K9konnection No-Bark Shock Collar — Indepth Review

K9konnection No-Bark Shock Collar

K9konnection, the maker of the K9konnection No-bark Shock Collar, is a family business that is specifically concerned with the creation of dog products.

It believes that the formula for getting and keeping customers is a combination of high-quality products and prompt customer service. And this formula seems to be working alright for it.

Its range of products are quite wide, including everything from dog training equipment to dog grooming equipment.

Now to the collar in details.

The K9konnection No-bark Shock Collar is of the dog training equipment family and is used to teach dogs that they can’t just go barking for no reason. With that said, let’s answer the question:




Who Is The K9konnection No-bark Shock Collar Meant For?

Generally, this collar is meant to fit dogs of all sizes and breeds. However, you might want to be extra careful if your dog is a small puppy. Or refrain from using it all.

Specifically, this collar is meant for dogs who have barking issues. Like dogs that bark aggressively or bark for no reason. The collar is supposed to help them control the impulse.




Features Of The K9konnection No-bark Shock Collar

K9konnection No-Bark Shock Collar



1. Training Manual

This collar comes with a training manual that should help you properly assemble and operate the collar.

The manual contains installation information, tips on how to get the best out of the collar, and even frequently asked questions.

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2. Anti-Bark Receiver

This is the device that is responsible for picking up the bark sounds from your dog and also “preparing” the appropriate correction to send. This device is the nerve center of the K9konnection No-bark Shock Collar.

For one, the controls are on the Anti-bark Receiver. There are two buttons on it, one for increasing intensity and the other for reducing it.

Now, there are 7 intensity levels available to you. The first two are just about the beeps, no shocks at all. The shocks start at level three and increase in intensity in ascending order.

You choose the level you want the correction to start at. However, the correction progresses in intensity if your dog continues to bark, till it gets to level 7.

When it gets to level 7, the collar automatically resets itself to level one after 30 seconds, whether your dog has stopped barking or not.

We, however, advise that you start at level 1 to figure out what is comfortable for your dog.

Now, at each shock level (levels 3-7), the collar first gives off a warning tone before the static shock. With time, your dog should learn to associate the warning tone with something he shouldn’t be doing.

Furthermore, aside the controls, you’ll find a tiny bulb on the Anti-Bark Receiver. The bulb is the power indicator. It should tell you if the collar is on or not.


3. Shock Prongs

The shock prongs are those pointy things (pointy, not pinchy) that send the static shocks to your dog.

The collar comes with 2 sets of shock prongs, both of them a set of two. So you get four shock prongs; two short ones and two long ones.

When fitting the collar around your dog’s neck, you have to be sure that the prongs touch his neck. If your dog is long-haired, the collar may fit but short prongs will not get to his neck. Hence the long and short options.

K9konnection No-Bark Shock Collar




4. Collar

We are using “collar” here to refer to the band that holds the parts of this Shock Collar together and helps you fasten the whole thing around your dog’s neck.

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This “collar” is made of durable nylon. And a nylon collar is more likely to be durable and even withstand dog bites and pawing. However, we would advise that the collar not be made available for your dog to chew on.

Also, the collar features a plastic tri-glide that allows the collar to be easily adjusted. So you can adjust it in such a way that it fits properly around your dog’s neck.

5. Clasp And D Ring

This collar does not have a D Ring since it is not meant to be used as a regular collar. If you want to take your dog walking, you should pair this collar with a regular flat collar.

For a clasp, the K9konnection No-bark Shock Collar uses a plastic buckle. Now, aside from the fact that plastic buckles are fairly easy to operate, we like that it is plastic because plastic does not rust.

6. Power

This collar is powered by a replaceable battery. When the collar starts to make a chirping sound, you should know that the battery is low. And so it’s time to change it.

Though the collar comes with two batteries, it needs just one at a time.



Is The K9konnection No-Bark Shock Collar User-Friendly?

We’ll say, yes. This is because it comes with a pretty comprehensive training manual that does not only give training tips but also answers questions.

If you follow all the help and tips, you shouldn’t have a problem using this collar. However, it is never a bad idea to speak with your vet before using something as sensitive as a bark control collar.

K9konnection No-Bark Shock Collar





Pros Of The K9konnection No-bark Shock Collar

1. Options

This collar gives a number of options and we always like options. For one, you have the luxury of choosing the level of correction that you find appropriate.

In addition, you are given two different lengths of electric prongs. So that if one length is too long or too short you can choose the other.

2. Ease Of Use

We like that this shock collar comes with a manual that makes assembling and operating the collar easier.

When operating something new, it is normal to have a lot of questions. Having those questions answered before you ask them is sure a relief.

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K9konnection No-Bark Shock Collar






Cons Of The K9konnection No-Bark Shock Collar

Originally, the idea of the collar only activating when the bark is incessant is a good one. However, if your dog is really smart, he might find a way to outsmart this collar. Thereby turning it into a not so good idea.

All he needs to do is bark intermittently and make it short enough that the collar is not bothered. Lifehack!




Alternative Options To The K9konnection No-Bark Shock Collar

Opposite Spectrum — Barkguard Citronella Automatic Anti-Bark Collar


This one is kinda left field. Because, unlike regular bark control collars that send shocks or at least vibrations, this one sprays.

When the device picks up barking sounds from your dog, it sprays some harmless liquid in the direction of his jaw. The spray is supposed to be an annoyance and should be enough to stop him from barking.

However, you should know that you don’t just use the random liquid. The liquid comes with the collar. And when it is done you buy another one.

This collar is powered by replaceable batteries.



Rechargeable Option — POP VIEW Rechargeable Bark Control Collar


If you would rather not a collar with replaceable batteries, you could try this collar. It is rechargeable and can be recharged using practically any port. Just be sure to not charge it while your dog is wearing it.

Other pluses of this collar include it being rainproof and reflective. So your dog can wear it while playing in the rain and also be seen in the dark.



No Shock Option — POP VIEW No Shock Bark Control Collar

POP VIEW Bark Collar [New Version] Humanely Stops Barking with Sound & Vibration. No Shock, Harmless & Humane, Silver, Small/Medium/Large


For pet parents who shudder at the thought of shocking their dogs, this is a good enough option. It only employs the warning tone and vibration modes. No shocks whatsoever.

POP VIEW offers you a 30-day window for you to return and get a replacement or refund if you are not satisfied with this product.




Comparison Table

K9konnection No-Bark Shock Collar

K9konnection No-Bark Shock Collar

Click here to buy on Amazon now.

Barkguard Citronella Automatic Anti-Bark Collar

Click here to buy on Amazon now.

POP VIEW Rechargeable Bark Control Collar

Click here to buy on Amazon now.

POP VIEW No Shock Bark Control Collar

POP VIEW Bark Collar [New Version] Humanely Stops Barking with Sound & Vibration. No Shock, Harmless & Humane, Silver, Small/Medium/LargeClick here to buy on Amazon now.


Mode Of Correction Warning tone and shock Spray Sound and shock Sound and vibration
Battery Replaceable Replaceable Rechargeable Replaceable
Warranty 1 year 1 year 30 days 30 days




What People Are Saying About The K9konnection No-Bark Shock Collar

With a manual that carefully details how to assemble and operate this collar, this collar has a decent amount of following. A good number of people will go for a product that they can easily figure out.



Our Opinion

The K9konnection No-Bark Collar is a good enough collar. And should do the job you want it to do just fine.

K9konnection No-Bark Shock Collar