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Selmai Airman Dog Raincoat Review

Hello! How are you? How is your pooch? We hope you’re both well. Today, we’ll be talking about another equipment you need, to take proper care of your dog. We’ll be talking about a dog raincoat. today, we focus on a thorough review of the Selmai Airman Dog Raincoat.

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Selmai Airman Dog Raincoat

About The Brand

Now that we’re sure you know about dog raincoats in general, we can focus on the review we have for today. Before we begin to talk about the product in details, let’s first talk about the brand that produces the product- Selmai.

Who is Selmai? Selmai is a dog-clothes production company. It’s like the Versace or Yeezy for dogs. It makes different dog clothing items. It creates both fun costumes and functional apparel. Functional apparel created by this company include:

  • Swimwear.
  • Sweaters.
  • Dog Raincoats.
  • Harness.
  • Joint aids.

This company is often commended by costumers for its generous prices and free coupon giveaways. They also commend its delivery time and customer service.

Who Can Wear The Selmai Airman Dog Raincoat?

Selmai Airman Dog Raincoat

Now that we know enough about the brand, we can move on to talk about the product itself. So, we start by showing who can use this dog raincoat, let’s go!

To determine whether or not your dog can use this dog raincoat, we would have to check what sizes are available for this dog raincoat. Just like in human clothes, the size of dog clothes (including raincoats) determine the size of pooch that can wear said clothes.

What Sizes Are Available?

This raincoat is available in five different sizes:

  • Extra Small.
  • Small.
  • Medium.
  • Large.
  • Extra Large.

Now what you need to do is to measure your dog properly. Measure your dogs’ neck girth, chest girth and back length. Once you’re done, take the measurements you get and compare them with the company’s sizing chart. (See table below for sizing chart).

 Neck girth Chest girth Back length Weight (optional)
XS6 – 7 inches / 16 -18 centimeters 10 – 11.5 inches / 25 – 29 centimeters 6 – 8 inches / 16 – 20 centimeters1 – 2 pounds / 0.5 – 1.0 kilogram
S 7 – 8.5 inches / 18 – 22 centimeters 11 – 12.5 inches / 28 – 32 centimeters 7 – 8.5 inches / 18 – 22 centimeters2 – 5.5 pounds / 1.0 – 2.5 kilograms
M 8 – 9.5 inches / 20 – 24 centimeters 14 – 15.5 inches / 36 – 40 centimeters 8.5 – 10 inches / 22 – 26 centimeters 5.5 – 10 pounds / 2.5 – 4.5 kilograms
L 9.5 – 11 inches / 24 – 28 centimeters 15.5 – 17 inches / 40 – 44 centimeters 10.5 – 12inches / 27 – 31 centimeters 10 – 14 pounds / 4.5-6.5 kilograms
XL 11 – 12.5 inches / 28 – 32 centimeters 18 – 19.5 inches / 46 – 50 centimeters 12.5 – 14 inches / 32 – 36 centimeters 14 – 18.5 pounds / 6.5 – 8.5 kilograms

Have you found a size that matches his measurements? Great! He can wear this dog raincoat. If his size is in between sizes, we advise that you order up. That way, the raincoat would cover him up even more and keep him dry. However, make sure it’s not too big it becomes uncomfortable.

If you haven’t found any size that you think would fit him, then he cannot wear this dog raincoat. If that is the case, we advise that you head on to our “alternative options”. There, you will find other dog raincoats. Hopefully, you would find one that comes in a size that will fit your pooch.

Features Of The Selmai Airman Dog Raincoat

1. Material

This dog raincoat is quite unique, in the sense that, it is triple-layered. Most dog raincoats you find out there are single-layered raincoats. You might find some that are two-layered. However, it’s quite rare for you to find a dog raincoat that is triple-layered.

We would be discussing the three materials below:

a.) Shell (Outer-Layer)

The shell of this dog raincoat is made with waterproof material, as said by the manufacturers. Now there is a difference between water-resistant and waterproof. The first being that one is a compound word and the other is one word.

The compound word, water-resistance, comes from water and resistance. It basically means that the material is “resistant” to water. It can fight off and fend off water to a large extent, keeping your dog dry for long periods of time.

On the other hand, waterproof is one word. That’s because it is absolute. Waterproof material means that water cannot, no matter what, enter through the material. However, it is important to note that the material is waterproof, not the raincoat.

The raincoat itself cannot be waterproof because it contains little stitch and needle holes which water can pass through over time. However, because the material is waterproof, the water-resistance of the raincoat is increased exponentially.

Selmai Airman Dog Raincoat

b.) Second Layer

The second layer of this dog raincoat is made with PP cotton. We don’t want to bore you with the scientific jargon about this material. If you want that, click here to see the Wikipedia definition.

Basically, PP cotton is what you see as “cotton wool”. Most times, they are used as pillow fillers. If your pillows are not made of feathers, there is a high chance that they are filled with this material. Pillow fight during your next sleepover to find out *wink*.

You can see why it’s used in this raincoat. It is soft, warm and cozy. Which means that this raincoat would be very comfortable for your dog. In fact, it will just feel like an extra-padding of fur for him.

c.) Third Layer

Cotton velvet. The third layer of this dog raincoat is made with cotton velvet. We’re sure you already know what velvet is. However, velvet made entirely from silk is really expensive. These ones made with cotton, although less luxurious, are way more affordable.

Velvet is soft and feels very comfortable which is what you want, especially since this is the part of the raincoat that will rest on your dogs’ skin.

This raincoat is like a sandwich. The upper bread is the waterproof material. The ham, cheese and greens are the PP cotton, or cotton wool, which gives the raincoat it’s thickness and warmth. The lower bread on which everything rests on is the velvet material.

2. Color

This Selmai Airman Dog Raincoat is available in three different colors; blue, brown, and red. Let’s list the colors from best to worst:

  • Red.
  • Blue.
  • Brown.

We did not list these colors based on beauty. We listed them based on functionality. This is because, to us, getting a beautiful raincoat is good but getting a raincoat that is easy to see, is better. Red is easier to see in the dark than blue (navy blue), which is also easier to see than brown.

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However, we must point out a defect. The manufacturers of this dog product did not add reflective stripes to this raincoat. A reflective stripe glows in the dark and as such, would have made this raincoat easier to see in the dark. So, ultimately, it increases your chances of  maintaining your canine’s safety.

Pros Of The Selmai Airman Dog Raincoat

Jumpsuit Design

Apart from beauty, this dog raincoats’ jumpsuit is really functional. In the sense that, it covers more of your pup. The sleeves cover all your dogs’ legs. It also covers your dogs’ chest and belly properly.

Many other dog raincoats do not have a covering for your dogs’ belly. That leaves your dogs’ belly susceptible to wet splashes when he walks into puddles (which is quite often). However, you have to be ready because putting this on would not be very easy.

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1. Sizing Runs Small

Not much of a con, because most times, this is as a result of the customers’ negligence. The manufacturers of this raincoat clearly stated that their product runs small. They also advised that customers order a size up.

However, a lot of customers ignored this and went ahead to order based on other clothes they’ve used before. So, this is more of a fault of these customers than a bad side of the product.

2. No Reflective Stripes

A real downside to this dog raincoat. You probably won’t be able to use this dog raincoat when it’s pitch black outside because it does not feature reflective stripes.

Alternative Options To The Selmai Airman Dog Raincoat

Alternative Design

Selmai Airman Dog Raincoat

Funkeen Dog Raincoat

If you don’t like this jumpsuit and you prefer a vest-style design, you should check this out. Also, it comes with reflective stripes, unlike the dog raincoat in review today. The reflective stripe glows in the dark, helping you to pick out your dogs’ structure better.

For Large Dogs

Selmai Airman Dog Raincoat

Elite Fashion Dog Raincoat

If you have a large dog, then you can’t use the dog raincoat in review. Check this one out that comes in larger sizes.

Selmai Airman Dog Raincoat Funkeen Dog Raincoat


Elite Fashion Dog Raincoat


MaterialWaterproof, PP cotton, velvet cottonUnknownNylon


What Do People Think?

Well, people like this dog raincoat. It’s for small dogs, so, it’s cute. It’s also triple-layered, so it keeps their pooch dry and warm. Because it’s so warm, most people use this dog raincoat, all the way from fall through to winter.


What Do We Think?

Reasonably priced for the features it possesses, the Selmai Airman Dog Raincoat is nice. If you want something to keep your little pooch dry and warm, you might have found it.

Get the Selmai Airman Dog Raincoat here

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