dog doesn’t have thick layers of fur to pad his skin, the coarse straps might irritate his skin.


Pros Of The Outward Hound Explore Dog Backpack

1. High Visibility

The first upside to this product is the color it comes in. As we mentioned earlier, this backpack comes in a bright green color, with blue straps.

Because these colors are bright, they increase your dogs’ visibility in the dark. This is a very important factor to put into consideration if you want to stay out late with your pooch. Seeing your dog means you’re aware of where he is and so, you can keep him away from danger.

2. Storage

The storage in this backpack is quite efficient. To give you a visual representation of just how big this bag is, it can pack up to 4 days worth of food. In addition to that, it’ll carry other small items like poop bags, dog nail clippers, and treat backpacks.

This storage is made possible not just because of the pockets. It is also made possible because of the efficient compression webbing system. Aside from making it easier for your pooch to carry, this compression system creates space for more stuff inside the backpack.

Crest Stone Explore Dog Backpack Hiking Gear For Dogs by Outward Hound, Small/Medium





1. Difficult To Put On

Because this backpack has a web-like padding system, it can be a bit difficult to put on your dog.

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You’ll need your dogs’ forelegs into their designated openings. After that, you’ll need to slip it over his head, before snapping it in place. For a backpack that doesn’t double as a harness, this is quite stressful to put on.

Imagine having to do and redo this severally on a trail because your dog needs to rest at different stops. Also, it becomes even more difficult if your dog is stubborn and doesn’t really enjoy putting on backpacks.

2. Sizing Is A Bit Off

Customers who purchased this item complained that the sizing was a bit off. People found out that the backpacks were a little bigger than expected.

That means that if you have a really small dog, you might need to look at other backpacks for a perfect fit.




Alternative Options To The Outward Hound Explore Dog Backpack

More Affordable Option

Outward Hound DayPak Dog Backpack Hiking Gear



If you love Outward Hound but this backpack is passed your budget, you should check out daypak. It’s a pretty popular backpack, majorly because, at under $20, it’s very reasonably priced. It’s a pretty simple pack, doing everything it says on the box.



Slimmer Back

Denver Urban Pack Lightweight Urban Hiking Backpack for Dogs by Outward Hound, Large/X-Large



If you want a slimmer backpack, one that won’t look flimsy when it’s empty, then you should check out this urban dog backpack. As the name implies, it’s urban, it’s fresh, it’s lit.


Outward Hound: Explore Dog Backpack

Crest Stone Explore Dog Backpack Hiking Gear For Dogs by Outward Hound, Small/Medium

Daypak Dog Backpack

Outward Hound DayPak Dog Backpack Hiking Gear

Denver Urban Pack

Denver Urban Pack Lightweight Urban Hiking Backpack for Dogs by Outward Hound, Large/X-Large


Name Explore Daypak Denver Urban Pack
Color Green Blue or green Brown



What Do Other People Think?

Well, people respect Outward Hound, a lot, and from the reactions we saw, they weren’t disappointed with this product.

The only major problem people found with this backpack is that it’s pretty difficult to put on. People who have stubborn dogs are the worst victims. It takes so long to get in on and take it off, it’s exhausting. Also taking into consideration the fact that you’ll have to do it multiple times on a long trail.



What Do We Think?

Well, we think that the Outward Hound Explore Dog Backpack is a pretty good backpack. When compared to backpacks from Outward Hound, you can easily tell that this belongs to the extremely affordable category.

The good thing about this pack is that it’s big enough to carry your dogs’ essentials. We mean, 4 days-worth of food is more than essential, while still leaving room for little things like poo bags, treat bags, and the likes.

Overall, for us, good backpack.

Crest Stone Explore Dog Backpack Hiking Gear For Dogs by Outward Hound, Small/Medium