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StarMark Training Collar– In-Depth Review

Since 1997, the StarMark Animal Behavior Center has been in the business of well, animal behavior. It has trained and boarded dogs and even produced products to facilitate the training. One of which is the StarMark Training Collar.

One thing you should note is that the StarMark Animal Behavior Center used to be known as the Triple Crown Dog Academy, Inc. Just so you’re not confused if you stumble on the old name.



Can Every Dog Use The StarMark Training Collar?

The StarMark Training Collar is a training collar and this makes it quite selective.

For one, you should never use this collar in place of a regular collar and it should only be used by dogs in training. Also, we advise that you don’t use this collar on puppies. The pinches might prove too intense for them however not intense they may seem.

Aside from those conditions, the Star Mark Pro-Training Dog Collar should be good for your dog. Because it has a good enough size range.




Features Of The StarMark Training Collar

1. Material

The collar is made of plastic and that is a good thing. Why? Well because there is only so much pain that a plastic prong can inflict. Especially compared to a metal prong.

Plastic makes the StarMark Training Collar a safer choice for a prong collar. It sure doesn’t hurt (literally) that the prongs are blunt.

So, when you pull on the collar, the pinch is not as intense as metal prongs would have been. It also reduces the chances of this collar coming off when it’s pulled.

2. Extra Collar

There is an extra collar that is attached to the main collar. It is supposed to be a back-up that should suffice if the main collar comes undone.

Although we’ve said that the StarMark Training Collar, being plastic, has a reduced chance of breaking, it doesn’t have a non-existent chance. So, it is a great thing that StarMark decided to add this back-up collar.

The back-up collar is a choke slip-on collar that is made of nylon. Hopefully, you don’t get to use it. But if you do get to use it, your dog should be fine with it.

3. Adjustable Links

The largest Star Mark Training Dog Collar is as wide as 20” but there are some other sizes for you to choose from. However, if you happen to get a collar that is a few sizes too small, it is not a problem. All you need to do is remove a few links.

If the 20” collar is not big enough, all you need do is add a few links. Very easy to remove and add links to the collar. This makes the collar a decently adjustable collar.

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4. Clasp And Leash Ring

Many collars have a D Ring but the StarMark Training Collar has a regular round ring where you can attach a leash. A regular round ring moves around the material more freely than a D Ring.

Now, the reason the StarMark Training Collar uses a free moving ring (the round leash ring) is that the ring doubles as a sort of hook for the extra collar. So while holding together both ends of the extra collar, it also holds the leash. A D Ring might not have done a good job.

The clasp and leash Ring is the only metal things on this collar. And since they are not pointy and contribute nothing to the pinch of the collar, we can certainly heave a sigh of relief.

In fact, we like that the metal is here because it guarantees us quality. Plus, the kind of metal used ensures that the clasp and D Ring is resistant to rust. So if the rain happens to meet you and your dog as you train, you know it is no biggie. At least as regards your dog.




Is The StarMark Training Collar User-Friendly?

This is a very loaded question, especially seeing that we are talking about a training collar here. However, here is what we will say:

The StarMark Training Collar is relatively easy to use. After all, it’s just about unhooking the clasp and putting the collar around your dog’s neck. Plus adjusting it is pretty easy. Simply add or remove the needed links and the collar is good to go.

However, we will advise that you seek professional advice before you even think of using a pinch collar. Especially if you have a small dog.




Pros Of The StarMark Training Collar

1. Professionally Tested

Apparently, the StarMark Training Collar has gone through a series of professional tests that checked its safety and effectiveness. Seeing as the test results were encouraging, it is safe to say that the StarMark Training Collar is a safe and effective pinch collar.

2. Plastic Prongs

The plastic prongs are not as “pinchy” as metal ones. So even if you pull or your dog pulls, what he will get from the collar is an uncomfortable pinch and not a painful one.

3. Outlook

One of the most awesome things about the StarMark Training Collar is that it doesn’t look like a pinch collar at all. Some may ask why this is even a pro. But if you’ve ever walked your dog with a pinch collar, you’ll understand why this is an advantage.

People tend to look at you questioningly if you walk your dog with a pinch collar. Some people even get it in their heads to come up to you to give parenting advice. We don’t think you want that.

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Cons Of The StarMark Training Collar

Some people complain that it doesn’t work as effectively or as quickly as a metal pinch collar does. Basically, because the pinch is not as “pinchy” as a metal collar.

Some consider this a bad thing because they feel their stubborn dogs need a collar that is a little more “pinchy”. So if you are one of these some, the StarMark Training Collar is probably not for you.

Alternative Options To The StarMark Training Collar

High-End Option

Herm Sprenger Quick Release Training Dog Collar

The Herm Sprenger Quick Release Training Dog Collar is a pinch collar too but is made of chrome-plated metal. Making it quite long-lasting and rust-resistant.

Also, the sizes run as far as 23 inches. That is 3 inches more than the largest StarMark Training Collar has to offer. However, this collar is a bit pricier than the StarMark Training Collar.

The Option With More Bonuses

ImPetZ Dog Training Dog Collar

This is another metal prong collar (there seems to be a lot of those around). However, it makes our alternatives list because of the freebies it comes with. There are three extra links that should extend the length of the collar to 28”.

You’ll also find e-books that should give you enough tips on becoming the best dog parent ever. And you get all these for the price of one collar.

Opposite Spectrum

Mayerzon Dog Prong Training Collar

This is yet another metal pinch collar and just like the StarMark Training Collar, you can add and remove links. However, unlike all the collars we’ve listed, all the prongs come with rubber stops. So that the pinch is softened.

You’ll also find 5 extra rubber stoppers and an extra link with rubber stoppers in the package. And of course, you get all these for the price of one collar




Comparison Table

StarMark Training Collar

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Herm Sprenger Quick Release Training Dog Collar

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ImPetZ Dog Training Dog Collar

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Mayerzon Dog Prong Training Collar

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Largest Size20”25”25”23.62”
Special FeatureBackup slip collarChrome platedExtra links and free e-booksRubber stops for the prong


What People Are Saying About The StarMark Training Collar

Dog parents love this collar primarily because it doesn’t look like what it is which is a prong collar. So they can keep their dogs on a tight leash without suffering the looks and unsolicited advice.

What We Think

This training collar is alright really. Mostly because it is made of plastic and can only do so much damage. However, remember to seek professional advice especially if you own a small dog.

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