Petvins Tactical Dog Backpack — Detailed Review

Petvins Tactical Dog Backpack

Hey hey! How are you doing today? Excellent. Today, we’ll be reviewing the Petvins Tactical Dog Backpack. Want to find out more about backpacks in general? Check out our article on dog backpacks here.

First, the brand.

Petvins is a dog product manufacturing company. The company is more involved in producing heavyweight, tactical dog gear, just like the one we have for today.

One highlight of this company is its customer service. The company claims that its biggest commitment is to provide each and every customer with the greatest standard of customer service.

With that said, let’s answer the most important question:




Who Can Wear The Petvins Tactical Dog Backpack?

For backpacks, there’s hardly anyone that isn’t good for specific breed types. However, with this pack, we would advise that you only use it for really active dogs.

This backpack is a heavy-duty tactical backpack. Because of that, it might be too much for your dog if he isn’t already very enthusiastic about the outdoors.

You’ll also have to check if there is a size available that fits your pooch. Don’t worry, you don’t have to look too far, we have it right here in the products’ features.

Finally, you’ll need to see your vet first. Only your vet, who knows your dogs’ medical history, will be able to tell you whether or not this will have any adverse effects on your dogs’ health.

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Features Of The Petvins Tactical Dog Backpack

Petvins Tactical Dog Backpack



1. Material

This tactical dog backpack is made with 1000D Nylon Fabric. 1000D is used to measure how thick the material is, and well, 1000 is a whole lot. That gives you the right idea, which is that this backpack is very thick.

Aside from being very thick, this material is also very tough. Just to give you an idea of just how tough this material is, it is a military-grade material. It has excellent rub and scratch resistance.

Another thing about this material is that it is waterproof. If your dog is wearing this backpack, he won’t need to wear a raincoat. The backpack is long enough to cover the entire length of your dogs’ back, and it’s waterproof.

However, we feel that the main aim for making this waterproof was to keep whatever is kept inside the backpack, completely dry. This is really important if you store stuff in the backpack that can be destroyed by water.

2. Detachable Saddlebags

Originally, this is a backpack. However, if you don’t intend using the backpack, you can easily remove the saddlebags, revealing a harness.

The fact that you can use this backpack as just a harness gives you options. Sometimes you just want to go around the block, and you don’t need your dog to wear a backpack. But you still need him to wear a harness so you can hook your leash, well, this is the backpack for you.

3. Colors Available

This backpack is available in 4 different colors: brown, camouflage, black, and army green. From these colors available, you can immediately tell that this tactical backpack was not built to be seen.

Because the best uses of this backpack are outdoor activities like hunting, increased visibility is not something you want. In fact, the opposite is what you’re looking for. You want your dog to blend into his surrounding as much as possible.

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Because of that fact, these colors are absolutely functional. Anyone you go for is fine by us.

Petvins Tactical Dog Backpack



4. Sizes Available

This backpack is only for big dogs. You can see that very evidently in the sizes available. The sizes available are: medium, large, and extra-large.

To find the right size for your pooch, you’ll need to measure three things. You’ll need to measure his neck, girth, and back length. Just so you’re clear, girth refers to the widest part around your dogs’ chest. Please measure in inches.

After measuring, check underneath this paragraph, you’ll see an image containing the company’s sizing chart. Check for the size that corresponds with your dogs’ measurement, that’s the size you should get. If your dog is in between sizes, choose the size lower.

Petvins Tactical Dog Molle Vest Harness K9 Adjustable Outdoor Training Service Camouflage Harness with 3 Detachable Pouches Camouflage Size M


So, did you find the size for your pooch? Well, if you didn’t, you can head on to our “alternative options”. There, you’ll find other dog backpacks. Check through them for anyone that’s available in your dogs’ size. Use the same method to find the right size.




Pros Of The Petvins Tactical Dog Backpack

1. Very Spacious

This backpack can even hold your beer! It comes with 3 saddlebags, unlike regular backpacks that just come with two. Don’t worry about weight balancing, the way the saddlebags are positioned, once you place similar weights on both sides, it’ll stay put.

2. 2 Different D-Rings

D-rings are metallic objects placed as leash attachment hooks on backpacks. This backpack comes with 2. While both D-rings are on top of the backpack, one is at the front, and one is at the back.

3. Very Durable

This backpack is almost unbreakable, almost. It’s that durable. With military-grade material, we didn’t expect anything less.

Petvins Tactical Dog Backpack





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The Neck Strap Isn’t Properly Padded

A huge downside to this product is that the strap that goes around your dogs’ neck is not properly padded. This is bad because it can cause chaffing to your dogs’ skin. It’s even worse because it’s around his neck, which is a very soft spot on the body.

If you’re going to leave his backpack on for days, you might have to find something to do about the neck strap, to make it more comfortable. If you don’t, your dog is at a high risk of having a chaffed or irritated skin.




Alternative Options To The Petvins Tactical Dog Backpack

Another Brand — OneTigris Tactical Dog Backpack


If for one reason or the other you don’t like Petvins, don’t be pressured to buy from them. Check out this tactical backpack from OneTigris. Hopefully, you like these guys better.

The backpacks are a lot similar, although, this one is a bit more expensive. It also features hook-and-loop panels, with which you can attach moral patches to the backpack.


Extra Freebies — Tri Cloud Sports Tactical Dog Backpack



Comparison Table

Perhaps you’re just getting your dogs’ outdoor gear and you would prefer to get a few things together. This backpack comes with an elastic leash that matches the color of the backpack, and a collapsible bowl.

For the price, these extra products are really nice. They’re things you need and would usually need to buy separately. This saves you the time, stress, and extra shipping cost.

Petvins Tactical Dog Backpack

Click here for details

OneTigris Tactical Dog Backpack

Click here for details


Tri Cloud Sports Tactical Dog Backpack

Click here for details

Colors Available Army green, black, brown, camouflage Tan, black Camouflage
Freebies None None Collapsible bowl and elastic leash





What Do Other People Think?

Well, people really like this backpack. For one, this is probably the most affordable tactical dog backpack you can find out there. On top of that, it provides equal quality as most of the other more expensive ones.

The only thing people have a problem with is the neck strap which is not padded.




What Do We Think?

This is a really good backpack.

You know we’ve talked about just tactical dog backpacks today, including the alternatives. If you don’t want a tactical backpack and would prefer a normal backpack, here is a list of dog backpacks you should check out: List of dog backpacks.

Petvins Tactical Dog Backpack