Mikayoo Dog Raincoat – A Complete Review

Today we’ll be talking about the Mikayoo Dog Raincoat.  Before we talk about the product, let’s quickly look at the Mikayoo brand.

When you talk about pet supplies, clothes, and accessories, you can’t talk so much without mentioning Mikayoo. This company gained popularity and recognition because of its creative array of Halloween costumes for dogs and cats.

Because of that, you can expect great design from whatever product they manufacture.

Before heading into the review proper, let’s answer the question:


Who Can Use The Mikayoo Dog Raincoat?

The first thing you would have to look at to determine which dog can use this raincoat is the sizes that are available. These are:

  • Medium.
  • Large.
  • X-large.
  • XX-large.

From these sizes available, it is safe to make an immediate conclusion that this is not for small dogs. If you have a small dog (like a toy breed) then this is not for you.

Another thing you would have to look out for is your dogs’ reaction to the cold. Note, we didn’t say his reaction to rain.  If your dog is good with the cold weather, he can wear this raincoat.

However, if you know that your dog needs maybe a dog sweater or a blanket during the cold weather, skip this.

Why? Well, this raincoat is made of light material and because of that, it doesn’t protect your dog against the cold, just the moisture.

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Features Of The Mikayoo Dog Raincoat


1. Material

i. It Is Water Resistant And Not Water Proof

This was made with polyester which is water-resistant. It is not waterproof. Chill, there’s a slight difference.

Waterproof means even if it’s put 50ft into the ocean for 3 days, whatever is inside will remain completely dry. On the other hand, water-resistant means it can repel a lot of moisture in a reasonable amount of time.

After extensive use, little molecules of water begin to slip into water-resistant materials. It is not safe to be exposed to heavy rain for the amount of time that would make the material not hold anymore.

ii. It Is Lightweight

The material is very lightweight. This means that it serves only one purpose, shield from the rain. It does not protect against the accompanying wind or cold.

That’s why we said earlier that if your dog needs some form of insulation when it’s cold, this wouldn’t be good for him. However, if your dog has thick fur and doesn’t mind the cold, this is good to shield him from the rain.

iii. Color

This material is “lake blue”. This color has a high-visibility. To make it even more visible, there are reflective stripes across the chest and back areas. For even extra visibility, you can get this bright-shining dog collar. 

iv. Texture

The material has been made highly breathable for your dog. This means that it’s very comfortable for your dog and won’t cause any reactions or itching.



2. Leg And Belly Straps

This raincoat features elastic bands for your dogs’ hind legs and an adjustable strap for his belly. This adjustable strap across his belly makes sure that the raincoat doesn’t slip from side to side as he’s walking.

The belly strap is not made of Velcro, like most others so it might be quite difficult to buckle. Because it’s not so easy to strap on, it doesn’t come off easy either. Sometimes this is a good thing, other times it makes wearing your dog his raincoat quite stressful.



3. Leash Access Hole And Hoodie


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Just like every good dog raincoat should have, this raincoat has a leash access hole. This leash access hole does what the name implies, gives access for your leash.

This raincoat also comes with a hoodie. This hoodie makes sure that your canine’s head is shielded from the rain. However, it’s hard to find a perfect fit. Most people who got this complained that the hoodies were too big.

If you have no use for this hoodie, you can simply fold it up into just a neckpiece and continue your walk.




Pros Of The Mikayoo Dog Raincoat

1. Hind Leg Straps

What this does is that it helps the raincoat stay on perfectly. They’ll keep the raincoats strapped around your dog and together with the belly straps, the raincoat remains snug-fit on your dog.

Another added advantage is that the hind leg straps are made of elastic. This means that no matter how fast your dog runs, or how much he shakes, it won’t come off.

2. It Has A Pocket

Not much of a big deal until you have to keep little things like his poo bag when going on walks. Pockets can never be overrated and the fact that this raincoat has a pocket is only an added advantage.





1. Doesn’t Fit Slim Dogs

Maybe this was made for short round dogs but for the bigger slimmer dogs, it doesn’t fit perfectly. Not that it’s not the dogs’ size but just that the raincoat doesn’t wrap tightly around their body.

Since it doesn’t wrap around the dogs’ body nicely, only the top of your dog is protected. He is still susceptible to mud splashes from underneath.

One thing you can do if you still really love this raincoat is to buy it and then adjust the strap so it wraps the raincoat closer to your dogs’ body.

2. Hoodie Doesn’t Fit

Most times the hoodie doesn’t fit perfectly. It’s sometimes too big and other times too small. If you find one that’s a little bigger then you’re good.

However, if the hood is too small, it won’t cover your dogs’ head properly. If your dogs’ head is not covered properly, it will rain on it, and that’s not what we want.

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Alternative Options To The Mikayoo Dog Raincoat

More Affordable Option


If you’re looking for something slightly less expensive for your pooch but you do not want to down the quality, you can go for this instead.

A little lighter on the pocket with the same basic functionalities. Just don’t expect a pocket or hind leg straps.


A Different Material


Probably you don’t like polyester. Maybe someone around the dog is allergic or you simply cannot maintain it. Whatever the reason might be for you, if you don’t want polyester then you don’t need it.

This alternative dog raincoat is made with nylon to meet your desires.



A Different Brand


If you’ve had a bad running in the past with this brand and you seem to have lost all your trust for them, you don’t need to buy from them.

There are other great brands out there with similar products and NACOCO is one of them. Buy this equally functional alternative.

However, this is for only large dogs.



Comparison Table

Mikayoo Dog Raincoat

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Ethical Pet Fashion Dog Raincoat

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Elite Fashion Nylon Dog Raincoat

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NACOCO Large Dog Raincoat

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Material Polyester Polyester Nylon Polyester
Size Medium and large dogs All dogs Big dogs Medium and large dogs
Color Yellow and reflective stripes Yellow with black and reflective stripes Red Yellow and reflective stripes



What Do People Think About The Mikayoo Dog Raincoat?

A lot of people see this as a great product overall. It’s affordable enough that it’s friendly on your pocket but still great enough that you’ll love it. However, many people are concerned about the fact that the sizing is kinda off.

The sizing is off in the sense that sometimes it’s too large, sometimes it’s too small and this can be quite frustrating. Although a lot of people still get the perfect fit for their pup, it can be quite tricky.



What Do We Think About The Mikayoo Dog Raincoat?

Well, we think it’s a great product. Judging from other people’s reactions to the product, testimonials, ratings and our own research work, this product would be worth your while.

One thing we would want to point out again though; some dogs absolutely hate wearing clothes and accessories. Some dogs freeze still when you put any clothing on them and this includes dog raincoats.

If after positive reinforcement training and cajoling, your dog still doesn’t want this, leave it alone. If he’s still uncomfortable under the rain, get a doggie umbrella instead.

Get the Mikayoo Dog Raincoat now!