Dog Kennel and Run-  The Ultimate Guide

Movement, a characteristic of every living thing. The freedom of the aforementioned is our priority today, and we would be talking about building and buying your own dog kennel and run, today.

As a dog owner, we know that you know that dogs – no matter their breed or size, are expressive animals. Dogs love to run around, play, exercise, much like a human child.

However, this play can get challenging and sometimes life-threatening for the dog if not properly regulated. We’re sure you also want to preserve those beautiful red roses and lilies growing in your garden. Fortunately, there is such a thing as a dog kennel and run.

Let’s find out how this can actually help you.



What Is A Dog Kennel And Run?

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A kennel is an enclosed shelter for dogs. Coupled with a run, a kennel becomes an enclosed shelter for dogs big enough for them to run around and play comfortably without being restrained on a leash or a harness.




Why Do I Need A Dog Kennel And Run?

There are a billion reasons why a dog owner might want to get a dog kennel and run. However, we’ll be short-listing them to the most prevalent and important reasons, just for you:

1. Freedom

You are the most educated person when it comes to the reaction of your dog after a long time on a leash or inside its crate. Recall when you get back from work and your dog is almost literally begging to be let loose.

Dogs are very expressive and would prefer a large space where they have freedom better than a little confined space. Playtime is no joke, especially for a growing pup.


2. Exercise

A kennel and run provide your dog with enough space to exercise and stretch their bones. This is more beneficial to very active dogs who require a lot of exercise.

We understand that most of the time we either do not have the time, the strength, or simply the enthusiasm to play with our dogs. We are also scared of them running off and wandering, so we simply keep them indoors, where they’re safe. Or are they?

The dog wandering away might not be such a bad thing when you realize that lack of exercise for your canine might actually kill them. You don’t think so? Here are a few of the horrible things that can happen to your dog if he doesn’t get enough exercise:


i. Obesity

Large 16 Panels Pet Dog Cat Metal Exercise Barrier Fence Playpen Kennel Yard New



About 20-40 percent of dogs that go to the vet are considered overweight. Too much kibble? Maybe. Too little exercise? Most probably.

Obesity would prevent your dog from enjoying the activities he normally would. It also decreases the speed and stamina of the dog, that means he runs slower for shorter periods.

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Aside the obvious physical inhibitions obesity would cause your dog, there are also other grievous medical problems associated with obesity. These diseases include:

  • Arthritis.
  • Whelping problems.
  • Surgical risks.
  • Burdened joints.
  • Cardiac problems.
  • Difficulty in breathing.


ii. Boredom

Because dogs are canines and come from an ancestry of wolves who are very active animals, man’s best friends still maintain that one feature about themselves.

Domesticated or not – they hate being bored. They don’t just want to sit around and meow to be waited on (no offence to our purry friends), they want to run. A bored dog will often resort to tail-chasing and home destruction as a means of self-entertainment.


3. Protect Your Beautiful Garden

That perfect backyard, ruined by that cute puppy face. Such a sad story can be prevented by simply getting a kennel and run because the enclosure prevents the dogs from running into places they should not be and destroying your beautiful garden.


4. Prevents Chewing

If your dog is a chewer, that might be a problem for furniture at home. Most dog kennel and run(s) are made of metal which makes them impossible to chew on.


5. Can Work As A Dog bedroom

You know when the kids are disturbing you a whole lot and you just need a break so you go into your room and lock the door behind you? You can train your doggie to see his kennel as his bedroom too.

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Dogs too get emotionally stressed mostly by kids and need some me-time. With a little training on your part, your dog would be going into his kennel on his own just to chill and run away from the world for a while. It also helps them to play exactly how they want to at that point in time.

Just like human bedrooms, dog kennel and runs come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Each of these types are beneficial for different lifestyles (both human and dog), budget, dog size, and so on.

Follow us and find out what dog kennel works best for you and why.



Factors To Consider When Getting A Dog Kennel and Run

There are two important factors that you should look out for. These factors are make or break because they determine whether or not your dog will like his kennel.

These factors are –

  • The material used to make the floor of the kennel and run.
  • The material used as the barricade.

The first we’ll be taking a look at is the flooring material.


1. Flooring Material

There are various materials you can use to create the floor of your kennel and run. Below, we’ll be listing the best ones, their advantages, and their disadvantages. We hope that information will help your decision-making process easier and more enjoyable.


i. Dirt or Grass

This is by far the cheapest out there. Most of the time we find this readily available in our backyards and they cost us absolutely nothing. Because it’s readily available, you also wouldn’t need to pay for any installation or set-up.

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  1. It is readily available with no cost for purchase, installation or set up.
  2. It remains cool even during the summer.
  3. Both the dirt and the grass are very comfortable for your dog’s feet.


  1. It becomes very difficult to make sure your dog is clean.
  2. The dirt and grass become muddy and sticky when it rains.

If you opt for this option, the only cost you might incur is taking care of the grass. You’ll need to ensure that there aren’t any visible toxic plants or weeds that might be harmful to your dog. You’ll also need to make sure that you treat the kennel with pest-control that will not harm your dog. 


ii. Synthetic Grass

SunVilla SV7'X13' Realistic Indoor/Outdoor Artificial Grass/Turf 7 FT X 13 FT (91 Square FT) This is like normal grass but this time, it’s synthetic like you must have guessed.

  1. It’s easier to keep clean.
  2. It doesn’t require a lot of upkeep and maintenance.
  3. You have little worries about pest control and toxic weeds.


  1. It isn’t as cheap as real grass. In other words, it isn’t free.
  2. You’ll also have to put into consideration what it costs to install.
  3. It could get very hot if you reside in warmer climates.


iii. Wood Flooring

Forest Floor 3/8" Thick Printed Wood Grain Interlocking Foam Floor Mats, 16 Sq Ft (4 Tiles), White Oak If you do not have grass running along your backyard, and you do not have the money for synthetic grass, then wood might be your best bet.

You can lay the wood above gravel, stones, anything really.

  1. It’s easy to clean and maintain.
  2. It’s easily moveable.
  3. It can be pocket-friendly (only if you are ready to build it yourself, though).


  1. It might not be able to withstand a lot of rainfall.
  2. In a case where you do not know how to make one for yourself, it can become quite expensive.

Please note–  If you intend to use wood flooring, you’ll need to use dog-friendly paint. This will prevent the wood from rotting over time.


iv. Composite Decking

This type of flooring closely resembles wood.

Below is a comparison of wooden floors and composite decking floors

Wood Composite Decking
Starts to break over time under extensive exposure to moisture It is more water-resistant and can deal with more moisture
Requires dog-friendly painting or staining Does not require any form of painting
It is less expensive It is more expensive

v. Gravel, Stone or Sand

Some dog owners use stones, gravel or sand for their traditional dog runs and that is appalling. We strongly advise against such practices. Here are our reasons:

1. In hot weather, those materials become very hot and eventually burn your dogs’ paws. Have you tried walking on the beach without slippers on a hot summer afternoon? That’s how your dog would feel.

2. These materials are hard. You risk injuries to your dogs’ paws, including tearing, and breaking of the nails.

Please, do not use gravel, stone or sand flooring. Be mindful of your dog’s health.


2. Fencing Material

By barricade material, we mean the entire perimeter of the kennel and run besides the floor which we’ve already discussed. Here are some great materials to consider whether you’re buying or building.


i. Wood

Wood is a great material especially because it is cheap. Plus, wood gives you a lot of creative leeway, unlike other material types. You can paint and stain in a variety of ways that suits your tastes.

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Also, in the cold, wood provides great insulation. Plus, it keeps out the draughts as well.

Now, for access. You can easily install any door and that will be fine. However, you can take the extra step for the sake of your dog’s safety.

There are kennel doors that come with RFID tags. So, you put these tags into your dog’s collar, and this way, the door will only open for your dog alone. This way, you keep out the pesky cats and the dangerous foxes.


ii. Chain Link Fencing

Another commonly used material is chain link. This one is also super affordable, plus, it’s easy to get too. Your local hardware store definitely carries it. If you’re building your own kennel, this is a fine choice.

Don’t forget that in addition to the fence, you’d also need to get the top rials, the post, as well as the gate. You’ll also need to pick up all the attachments necessary for setting up the fence.


iii. Steel

Steel is about the best material you could consider for a dog kennel and run. It’s tough, easy to clean, and durable.


Should I Build Or Buy A Dog Kennel and Run?

This question can ultimately only be answered by you based on your preference. What we can do for you is to show you what both of them would entail.

So, in the next few paragraphs, we will give you a few pointers and then you can make your best decision. So, consider the following:

1. Budget

The first thing you’ll need to look at is how much bucks you have to spare.

If you have a substantial budget, then you can go straight for ready-made kennels and hire a professional to do the installation for you.

However, in the case where your budget is just moderate, you can simply get yourself a store-bought kennel and do the installation yourself.

Finally, if you’re working with a low budget, you can get the materials yourself, create it yourself, and install it yourself. It might not be the most beautiful but it will still serve the ultimate purpose and save you a pocket tear.

2. Size

The size of the kennel you want to build or buy should also be put into consideration. Economically, it won’t be a smart move to buy a small kennel and then hire a professional to set it up for you.

However, if you want a really large kennel, buying might be your best bet.

Generally, the size of the kennel increases, the easier it becomes for you to mess it up, unless you’re well experienced in building.


A Few Tips For Building Your Dog Kennel

1. Plan

Just like every other building project, to build a kennel and run, you need a plan. A concrete, well detailed plan is the first step in building an excellent kennel and run.


2. Get Creative

Get creative with your dog kennel. If you’re just going to do a simple rectangle stuck to the ground then you might as well just purchase one from the pet store. To keep your dogs entertained, your kennel needs to be as creative as possible. Add an obstacle course if you may.

One big advantage is creating your own kennel is that you can specialize it’s features to your dogs’ taste, make sure to put that into consideration.





Whether you’re making or buying, dog kennels are a very useful pet room. They help your dogs get the exercise they need while keeping them safe from wandering or destroying your plants.

Get this for your dog and you can rest assured at work knowing that you’re not coming back to a destroyed home for the umpteenth time.

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