Nacoco Large Dog Raincoat — Extensive Review

Nacoco Large Dog Raincoat

Don’t let a little rain stop you and your pup from taking that walk. Get your pooch raincoat today. Today, we’ll be reviewing the Nacoco Large Dog Raincoat.

Nacoco is a brand focused on overall pet safety. It swears to make its products of first-class materials and advanced technology. Is this actually true? And can this be a reason you trust this brand? Well, you alone can answer that.

But for now, allow us to show you through our review for today.

Who Can Wear The Nacoco Large Dog Raincoat?

Well, we think the name already sells this one out halfway, don’t you? Yeah, it’s a large dog raincoat. The sizes of this product available are:

  • Medium.
  • Large.
  • X Large.
  • XX-Large.

Aside size, another thing you need to look at is your dogs’ cold tolerance. This basically means how your dog reacts to the cold. If he reacts positively and does not mind making angels in the snow, then you can get this raincoat for him.

However, if he needs extra warmth when it gets really cold, then he can’t wear this. This raincoat is made of single-layered polyester material. Because of that, it does not provide your dog any warmth or insulation from the cold. You’ll need a dog sweater for that.

So, in summary, who can wear this? A medium or large dog who doesn’t mind the cold.


Features Of The Nacoco Large Dog Raincoat

Nacoco Large Dog Raincoat



1. Material

This raincoat is made with polyester material. This is a professional outdoor material. It is waterproof. It is also very breathable, making it comfortable for your pooch.

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The material is lightweight and because of that, it doesn’t retain much heat. Also, because it’s so light, it’s also not very sturdy. This means that with strong winds, this raincoat won’t be able to protect your pup properly as it would be blown from side to side.

The colors available for this raincoat are bright yellow and orange. It also features a reflective stripe on the back of the raincoat. Either of these colors plus the reflective stripe on the back makes this a high-visibility raincoat.

2. Adjustable Belly Straps And Elastic Leg Straps

This dog raincoat features three straps, one Velcro strap for the belly, and two elastic straps for the hind legs. This makes it possible for you to fasten the raincoat to your dog.

If the raincoat isn’t tight-fit on your dog, it will keep slipping off. When that happens, certain parts of your dog become exposed to the rain and we’re sure that is the exact opposite of what you want with a raincoat.


Pros Of The Nacoco Large Dog Raincoat

1. It’s Long Enough To Cover Your Dogs’ Tail

Unlike many other dog raincoats out there, the Nacoco Large Dog Raincoat is made long enough to cover your dogs’ tail. When you see this, do not be alarmed, it is not oversized, that’s how it’s meant to be.

This is to make sure that whilst the other parts of your dog are covered, his tail is also covered. If your dogs’ tail is completely covered, it means you don’t have to go through the stress of drying it. We know how cranky dogs get when you touch their tail. It’s not something you want to do every time.

2. Convenience

This poncho style raincoat is very convenient for you, the parent. It is really easy to put on and take off your dog. No buttons, zips or extra fasteners. All you have to do is to place the poncho over his back and strap under his belly using the featured Velcro strap.

For extra fit, you can add the elastic leg straps. The leg straps are optional because, without them, the raincoat will still stay on to some extent. However, for additional fit, you can add them.

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1. It Is Lightweight

While a few people might see this as a good thing because their dogs get easily overheated, others see it as a really bad thing. This is because, when it’s raining, it’s usually cold. Because of this accompanying cold, a lot of dog parents prefer dog raincoats that can serve both as dog raincoats and as sweaters.

2. It’s Slippery

After some time under the rain, a lot of customers noticed that this raincoat became slippery. Slippery in the sense that it kept sliding from side to side on their dogs’ backs.

One thing we noticed about this, though, is that most of the dogs that had this problem were short-coated. So, as a solution to this problem, we advise that you only get this for your pup if he is really hairy.

This is because your dogs’ fur and hair would serve as friction for this dog raincoat. This added friction would prevent or at least reduce drastically these slippery movements.

3. Sizing Can Be Off

Sometimes, the sizing of this raincoat is kinda off. As much as we know, this is a general problem with a whole lot of other clothing items being sold on the internet.

What you might want to do is to get customer feedback on the sizes of their dogs and exactly what size they ordered. This would give you an insight into what size should be perfect for your dog.





Alternative Options To The Nacoco Large Dog Raincoat

More Affordable Option



If you want a dog raincoat but you don’t have the money to get the one in review, you can check this alternative out. Performs the same primary function, made with polyester material also and completely waterproof.

Also, this features a self-adjustable elastic belly strap which is made snug-fit for your dog.



Alternative Brand



So, you like this product but for some reason, you don’t like the brand, it’s okay. You can simply get a similar dog raincoat but from Mikayoo instead. This has the same features as the product in review.

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Also, this alternative features other colors and designs. You can get the normal yellow, but you can also get green, pink and camouflage.



More Sophisticated



Not everyone likes basic. If you’re one of those people and you would rather have something a little more extra, you can get this dog raincoat for your pooch instead.

It’s made for people who love to wear their dog clothes. It’s made like an actual cloth and covers your dogs’ underbelly properly like a shirt. It also has sleeves for his forelegs and hind legs.

One benefit of this is that, with this, your dog is completely covered from the rain and no part of his body is exposed.




Comparison Table

Nacoco Large Dog Raincoat 

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Ethical Pet Slicker Dog Raincoat

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Mikayoo Large Dog Raincoat

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Ospet Summer Comfort Dog Raincoat

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Colors Available Yellow and orange Yellow Blue, pink, yellow, brown and grey(camouflage) Green and orange
Sleeves Elastic hind leg straps None None 4 sleeves.
Style Poncho Regular raincoat Poncho Jumpsuit


What Do People Think About The Nacoco Large Dog Raincoat?

Well, a lot of people like this raincoat basically because of its simplicity. You know when they say less is more? That’s what people see when they see this dog raincoat.

Another thing is that it’s easy to place on your dog. With this, you don’t have to spend those extra minutes putting him into his raincoat just for him to go take a poo outside.

However, some people complain that the sizing runs a little large. That doesn’t come as a surprise to us as the name of the product clearly states that it is for large dogs. With that in mind, you might want to buy a size less for your pup for it to be his perfect fit. If you have a small dog, then get a raincoat for small dogs for him.

What Do We Think?

Well, it’s a fair product. It gives you basic value and is quite affordable for the purpose it achieves. One thing we might want to advise is that you use this for emergency purposes or just for your pup to go number 2 under the rain.

You shouldn’t use this if you’re going on long walks or other trails under the rain. This is because it doesn’t provide warmth and most of your dogs’ chest and belly are open to puddle splashes.