GoodBoy Dog Barking Collar — Indepth Review

Our product for review today is one of the creations of GoodBoy; the GoodBoy Dog Barking Collar.

The idea, as with all bark control collars, is to administer a mode of correction to deter dogs from barking unnecessarily. These correction modes are administered when the collar senses barking by your pooch.

With that said, let’s look at our featured product in detail.



Who Can Wear The GoodBoy Dog Barking Collar?

Apparently, every dog can wear this collar. From small-sized to medium-sized to large-sized dogs, there is a GoodBoy Dog Barking Collar in every dog’s size. However, it is advised that little puppies, pregnant and lactating dogs, invalid dogs, and senior dogs not wear this collar. Basically, any dog that can’t be trained for whatever reason should not be wearing this collar.



What Are The Features Of The GoodBoy Dog Barking Collar?

The following are features of the GoodBoy Dog Barking Collar:

  • Transmitter.
  • Correction mode: beeps and vibrations.
  • Two vibration electrodes with rubber covers.
  • Sensor for picking up bark sounds.
  • 6V 4LR44 replaceable alkaline batteries.
  • Made of soft, durable, waterproof nylon material.
  • Black, plastic buckle.
  • Tri-glide.
  • User Guide.
  • “GoodGirl” variation available.







1. Transmitter

The transmitter is probably the most important part of this collar. It is responsible for sensing the action, preparing and administering the correction.

Now on the transmitter, you’ll see a couple of buttons. Two of them are for navigating through the levels of correction. The only modes of correction used by this collar are beeps and vibrations. As your dog continues to bark, the collar then progresses through the levels of correction.

Aside from the buttons, there are two vibration electrodes. These are the things responsible for sending the vibrations.

The electrodes are not supposed to touch your dog’s skin exposed. This is why this collar comes with rubber electrode covers. These covers are in two pairs, one long pair, and one short pair. The long pair for a long-haired pooch, and vice versa.

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So just pick a pair that is right for your dog and you’ll be fine.

Between the electrodes is a sensor. That is what is responsible for collecting the barking sounds from your dog. The sensor is actually activated by air pressure so we are not exactly sure about the accuracy of the thing.






2. Power

The GoodBoy Dog Barking Collar is powered by replaceable batteries. The batteries are quite common, 6V 4LR44 alkaline batteries. So when the batteries run out you can pick some extra at a regular store.


3. Strap

On a regular collar, the strap might have been all there was to the collar. But on the GoodBoy Dog Barking Collar, the strap is responsible for holding the transmitter in place.

The strap is made of soft durable nylon so it should be good for a decent period of time. Also, the collar doesn’t have any problem with water so you can wash it if need be. Just remember to pull it out of the transmitter before you wash.

On the strap, there is the regular buckle. It is black and plastic and not a hassle to operate. There is also a tri-glide that you can use to adjust the collar.

One thing about this collar is the Logo of the company on the face of the transmitter. The company is “GoodBoy” but if you have a girl dog, you can get the collar that says “GoodGirl”.

That would have been positive reinforcement if dogs could read.


4. User Guide

The GoodBoy Dog Barking Collar comes with a user guide that helps guide users through the use of the collar. It contains information on how to wear the collar, how to get it started and how to use it as a training tool.

We, therefore, appeal to you that you read through the manual, especially if you are a first time user. So that you are not stabbing around in the dark.





Is The GoodBoy Dog Barking Collar User-Friendly?

The GoodBoy Dog Barking Collar is very easy and intuitive to use, so much so, you might not even have to consult the manual. All the same, the manual that comes with this collar is easy to read and understand.



What Are The Benefits Of The GoodBoy Dog Barking Collar?

Here are some of the major advantages of buying the GoodBoy Dog Barking Collar:

  • Comes with easily-found, replaceable batteries.
  • This is a non-shock bark collar.
  • Comes with a “GoodGirl” collar for female dogs.
  • Strap is made from tough, waterproof material.
  • Electrodes are covered with rubber to reduce the impact of the vibration on your dog’s sensitive skin.
  • Correction intensity is customizable.
  • User guide is easy to follow.


1. The Batteries

We like that the batteries that this collar uses are regular batteries. We know that a replaceable battery-powered collar could be a turn off for some people. But that’s because most of those collars use custom batteries that are not easy to replace, unlike this one.

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2. No Shock

We know that this could be a strong reason why some people will get this collar. It only makes use of beeps and vibrations to correct wrong barking behavior.


3. The Logo

Ordinarily, it would have been fine for the company to leave it at putting its company name on its collar. However, we like that it makes a concession by allowing girl dogs have collars with “GoodGirl” written on it.





What Are The Cons Of The GoodBoy Dog Barking Collar?

One con of the GoodBoy Dog Barking Collar (and barking collars in general) is that some dogs are tenacious enough that they can learn to bark through the beeps and vibrations. What happens is, over time, they learn that when they bark they get vibrations. However, those that are really serious about the barking thing could decide to continue baking and not care about the consequences. And this is not a rare occurrence.


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What Are The Alternative Options To The GoodBoy Dog Barking Collar?

If the GoodBoy Dog Barking Collar isn’t what you hoped for, one of these options might work:

  • Petafe Rechargeable Bark Control Collar: comes with rechargeable batteries.
  • K9Konnection No-Bark Shock Collar: higher-end option.
  • Barkguard Citronella Anti-bark Dog Collar: uses citronella spray as correction mode.


Rechargeable Option — PetSafe Rechargeable Bark Control Collar


PetSafe Big Dog Rechargeable Bark Collar for Medium and Large Dogs over 40lbs, Waterproof, Perfect Bark Detection





This option is for those who don’t like the idea of changing batteries and would prefer a rechargeable collar.

Bear in mind though, that the PetSafe Rechargeable Bark Control Collar is a shock collar. What this means is that it employs the use of static shocks as a mode of correction. In addition, this collar is for dogs on the heavy side. we are talking 40lbs.

Also, this collar is pricier than our featured product. So if you have the bucks to spare, this could be your collar.


High-End Option — K9Konnection No-Bark Shock Collar

Dog Training Collar with Remote | Electric, Rechargeable and 100% Waterproof with Beep, Vibration and Stimulation Static Pulse | Electronic Pet Safe Vibrating Collar for Small, Medium and Large Dogs





The K9Konnection No-Bark Shock Collar is a bit pricier than our featured product quite alright. However, aside from that, this collar employs the use of static shock as a mode of correction.

It uses replaceable batteries just like our featured product though. However, unlike our featured product, these batteries are custom batteries.


Opposite Spectrum — Barkguard Citronella Anti-Bark Dog Collar





This collar is listed as our opposite spectrum because it uses neither shock nor vibration as a mode of correction. It uses a spray called citronella.

So what happens is when your dog barks, the collar sprays out citronella onto his face. The spray is harmless. The whole idea is that the spray will get annoying enough that your pooch decides to stop barking to stop the annoyance.

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This one is also a bit pricier than our featured product and you can’t get a refill in any random store.



Comparison Table

GoodBoy Dog Barking Collar

Click here for details

PetSafe Rechargeable Bark Control Collar

PetSafe Big Dog Rechargeable Bark Collar for Medium and Large Dogs over 40lbs, Waterproof, Perfect Bark Detection

Click here for details

K9Konnection No-Bark Shock Collar

Dog Training Collar with Remote | Electric, Rechargeable and 100% Waterproof with Beep, Vibration and Stimulation Static Pulse | Electronic Pet Safe Vibrating Collar for Small, Medium and Large Dogs

Click here for details

Barkguard Citronella Anti-Bark Dog Collar

Click here for details

Correction Modes Beep and vibration Beep, vibration and shock Warning beep and shock Citronella spray
Correction Levels 7 10 7 None
Battery Replaceable Rechargeable Replaceable Replaceable






What Are People Saying About The GoodBoy Dog Barking Collar?

The GoodBoy Dog Barking Collar has a good enough reception among the dog community, especially seeing as you can replace the batteries quite easily. Moreover, it’s quite easy to use and seems to do its work well.



Should I Get The GoodBoy Dog Barking Collar?

We think the GoodBoy Dog Barking Collar is a good collar. There is nothing really special about it should do the work it is supposed to do but nothing more. All around, that’s fair enough.





GoodBoy Dog Barking Collar — FAQs

Is The GoodBoy Barking Collar Good?

The GoodBoy Barking Collar is a decent barking collar. It does not use the static shock as a corrective measure and uses beeps and vibrations instead. While this collar may not work for really stubborn barkers, it’s still a relatively functional collar. The batteries are easy to replace and it also seems to be quite durable as well.


What Is A 4LR44 Battery?

A 4LR44 battery is a small, cylindrical, non-rechargeable, 6-volt alkaline battery most commonly found in dog bark collars. It is also used in other devices such as film cameras, car security cameras, toys, remote controls, and small LED flashlights. Other names and model numbers of 4LR44 batteries are the A544, the L1325, and the PX28a.


Why Does My Dog Keep Barking At Nothing?

You might think that your dog is barking at nothing but more often than not, he isn’t. Dogs have much sharper senses than humans and can perceive things that we cannot see, hear, or smell. This is why it could, sometimes, seem like he’s barking at nothing. He’s mostly likely picking up on something you can’t.

Other reasons your dog might be barking “for nothing” are: frustration, boredom, attention-seeking, to greet fellow canines, he has probably sensed a wild animal, canine dementia or other similar health issues.


Can Animal Control Take My Dog Away For Barking?

Every city has its own regulations and policies. However, generally, Animal Control won’t take your dog away from you for barking, only if he is being cruelly kept. However, if your neighbors do file a complaint against you, you would be served a warning, and asked to pay a fine as well as appear in court if the issue isn’t addressed.

In most cases, you get up to three chances before severe measures are carried out.


Should I Ignore My Dog Barking At Night?

There are two basic answers to this. If your dog is simply barking for attention, do not give it not even by speaking the command “quiet!” or “shush!” That’s attention. In this case, you should ignore it. On the other hand, many times, the reason dogs bark at night is because they feel something is out there. You can reassure your dog that there’s nothing out there and get them to relax.

If it’s totally out of hand, you might want to call a professional dog trainer for your sanity and that of your neighbors.


Do Dog Whistles Stop Dog Barking?

Dog whistles emit a high-frequency sound that irritates dogs but does not disturb humans. Blowing on a dog whistle might initially get the dog to bark the more. But if the dog begins to associate his barking with the annoying sound, he might get the message and stop barking. It’s not always effective but it works sometimes.