Stansport Saddle Dog Backpack — Detailed Review

Stansport Saddle Bag for Dog

Hello, and welcome! Today we’ll be doing a thorough review on the Stansport Saddle Dog Backpack.

Now, if you want to find out more about backpacks in general, check out this article here.


Stansport, the producers of this backpack, is an American company focused on “making camping fun”, as its company slogan suggests.

There are only two main pet gear products produced by Stansport. One is the backpack we’ll be looking at today, the other is a collapsible dog bowl.

One thing we like about this brand is that it has good customer care. The customer care line is toll-free and can be contacted from 8 am – 3:30 pm (PST).

They also have a customer support email which you can reach out to for any complaints.

Now, to an important question about the backpack we are reviewing today.



Who Can Wear The Stansport Saddle Dog Backpack?

Any dog, really. Backpacks are probably the most generic dog apparel you can find out there. Most dogs love the feeling of responsibility it gives them.

That said it’s still a good idea to see your vet before getting a backpack for your pooch.

Your vet holds your dog’s medical information, and with that, he’ll be able to tell you whether this is healthy for your pooch or not.

Also, he’ll be able to tell you how much weight your dog should carry in the bags.

Later in the product’s features, you’ll be finding out if this backpack is available in your dog’s size.


Features Of The Stansport Saddle Dog Backpack

1. Color

From what we see about this product’s features, it doesn’t give you much in the form of choices. That’s quite a bummer.

That said, this backpack is only available in one color-combo; dark green and black.

The more visible parts are dark green, while the other parts are black; not a very good color-combo if you ask us.

Yes, they might be beautiful colors and even go well together. But looking at the fact that this was made for dogs to go camping with, well, it’s just not exactly functional.

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And that is simply because they are not visible in the dark.

Keeping an eye on your pooch will get really difficult as you get into the night when you’re out in the wild, where there’s not much light.

We would have preferred it if the manufacturers had this color as an option, and then some other brighter colors also as options.

That way, people get to choose according to the lighting conditions of their chosen camping locations. But if you still like this, then get a hi-vis collar to make up for the low-light functionality.

2. Size Available

Just like we just said, no options. This backpack is only available in one size which usually fits dogs weighing between 30 and 90 pounds.

Although, the weight is not the actual unit of measurement for fit. The weight is just giving you an idea of how much you can put into the backpack.

The main thing you need to measure is your dogs’ girth; the circumference of the widest part of his chest.

This backpack fits dogs between 30-35 inches perfectly.

However, because of the adjustable straps that come with the backpack, it might fit even smaller dogs. Don’t be too sure, though.


3. Adjustable Straps

The Stansport Saddle Dog Backpack comes with two straps. One goes across your dog’s neck, while the other goes around his chest.

Does this provide the perfect fit? Well, to be honest, we do not think so.

Many times, when backpacks have only two straps, they’re usually cross-chest straps.

However, if you’ve used this backpack and the straps are good enough to keep the backpack on, tell us in the comments section.

One thing we have to point out is that the straps are not padded. Because they are not padded, these straps might cause chafing or skin irritations for your dog.

It’s actually quite difficult to understand why the manufacturers didn’t make these straps padded. The whole interior of the backpack is padded with fleece, why not the straps?

4. Fleece Padded Interior

Yeah, the inner surface area of this backpack is padded with fleece lining. This is to provide your dog with comfort while he’s carrying the bag.

Although we don’t understand why this wasn’t added to the straps, we still have to give it to Stansport for thinking about the comfort of dogs’.

This soft soothing material on your dog’s sides will give him reassuring comfort.

With it, in no time, he’ll forget that he’s even lifting any weight. Please don’t add more weight just to try and make him remember, lol.

5. The Design Of The Top Of The Backpack

The top of the backpack is made with mesh, a net-like polyester material.

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However, that’s not the only thing about the design. We put it as a feature because it’s quite unique.

Unlike other dog backpacks, the top of this backpack is not full. There is a small piece of fabric (made with mesh), where the two saddlebags attach to.

It’s also where the leash attachment is. However, there are spaces between the fabric and the bags, on both sides.

The obvious reason for this is ventilation. While your dog is out hiking, he needs to be properly ventilated. If he isn’t, he runs the risk of overheating.

So, to keep his temperature normal, the spaces between the top and the bags allow air to get to his skin.

6. Leash Attachment

Just a simple metallic D-ring with which you can hook your leash. We won’t talk much about this because it’s a very common feature.

In fact, it’s in almost every backpack.

Stansport Saddle Bag for Dog



Pros Of The Stansport Saddle Dog Backpack

1. Breathability And Ventilation

Just like we discussed in the features, the top of the backpack has spaces on either side, to provide your dog proper ventilation.

This is a really good thing about this backpack, considering a large number of people do not pay attention to their dogs’ temperature.

It’s pretty easy to tell when your dog is cold, he’ll run to you and cuddle or try to share your covering, or he’ll shiver.

With overheating, the symptoms are not that glaring. Even when they are seen, many mistake it to be disobedience or stubbornness.

However, as much as this is a huge upside to this product, it depends on what you want to use it for.

This is really good for a hot summer day but really bad for a cold winter night. We’re sure you get our point.


2. Comfort

Of all the complaints we’ve seen about this pack, we’ve never seen one where the dog was uncomfortable with the pack.

We think this is largely because of the fleece-lined inner surface area of the backpack.

Fleece is a really soft and comfortable material. Resting on your dog’s skin, it makes it very comfortable for him to carry the backpack.

Stansport Saddle Bag for Dog



1. Too Much Strap!

The adjustable straps are really long. We think that’s so that it can accommodate a wider size range.

However, has what was made with good intentions turned bad?

Er, not exactly. It’s just that because the straps are so long. Even after fitting it around your dog, the excess can be so long, it drags on the ground.

We’re sure you don’t want that.

Well, you actually can easily cut the excess off.

2. Low Visibility

The Stansport Saddle Dog Backpack is not very visible. This is very bad, considering the fact that many people will want to use this outdoors when it’s dark.

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If you’re going to be out late with your pooch, then maybe reconsider this.

You might want to get a backpack that’s brightly colored, and possibly features reflective stripes.



Alternative Options To The Stansport Saddle Dog Backpack

More Sophisticated — Ruffwear Commuter Rucksack Dog Backpack

RUFFWEAR Dog Pack for Everyday Use, Very Small Breeds, Adjustable Fit, Size: X-Small, Larkspur Purple, Commuter Pack, 5050-580S1



If you want a really sophisticated backpack for your pooch, then check this out from Ruffwear.

It’s available in two colors: purple and gray, each coming with reflective stripes.

These stripes glow in the dark, making your dog’s frame easy to spot, even in the dark.

Also, this backpack comes with three, fully-padded, straps. The first strap is a cross-chest strap, which comes down from your dog’s shoulders and joins at his chest.

It is then connected to the second strap, which goes around your dog’s chest. Lastly, the third strap goes around your dog’s underbelly.

The handle and leash attachment are great. You have an aluminum V-ring to attach your leash to, which doesn’t tear into the material.

This backpack might be quite pricey, but if you have the money, it’s an awesome pack. Do check it out!


More Options — Wellever Dog Backpack

Wellver Dog Backpacks Saddle Bag Outdoor Dog Packs for Hiking Walking Camping,Large



Alright! Bringing it back to the price range of the product we reviewed today. This one is slightly more affordable, but the difference isn’t much, really.

What we like about this backpack, though, is that it gives you a lot more options than the one we reviewed today.

While the Stansport Saddle Dog Backpack is only available in one color, this is available in different color-combos.

Sizes? The Wellever Dog Backpack comes in small, medium, and large. Our featured product has just one.

So, if you prefer to choose for yourself exactly what you want, check out this backpack.

It’s also important to note that the colors on this are way brighter than the one we reviewed today.



Comparison Table

Stansport Saddle Dog Backpack

Stansport Saddle Bag for DogClick here to get this for dog.

Ruffwear Commuter Rucksack Dog Backpack

RUFFWEAR Dog Pack for Everyday Use, Very Small Breeds, Adjustable Fit, Size: X-Small, Larkspur Purple, Commuter Pack, 5050-580S1

 Click here to get this for your dog.

Wellever Dog Backpack

Wellver Dog Backpacks Saddle Bag Outdoor Dog Packs for Hiking Walking Camping,Large

 Click here to get this for your dog.


Colors Available 1 2 6
Padded Straps No Yes No





What Do People Think About The Stansport Saddle Dog Backpack?

People like the backpack, mainly because it’s quite affordable. At just under $20, there are limited options for backpacks this good.

However, many people have pointed out their dissatisfaction with the way the straps hang out.

A lot of people who bought the pack hate the fact that most times, the only option they’re left with is to cut off the remaining straps.



What Do We Think?

Well, because it’s so affordable, we won’t be so hard on this backpack. It provides you good value for money.

However, we would’ve appreciated it even more if the manufacturers provided options.

Make more sizes available, make more colors available.

These are a few simple things that really can make all the difference.

But overall, though, it’s a pretty decent backpack. Perfect for a day’s journey, not so effective for more than that.

Stansport Saddle Bag for Dog