Large Dog Beds – The Complete Know-It-All Guide

Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed Lounge Sofa Removable Cover 100% Suede 4" Mattress Memory-Foam Premium Prestige Edition 36" x 28" x 9" Pewter Grey Large Okay, so, today we are talking about large dog beds.  We discussed this a little in our guide on durable dog beds. But today, we are going all the way. And why are we doing this?

We are doing this because large dogs are special dogs. They need special attention when it comes to their supplies, from their crates to their beds to their clothing.

It could hurt quite a bit – or maybe a lot –to find your dog still going back to your bed or your pricey furniture even after getting him his dog bed. Some would even prefer to sleep on the floor! Ouch!

If this has ever happened to you, you’re probably wondering what you did wrong. And we have a couple of ideas too but just before we get to that, let’s answer the big question…



Why Do Dogs Need Dog Beds?

A lot of people ask this question. They wonder why a dog would need his own bed since he can just snuggle up with them on their own bed.

Others prepare a very nice warm mat on the floor for their pet so they don’t see the need.

But in the next few subs, we will be giving you some important reasons your dog needs his own bed.


Sleeping With Your Dog Can Lead To Allergies

Pets cause allergic reactions in humans and that’s a known fact. We’re pretty sure you know one or two people who are allergic to pets. And this allergy is usually developed as a result of the body’s reaction to a pet’s coat or fur.

When you share a bed with your dog, you increase your chances of developing an allergic reaction to your dog. This could occur as a result of the really close contact you both will be sharing.

And besides that, you do know that your dog’s coat is a harbinger of all kinds of parasites and worms, right? And you also know that these things can get transferred to you if you guys share a bed, right?

But even more primarily, you both won’t be comfortable.


Dogs Need A Bed To Feel A Sense Of Security

Even though dogs are companion animals and also love to play around a lot… Some of them even love to hunt and do other outdoorsy things. But at the end of the day, and sometimes even in between, dogs love a nice retreat.

Just like you’ve heard about dog crates, a dog bed can also be a good place for your pooch to retreat. Because this space is very private and cozy, dogs tend to feel more secure and safe in it.


Dog Beds Help To Keep Your Pup Warm In The Winter

Aside from keeping your pup comfortable while sleeping or napping, dog beds are an absolute must for the winter.

Dog beds are doubly important in the winter especially because they help to insulate your dog from the cold.

Especially for dogs that have really short coats, leaving them on the cold floor is not only harsh, but it also is not safe for his health.


Dog Beds Help To Cushion Your Dog’s Joints

Getting dog beds will help to keep them warm and it will also help to give his joints a soft, plush place to rest. Senior dogs especially will benefit from this since many of them tend to suffer from arthritis or other similar joint problems.

(By the way, this supplement could help with your dog’s joint problems)

Allowing your dog to sleep on the bare floor messes up with your dog’s joints and bones – indeed his entire musculoskeletal system.

But if you get your dog his own dog bed, it will keep him from hopping from furniture to furniture. This will help to cut down any chance he might have of sustaining an injury.

Now, especially for large breeds, support is super important. And that’s why you must get large dog beds for your large breeds if you have any.

If you don’t start to support your large breed dog on time, it could lead him to develop joint problems as he ages into his senior years. FurHaven Pet Dog Bed | Orthopedic Ultra Plush Sofa-Style Couch Pet Bed for Dogs & Cats, Espresso, Large

Saves You The Time And Energy For Chores

Now all practical benefits aside, dog beds also help to keep the chores away.

With dog beds, your dog is restricted to a particular place that belongs to him. Allowing your dog to roam free around your furniture means that you have to keep vacuuming your couches every time.

Someone needs to get all the dander and dog hair off your couch…

Now, this becomes worse if your dog is flea-infested the fleas will get all over your furniture and handling a flea infestation is not easy.

If the fleas are restricted to his bed, it’s a lot easier to manage since they are confined to a place.

Also, many dog beds are fitted with removable covers and most of these covers are machine washable. All you need do is throw the cover into the machine and you can go to sleep.

Now before we get to other matters like how to choose the best large dog bed, let’s understand something…


What Does A Dog Bed Contain?

Alright, so what exactly is in your dog’s bed?

Like your own bed, the major component of a dog bed is the fill. And there are different kinds of fills that a dog bed can contain.

We are going to look into some of them now.


Green dog parents are going to love polyfil. It’s a kind of dog bed fill made from recycled plastic such as soda bottles. It’s actually a kind of high-loft fiber.

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So, what’s the deal with polyfil?

It’s a popular choice for most dog bed manufacturers because it hardly ever gets flat. In fact, it’s safe to say that polyfil does not get flat.

All you need to do is keep fluffing a bed with polyfil and it will retain its bounce and fluffiness.


Baffled Polyfil

This one helps to keep the mattress from bunching up. And it does this by filling up interlocking tubes. When these interlocking tubes are filled, the dog bed feels firmer and can offer better support.



Of all the kinds of fills, foam is the most supportive and the one used to make orthopedic dog beds. It’s quite durable as well and it is usually used in beds given to seniors and dogs with arthritis.

But hey, any dog would enjoy a night on an orthopedic foam! FurHaven Pet Dog Bed | Orthopedic Ultra Plush Sofa-Style Couch Pet Bed for Dogs & Cats, Espresso, Large



What Are Large Breed Dogs?

Large breed dogs are dogs that typically weigh at least 71 pounds or more. And there are many dog breeds like this. If your pooch belongs to any of these breeds, then you’re going to have to get large dog beds.

In our article on dog crates, we compiled a comprehensive list of all large breed dogs. We also included other lists on extra-large breed dogs and extra extra large breed dogs.


Types Of Large Dog Beds

There are all kinds of dog beds and you can find them in many different shapes, sizes, and designs. So, just before you decide on a particular dog bed, you might want to take your time.

All large dog bed types come with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Our article will give you an overview of the type of dog beds there are. And then we will get to other factors that will help you choose the best large dog bed type for your pooch.

Crate Mats


Hero Dog Large Dog Bed Mat 42 Inch Crate Pad Anti Slip Mattress Washable for Pets Sleeping (Blue L)

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Crate mats are usually made to be used on dog carriers and dog crates. Usually, you find them made from foam and then covered with a soft, cloth-like fabric.

Crate mats are probably the most versatile of dog beds that exist. Because of their simplistic design, they can easily be used almost anywhere.

You can use them in your dog’s crate, you can throw them on any spare floor space, or you can take it with you on the go as a travel dog bed.

The best part about them though is their cost friendliness. Crate mats come really cheap.

But they also have their drawbacks too. For one, they are typically poorly made. So, you need to be exceedingly careful when in the market for a crate mat.

You must ensure that the mat is made from quality materials and filled with good fiberfill or foam.

But besides that, crate mats come in many different sizes and shapes to fit different dog bed needs.

But like we said, be super careful when choosing. If it’s not made of durable materials, it won’t give your dog the appropriate support. And it won’t hold in the face of prolonged use either.


Orthopedic Large Dog Beds

BarksBar Large Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed - 40 x 30 inches - Snuggly Sleeper with Solid Orthopedic Foam, Non-Slip Back

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Orthopedic large dog beds are designed to be super cushioned so that they can support your dog’s delicate joints.

As a practice, orthopedic large dog beds come with a medical-grade foam. If there isn’t a medical-grade foam in it, then it will come with a box spring construction.

A good box spring construction should keep the dog bed from bunching up when your pup lies on it.

They come in all kinds of sizes and shapes. And some of them come with bolsters while others do not. But all of them do come with cover materials on them that usually help to make the cleaning of the bed a lot easier.

Orthopedic large dog beds are typically expensive though. So, you could call that their fatal flaw.

But that’s all the bad about them. Orthopedic dog beds are actually really amazing. So, at the end of the day, they are always totally worth whatever money spent on them.

Because these beds typically take the shape of your dog’s body, your pooch will remain comfortable sleeping on this bed for very long periods at a time. No tosses! No turns!


Heated Large Dog Beds

K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed Large Tan 25" x 36" 60W

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Heated large dog beds can come in various forms.

Some will come with some electric coils in them that help to heat up the bed. Others just help to reflect the heat from your dog’s body back to him so that he doesn’t lose it.

Dog beds that come heated, like you should have figured, are a great idea for winter nights. But besides the cold winter nights, heated large dog beds can also be useful for seniors and dogs that suffer from joint disorders like arthritis.

The heat from the bed can help to calm aching joints and keep your arthritic or aged pooch more comfortable as he sleeps.

So, what’s the catch here?

Heated large dog beds can cost a pretty penny. You should have at least $50 if you’re thinking of getting a heated bed for your dog. And that’s not all you’ll be spending… you also have to spend some more on your utility bill, if you get the one with electric coils.

But then again, we did mention that some heated dog beds don’t come with electrical coils. So, you don’t need to pass up on the idea totally.

Such heated large dog beds (without the heating coils) are generally less expensive and more convenient to use.

Pillow Dog Beds Majestic Pet 28x35 Blue Super Value Pet Bed Products-Medium

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Pillow beds are very plush dog beds that are also called nesting dog beds. You can probably guess why it’s called a nesting dog bed. Your pooch sinks into it and the bed forms a cozy little nest around him for a perfect bedtime snooze.

Many of these pillow beds come with bolsters on the side or high sides that embrace your dog and keep him warm.

You want to go for this bed if you have a small breed dog or a toy breed. Any other dog that loves snuggling would also love a pillow bed.

You can find pillow beds in all kinds of sizes and shapes which can accommodate any sized dog.


Elevated Dog Beds/Cooling Dog Beds K&H Pet Products Original Pet Cot Elevated Pet Bed Large Gray/Mesh 30" x 42" x 7"

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Elevated dog beds are quite different from regular dog beds. These beds typically come elevated from the ground either with a plastic or a metal frame. Because these beds keep your dog’s body away from the floor, they tend to have a cooling effect on his body.

During the summer, and when outdoors, elevated dog beds especially come in handy since they keep your dog cool. But did you know that elevated dog beds can also be useful in the winter too?

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In instances when your floor gets too cold, elevated dog beds can insulate your dog by keeping them off the floor.

There are all kinds of sizes of elevated large dog beds. So, you can always find something for your large breed, extra-large breed, or extra-extra-large breed.

Usually, elevated dog beds come with tough, water-resistant covers which some owners might feel to be too rough for their pooch. You can always remedy this by placing a crate mat or other softer fabric over the bed.

Another plus for elevated dog beds is that most of them actually contain flea and tick preventatives.



Outdoor/Waterproof Dog Beds Waterproof Memory Foam Pet Bed- Indoor/Outdoor Dog Bed with Water Resistant Non Slip Bottom and Removeable Washable Cover, 30 x 21 by PETMAKER -Brown

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You can make an outdoor bed out of any dog bed you currently have. We already explained how an elevated dog bed is already adapted for outdoor use. But you can make an outdoor bed from practically any dog bed at all.

But it’s not advised. For example, an orthopedic dog bed naturally comes with a fabric that isn’t suited for the outdoors. But if you need to adapt it for outdoor use, you’d have to cover it with waterproof material.

And the same goes for pillow beds.

If you do intend to purchase an outdoor bed though, it can be a little expensive because a lot has to be factored in in the manufacturing of such beds.

For example, the manufacturer needs to ensure that the fabric used for the bed is treated to discourage the growth of mold. And then again, not all fabrics can endure such treatment which even limits their options further.

So, if you want to adapt your dog bed instead of getting one that’s specially made for the outdoors, you could easily just get a waterproof bed cover that fits. They are usually quite affordable.



Before Choosing Large Dog Beds

Now, before we begin discussing the factors to consider before getting large dog beds, there are two things you need to know.

When it comes to choosing large dog beds or any dog bed at all, there are two fundamental factors on which other factors rest. These factors are the size of the bed and the sleeping style of your dog.

These are the factors we will be going into now.

Dog Bed Sizing

Knowing your dog’s breed isn’t enough. If you want a perfect fit, then you’re going to have to do some measurements to ensure that your dog gets a most accurately sized bed.

But how exactly do you measure large breed dogs for large dog beds?

It’s easy…

Measuring Large Breed Dogs For Large Dog Beds

It’s actually very easy, just follow these simple steps.

Step 1

Make sure that your pooch is napping lightly on his old bed or mat or whatever he currently sleeps on. You must ensure that he isn’t deeply asleep else you could startle him.

Now, get a measuring tape and get close to your furry baby. Before doing the actual measurement, you want to ensure that your dog is sleeping in his normal position.

So, if he’s a “curler”, he should be curled up. If he’s a “stretcher”, he should be lying stretched out.

Once, you’ve done that, measure your dog’s length in centimeters. Start from the tip of their nose and measure down to their toes. This is for dogs that like to stretch.

For the curlers, you’d be just fine measuring the outside of his body.

Step 2

Alright now, take the measurement you got from step 1 and add a value of about 2 centimeters to it. With this new measurement, you should be able to get a rough idea of the ideal large dog bed size you should be aiming for.

Now usually, here are the figures for large dog beds, X large dog beds and XX large dog beds.

Large dog beds: 90 x 60 centimeters for a walled bed and 115 x 90 centimeters for a pillowed bed.

X Large dog beds: 100 x 65 centimeters for a walled bed and 120 x 95 centimeters for a pillowed bed.

XX Large dog beds: 110 x 70 centimeters for a walled bed and 130 x 115 centimeters for a pillowed bed. BarksBar Large Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed - 40 x 30 inches - Snuggly Sleeper with Solid Orthopedic Foam, Non-Slip Back


Your Dog’s Preferred Sleeping Style

Now, beyond the size of your dog’s bed, his sleeping style is equally as important. You need to ensure that you choose the right style of dog bed to fit his style of sleeping.

The right style of dog beds will ensure that your dog sleeps comfortably and actually enjoys his sleep.

So, what are the styles of sleeping and the ideal large dog beds for such styles?

The Doughnut

The doughnut is pretty common among dogs. Typically, a dog that sleeps doughnut style will curl into himself to form a ball.

Especially for dogs who live in cold climates and those that like to feel protected, the doughnut is a very common sleeping style.

Ideal Large Dog Beds For The Doughnut

1. You could try getting a round bed for him. Something that comes with padding by the bed so your dog can curl into it for a comfy rest.

2. Another option is a square bed also with padding by the side for them to curl into as well.

3. For dogs that really really love to snuggle, try to get them beds that are about an inch or two smaller than their size.


The Superdog

Superdog, superhero. Notice any similarities?

A superdog takes the position of a flying superhero when sleeping. So, usually, the dog would have his front and hind limbs stretched in front and behind him respectively.

Usually, the superdog will either lie on his side or flat on his belly. Whichever way they lie, here’s the aim: to cover as much bed space as they possibly can.

Confident dogs that are at home in their surroundings usually sleep in this position.

Ideal Bed Large Dog Beds For The Superdog

1. You’d need to get your pooch a pillow bed that’s large enough for him to comfortably stretch out completely.

2. If your dog is one to hang his head from off his bed, then you might want to try mat style large dog beds.



The Belly Up

The belly up sleeping position is actually as funny as it sounds. It’s also as straightforward as it sounds. Your pooch is a belly upper if he loves to lie on his back with his belly facing upwards.

Trust us, you’d need to have some level of confidence to be totally at peace with sleeping with your belly exposed to the world.

But hey, it’s a great way to unwind in the summer. The air gets to all the parts of their belly and they can cool down. Not so ridiculous now, is it?

Ideal Large Dog Beds For The Belly Uppers

1. Dogs like these would need a well cushioned bed with ample padding to give their spine some much needed support.

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2. You could also get a trampoline bed because it would allow your pooch sink into his bed comfortably.


The Flip Side

Okay, here’s another really comfy sleeping style for doggies. So, usually, a flip side sleeper will lie on his side and flop their legs outside. It’s even triply more comfortable if there’s a backrest with the dog bed you choose.

The flip side sleeping style is the best style for dogs that sleep pretty deeply.

Ideal Large Dog Beds For Flip Side Sleepers

But make sure you get something with ample space to comfortably accommodate your dog and all his body parts.

  • Pillow style beds and padded cushions are also great for flip side sleepers. The ample padding is necessary to keep your dog’s joints, especially his shoulders and hips supported. You know he’ll tend to apply a lot of pressure to such areas. JOYELF Large Memory Foam Dog Bed, Orthopedic Dog Bed & Sofa with Removable Washable Cover and Squeaker Toy as Gift

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Tips For Picking Large Dog Beds For Large Dogs

You Might Want To Consider Memory Foam Large Dog Beds

We’ve shown you that dog beds for large dog beds come in a wide range of types. And each of these types come with their own function as well.

Memory foam large dog beds are excellent bed options for all kinds of dogs especially seniors and arthritic dogs.

Here are some of the benefits of memory foam large dog beds…

1. It distributes your dog’s weight evenly so that your dog can experience some relief from pressure exerted on his joints as he lies.

2. Memory foam dog beds mold into your dog’s shape and that also helps to reduce pressure even further.

3. When it comes to temperature regulation, memory foam large dog beds are super. They keep your dog comfy all night whatever the weather condition.

4. Memory foam dog beds remain in shape even after prolonged use.

5. Dogs get the best sleep on memory foams dog beds.

Of course it follows that memory foam large dog beds are the most expensive large dog beds that there are but they are totally worth it.

But if you want to get it for a healthy dog, you could go for crumb foam instead of solid foam. It’s cheaper and does a pretty good job too.

Consider Getting A Crate Pad DERICOR Dog Bed Crate Pad 24"

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If you just adopted a new pup and are still training him to be comfortable by himself at night in his kennel or crate, then you’d need a crate pad.

There are beds for large dogs which you can use with a crate, a kennel, or even in your vehicle. These dog beds are very plush and usually water resistant.


Consider Large Dog Beds That Are Chew-Proof For Chewy Dogs

If you have a chewing champion for a fog, then you need something that is tough like the K9 Ballistics Dog beds. Kong dog beds can  also be a godsend if you find yourself with such a dog. KONG Plush Lounger Dog Bed Red[amalinkspro type=”cta-btn-css” ctabtn-id=”” asin=”B00RL0C24Y” apilink=”″ addtocart=”true” new-window=”true” nofollow=”true” alignment=”alignright”]Buy on Amazon[/amalinkspro]


You can’t rip these things apart even with the strongest teeth and jaws. The seams are strategically placed and the material used – TUFF Flex ballistic material – is quite tough.

But then again, destructive chewing is bad behavior and requires training. Getting him a chew-proof dog bed isn’t enough.

Consider The Material Used To Make The Bed

Dog beds should be made of materials that are durable but soft. You also don’t want something that retains heat, except you’re getting it for the winter. This might cause your dog to overheat.


Get Large Dog Beds That Are Easy To Clean

Since your dog is going to be using his bed a lot, it’s going to require a lot of cleaning. And if you’re going to be cleaning his bed almost every time, then you know it has to be easy to clean.

You don’t want to get a dog bed that’s high maintenance because dog beds are not generally cheap. So, incurring additional costs by way of maintenance is not economical.

Dog beds that come with covers that are machine washable are best for easy maintenance. You should consider getting one of those.


Function Over Looks… But Looks Matter Too!

It might not the most important factor to look out for but who says you can’t add that zhoosh to your dog’s space? Dog beds come in different beautiful designs and colors that you can pick from.

You can even get something in a design or color that complements your home décor.


On Getting Outdoor Beds

If you want to get a bed for the outdoors, you must ensure that the bed is specially made for the outdoors.

Large dog beds specially made for the outdoors would usually come with water-resistant covers. These covers are also usually sturdy and treated to be resistant to microbial growth since they will be outdoors most of the time.

Using just any bed for the outdoors can land your dog into a lot of trouble. He could get skin infections from a fungus infected bed.

Also, it might not even hold up for long since it wasn’t designed to stay outdoors.


Consider Your Budget

Of course, you need to consider your budget when getting large dog beds.

Buying online will save you some cost. But if you’re buying online, make sure you gather as much information as you can on the products and hear what other customers are saying before you buy. It will help you avoid buyers’ regret.

Now, besides this, you need to also remember that “super expensive” doesn’t always mean “super quality”. But then again, cheap isn’t an advised option either.

The primary factor you should actually be considering is the quality of the dog bed rather than the cost. That said, also know how much you’re willing to spend on a dog bed before going for it.

Different types of dog beds come at different price ranges. For instance, you already know that orthopedic large dog beds and heated large dog beds cost more than pillow dog beds or crate mats.

So, whatever type you go for has to depend on how much you’re willing to spare. Nevertheless, even if you go for the less expensive dog bed types due to cost, always make sure you go for the quality ones from trusted brands.

In the end, it saves you money since you won’t have to keep replacing.

American Kennel Club AKC-1882 Gray Memory Foam Pet Sofa Dog Bed, XL, Gray, X-Large

And Finally… Should You Consider Used Large Dog Beds?

So, sometimes the budget might be really tight. At these times, used dog beds might be an option. But if you’re considering those, then you must check for the following…

Bed Cover

Be sure to ensure that it’s not fading or smelly or ripped. You’re already scrunching up your face, right? But it would get even worse if you get your bed at an “awesome deal” only to find that it reeks of pee and poop. And is probably also falling apart at the seams.


Check out the state of affairs with the filling. Is it already crumbly? Also, is it bunching up? Because if it is, it means that the filling tends to accumulate in parts of the bed. You don’t want that.

For How Long Has It Been Used Before You Got It?

You need to know how the dog bed was sued before you got it. You also need to find out for how long it was used as well.

Ask questions and find out how many dogs have used the bed and why the bed was purchased in the first place.

It might seem like too many questions but when it comes to your pooch’s health, nothing is ever too much.




So, what have you learned from large dog beds so far? Quite a lot, right? We hope you put all the information you have got from this article into picking a dog bed next time.

Your dog’s perfect snooze is literally in your hands. Let sleeping dogs lie and lie peacefully too. They deserve it.