Retriever Irish Setter Mix: Your Ultimate Guide to This Unique Breed

If you’re captivated by the Retriever Irish Setter Mix, you’re not alone. This article aims to be your one-stop guide for understanding everything about this unique canine blend.

retriever irish setter mix

What is a Retriever Irish Setter Mix?

The Retriever Irish Setter Mix is a crossbreed between a Golden Retriever and an Irish Setter. This hybrid breed combines the best of both worlds: the friendliness and intelligence of the Golden Retriever with the enthusiasm and elegance of the Irish Setter. These dogs usually exhibit a range of coat colors, and their temperaments make them suitable for families, singles, and seniors alike.

Source: American Kennel Club

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Physical Characteristics

Typically, a Retriever Irish Setter Mix stands between 22 to 27 inches tall and weighs between 55 to 80 pounds. Their coat can be flat or wavy, ranging in colors from red to golden. They usually have dark eyes and a black or brown nose. This mix breed is known for its athletic build, which makes it well-suited for various activities.

Source: Your Purebred Puppy


Expect a friendly and energetic temperament from a Retriever Irish Setter Mix. These dogs are usually good with children and other pets, showing a blend of the sociable nature of the Golden Retriever and the playful energy of the Irish Setter. They often enjoy being part of family activities and require regular exercise to stay happy.

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Care Needs

Taking care of a Retriever Irish Setter Mix requires a commitment to regular exercise, a balanced diet, and routine veterinary check-ups. Due to their energetic nature, these dogs benefit from at least an hour of exercise each day. A diet rich in protein and low in fillers is ideal for maintaining their health.

Common Health Issues

While generally healthy, the Retriever Irish Setter Mix is prone to some health issues common to its parent breeds, such as hip dysplasia and certain eye conditions. Regular vet visits and a good diet can help mitigate these risks. If you observe any symptoms, consult your veterinarian immediately.


Understanding the Retriever Irish Setter Mix is essential if you’re considering adding this delightful crossbreed to your family. Combining the best traits of the Golden Retriever and the Irish Setter, this mix offers an excellent balance of friendliness, intelligence, and energy. By adhering to a routine that includes regular exercise, a nutritious diet, and consistent veterinary care, you can ensure a happy and healthy life for your Retriever Irish Setter Mix. Whether you’re a single, a senior, or a bustling family, this breed has the potential to bring joy and companionship into your life.