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Pettom Saddle Dog Backpack Review

Pettom Saddle Dog Backpack

Getting a dog backpack is important if you intend going on long trails with your dog. It will help you relieve some hand luggage by making your dog carry them. To find out more about dog backpacks, click here. Today, we’ll be reviewing the Pettom Saddle Dog Backpack.

The brand that brings us this dog backpack is Pettom. Pettom is a pet store that manufactures and sells pet products. It manufactures products such as pet clothes, dog car cover seats, pet carriers, pet collars, pet harnesses, pet leashes, and pet tents.

The product which we would be discussing today, the Pettom Saddle Dog Backpack, is categorized under “dog backpacks”. Dog backpacks was not listed earlier because it is a sub-category of “pet carriers” over at Pettom. Nonetheless, please do not carry your dog with a dog backpack no matter what.

Who Can Wear The Pettom Saddle Dog Backpack?

Every dog can wear this backpack once there is a size available that fits them. Check through the product’s features to find out the sizes available and how to pick the right one for your pooch.

Features Of The Pettom Saddle Dog Backpack

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1. Material

The Pettom Saddle Dog Backpack with two materials. One material is used to make the shell, while the other is used as the lining. The material used to make the shell is 600D Oxford fabric, while mesh is used to line it.

a.) 600D Oxford Fabric

This is also regarded as heavyweight polyester material. The term 600D refers to the thickness of the material, which in turn, means that this material is very thick.

This fabric is completely waterproof. Note, we did not say that this is water-resistant. Water-resistant means that it can repel water to a very large extent. While on the other hand, waterproof means that the material is impervious to water.

Because it’s waterproof, it’ll keep your pooch partially dry. We said partially because the backpack doesn’t cover your dog properly. Therefore, only the parts of your dog that are covered with the backpack will remain dry. The other parts will, unfortunately, get wet.

This material is also scratch-resistant, so it can withstand minor scratches whether they are from your dog, trees or bushes Whatever it is, there would be no abrasion to this product afterwards.

That’s all for the outer material, we move to the lining, which is:

b.) Mesh

The Pettom Saddle Dog Backpack is lined with soft mesh lining and sponge padding. This mesh lining allows for proper aeration. If you’re going to be out with your dog when it’s hot, you most definitely want something that will allow air get to him.

Underrated much, overheating is a huge problem with dogs. This mesh lining helps prevent that. Because it’s net-like, containing many perforations, breeze can easily get to your dog, leaving him cool.

This mesh material is reinforced with sponge padding. Sponge is a really soft material. Using it together with the lining of this backpack, makes the backpack soft on your dog. It makes the weight easy on his bones. It’s the same technique that is used in shoulder pads for human backpacks.

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2. It Can Also Be A Harness

The design of this dog backpack is one that is quite nice. It can be a backpack, but it can also be a harness.

The backpack is formed when you add the saddles (one on each side) to the harness. This is good if you take rests along your trail. When your dog rests, it’s important that you take the weight off of him. With this, you can take the weight off (in the saddles), without taking the whole backpack off.

Doing that will save you the time of removing the whole backpack and getting it back on again. It saves you the stress too. The saddles join the harness by the connection of four safety clasps/buckles. Once these are locked in, you can rest assured that they’re not coming off.

With this, you have something for a walk around the block, and a walk into the wild. The harness comes with a zinc-alloy, D-shaped ring. Zinc alloy is a really strong metal. You wouldn’t need to worry about breaking this because it’s very strong. The ring is on the front, not the back.

3. Sizes Available

The Pettom Saddle Dog Backpack is available in three different sizes: small, medium, and large.

Getting the right size for your pooch is really easy. All you have to do is measure your dogs’ chest girth. The chest girth is the widest point of the rib-cage, please measure in inches. After you’re done measuring, check with the company’s sizing chart for a matching size (see image below).

If you don’t find a size for your pooch, then you can head on to our “alternative options”. There, you will find other dog raincoats, hopefully, you’ll find one that comes in a size that fits your pooch.

4. Available In Two Colors

The Pettom Saddle Dog Backpack is available in two colors; green and red. These two colors are very functional because they are hi-vis colors. The term “hi-vis”, is a short form for “high-visibility”. It refers to colors that are easy to see, even in the presence of little or no lights.

This enables you to stay out late with your dog on the trail, without worrying about his safety. We all know how important seeing your dog is, if you can’t see him properly, he can get himself into all kinds of trouble.

If you’ve ever been out late with your dog, you’ll understand how stressful it is to constantly point a torch at him, making sure he’s not eating rubbish, or chasing a squirrel.

5. Comes With A Load Compression System

Just like the name implies, a load compression system is a system that helps to maximize space. It is used in the pockets of this dog backpack, making it possible for you to pack even more stuff.

As long as it’s not to heavy for your dog (as advised by a vet), you can stuff these pockets full of stuff.

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6. Assistant Handle Design

Aside the use of a leash-to-hook, this dog backpack also comes with a handle. With this handle, you can navigate your dogs’ movement and put him on the right track.

If your dog is not that heavy, you can also use this handle to lift him, maybe to jump over puddles, or something. However, you have to be very careful, don’t be too tight on his ribcage. Also, if he falls, he’ll be sent crashing to the ground, be very careful.

Is the Pettom Saddle Dog Backpack User-Friendly?

Yes, it is. However, here are a few things to note in case you eventually buy this dog backpack:

  • It is machine-washable. However, because of the many zippers and buckles, it might not be so good in a top-loader washer. If it’s possible, use only a front-load washer.
  • Always air dry.
  • The weight in the backpack should never be more than 25% of your dogs’ bodyweight.
  • Make sure the weights on both sides are equal. If not, the backpack will keep sliding to whichever side is heavier.
  • If you have a hairy dog, be careful when closing the clasps, so that you don’t catch his hair.

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Pros Of The Pettom Saddle Dog Backpack


1. High Visibility

This dog backpack has really high-visibility. Aside the fact that the colors are bright, it also comes with reflective stripes.

Reflective stripes are pieces of glow-in-the-dark fabric. They were added to this dog backpack to make it completely visible in the dark. If your dog is wearing this backpack and it’s pitch black outside, you’ll still be able to see his frame properly.

Now, you can stay longer on that trail, without worrying.

2. Adjustability

The Pettom Saddle Dog Backpack comes with three straps. Two of them resemble the shoulder straps in human backpacks, while the other one is simply a chest strap.

The chest strap comes as V-shape from his back through the neck, and is joined at the end to the second strap that goes around the chest. The third strap, goes around your dogs’ stomach, connecting to a clasp at the opposite end.

3. Breathable And Comfortable

This dog backpack is lined with mesh, which is then reinforced with sponge padding. These two materials combine to make this dog raincoat very breathable and comfortable.

Breathable for the mesh because it allows the wind to get to your dog, keeping him cool. Comfortable because the sponge padding eases the pain of carrying the weight. It also prevents the straps from scratching and irritating your dogs’ skin.

Pettom Saddle Dog BackpackClick here to get it for your dog now!



1. Sizing Chart Is Wrong

Customers complained that they got the wrong sizes, even after following the sizing chart to the letter. A lot of people got something bigger than what they expected.

Customers advised to get a size smaller, if your dog is in between sizes. You only find that in products like this that come in sizes larger than presumed.

Alternative Options To The Pettom Saddle Dog Backpack

More Affordable — Wellever Dog Backpack

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The dog backpack we reviewed today is way on the high side. If you don’t have the budget to fund it, then get yourself something more affordable like this one here.

You will not get all the functionalities the one in review has but it’ll perform the most basic backpack jobs. It’ll help carry stuff, plus it comes in an array of colors for you to choose from, with mesh lining.

Non-Detachable Saddles — Kurgo Dog Backpack

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If for any reason, you prefer a dog backpack whose saddles are not detachable, you should check this one out from Kurgo. The saddles are really big, and can contain a lot of stuff.

Pettom Saddle Dog Backpack

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Wellever Dog Backpack

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Kurgo Dog Backpack

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Detachable saddlesYesNoNo
Colors availableGreen and red7 (two for each)Red, blue and orange.


What Do Other People Think?

Well, people loved it. Once they could find the right size for their pooch, they absolutely loved it. From the huge amount of stuff it can carry, to the color and visibility, adjustability, this dog backpack just does it for people.

What Do We Think?

It’s a really nice backpack, but it’s quite expensive. If it’s something you can afford, it’s good. If it isn’t something you can’t afford, you can always find other more affordable dog backpacks out there.

Pettom Saddle Dog BackpackClick here to get it for your dog now!


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