Gooby Dog Raincoat — Complete Review

Gooby Dog Raincoat

Welcome guys! Today, we review the Gooby Dog Raincoat.

Gooby started in 2002. That was a time in the pet industry when companies only focused on the basics of dog harnesses. These guys didn’t feel like that was enough. This company wanted to create something that was made for a particular purpose.

Their thought was, “people (humans) wear different clothes, depending on their environment, why can’t dogs do same?” This thought process questioned the norm in the industry, at that time. The goal of the company is to make pet responsibilities effortless for the dog parent with their wide range of products.

But just before we continue, just how much do you know about dog raincoats? If you want an exhaustive article that explains every detail (including the pros and cons of dog raincoats) click here to read our buying guide on dog raincoats.


Who Can Use The Gooby Dog Raincoat?

The Gooby Dog Raincoat is available in extra-small, small, medium, large, extra-large, 2X large, and 3X large. So, it caters to a wide range of dog breeds and sizes.

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For a perfect fit though, you want to measure your dog (preferably in inches) and compare with the company’s sizing chart.

For dogs in between sizes, you might want to go for a size up since you want a raincoat cover up more rather than less.




Features Of The Gooby Dog Raincoat

Gooby Dog Raincoat



1. Material

This dog raincoat is made with 100% polyester material. Polyester is a strong material commonly used in dog raincoats due to its resistance to a lot of chemicals, shrinking, stretching, wrinkling, abrasion, and of course, water. Plus, polyester dries fast as well.

Now to the hoodie… The hoodie of this dog raincoat is fleece-lined. Fleece is a soft and warm material which provides your dog with some insulation around his neck and head.

This is actually a good one by this brand. It’s quite an abnormal feature because, normally, when a raincoat is fleece-lined, it’s usually not the hoodie. The manufacturers adding this to the hoodie makes it even warmer for your pup and makes him feel more comfortable putting on the hoodie.


2. Color

Another thing to notice about this dog raincoat, probably the first thing you would notice, is the color of the raincoat. This dog raincoat is available in four different colors, viz: blue, orange, red, and yellow.

These four colors are good to go for us.  They are beautiful and functional being hi-vis colors which are important for dog raincoats.

Gooby Dog Raincoat




Pros Of The Gooby Dog Raincoat


1. Hoodie is like a transparent visor, making it possible for your dog to see properly in his raincoat.

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2. Raincoat is fleece-lined to the hoodie to provide your dog with some warmth in the cold rain.

3. Comes with a leash hook for your dog leash.

(Click here to read all the rules every dog parent must know for correctly handling a dog leash in our comprehensive buying guide on dog leashes.)

4. There are leg straps to hold down the raincoat so the wind does not blow the raincoat away.

Gooby Dog Raincoat




1. There’s nothing protecting your dog’s underbelly.




Alternative Options To The Gooby Dog Raincoat

Active Dog Alternative — Ruffwear Sun Shower Dog Raincoat



If you have an active dog and deep down within you, you might want to check out this alternative.

It’s for sporting dogs and active dogs that’s why it’s made similar to a jersey. It’s made of tough material and as such, won’t rip easily.



More Affordable Option — Thundershirt Dog Raincoat


Do you want something that is more affordable for your pooch? Try this dog raincoat by Thundershirt. Thundershirt is a really popular brand so, at least, you can bank on the trust other customers have for the brand.



Umbrella — Whitelotus Dog Umbrella


If your dog simply won’t wear any dog raincoat, no matter who or what makes it, get this pet umbrella instead. It comes with a chain leash and the umbrella is completely transparent. The leash is short so you can control your dog at close proximity.




Quick Comparison

Gooby Dog Raincoat

Click here to get one for your dog now!

Ruffwear Sun Shower Dog Raincoat

Click here to get the Ruffwear Sun Shower Dog Raincoat

Thundershirt Dog Raincoat

Click here to get the Thundershirt Dog Raincoat


Whitelotus Dog Umbrella

Click here to get the Whitelotus Dog Umbrella


Material Polyester Unsure Unsure Plastic
Style Poncho Vest Poncho Umbrella
Leash access Yes No Yes Comes with leash
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What Do Other People Think?

People like this dog raincoat mainly because the material is soft but functional. Plus, it protects their pups properly. Also, it is easy to dry, so, hanging outside isn’t much of a problem.



What Do We Think?

We think this is a good raincoat. We just can’t look past the hoodie, it’s really good. There’s only one problem though, it doesn’t protect your dogs’ underbelly.

It’s just a small strap running across the belly, no real material for proper covering.

Gooby Dog Raincoat