How Do You Know Your Dog Loves You?


how do you know if your dog loves you
Image by Helena Sushitskaya from Pixabay


As a human, you were wired with the desire to love and be loved. There is nothing wrong with you when you catch yourself wondering “how do you know your dog loves you?” If you have got a furry companion you take care of, know that you are loved. Not only is your dog grateful to have you, but your dog also adores you. You might be quick to ask how you can know for sure.

Knowing a dog loves you is not such a difficult feat as you’ll soon find out. Your canine pet cannot make a verbal declaration of love, but he can show it. Yes, show it. Once you know where to look, you’ll realize that he has been showing his love for you every passing day.



Tell-tale Signs Of Love – How Do You Know Your Dog Loves You?

Because dogs can’t speak, you will have to learn to understand their body language. Some of the signs that a dog loves you are common, and yet, some are not so common, even if they are obvious. Let the discovery begin.


Stays Very Close To You 

You know that one person you don’t mind being close to almost all the time because you love them? Well, you are that person to your dog if he is always looking for ways to stay very close to you. 

Even if your dog prides himself as being independent, he will constantly check up on you. Especially if you’ve been away for a few minutes or are in another room. 

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He is not trying to irritate you. The truth is that he just loves you and wants to always be around you.


Follows You Around

His love for you gets him to always want you in his line of vision. Canines are known to be very loyal beings. 

Your pet doesn’t mind going to the bathroom with you, although you might prefer to go there on your own. Please understand that he is not trying to invade your privacy.


Jumps on You

Another sign that your dog loves you is his constant jumping on you. Remember, he always wants to be very close to you. 

Your presence excites him, and jumping on you is one way he can show you his excitement. This excitement is due to his love for you, of course.

Image by Madhurima Handa from Pixabay

Gives A Big Welcome When You Get Home

Your dog’s enthusiastic welcome is a clear demonstration of his love. He doesn’t take it for granted that you were only gone for just a few hours or so, he is just thankful to have you back home. 

Regardless of how exhausted you are after a day at work or school, accept the warm welcome of your pet who waited patiently for you.


Stays Calm When You Leave

You might have been puzzled that your dog is usually calm when you leave home. Maybe, you even interpreted the behavior to mean that it didn’t care that you were leaving the house, and maybe, you felt unloved. 

On the contrary, your four-legged bundle of joy didn’t feel it needed to get all hysterical because he was sure you’ll be back soon. If he’s always hysterical when you leave, it might be something to worry about. Click here to read our article on Dog Separation Anxiety.

His calm demeanor means he loves you and will patiently wait for your return. Now, put that picture side by side his enthusiastic “welcome home” performance. Makes sense, right? Absolutely!

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Rubs Its Nose Against Yours

This is another way a dog demonstrates its love for you. Once he’s on face level with you, he rubs his nose against yours. This is just so it gets physically closer to you. 

This and other attempts to stay close together strengthens the bond between you and your dog.


Stretches Toward You

Has your dog ever seen you and then just stretched towards you? We mean stretch with two limbs together in front and the other two spread behind? Did you wonder if it had just awakened from a nap

You are not alone; many other people thought the same thing. It’s just that we misunderstood because, in Dog language, that stretch was an “I love you”.


Wants To Cuddle After Eating

Mealtimes are very important to your furry companion. And right after the meal, he will need nothing better than a good nap to get all that food down. However, your dog decides he wants to cuddle with you. There are several other places he could just hole up, yet he chooses you. 

This is a subtle sign of love that can be easily missed. Just like his meals, he considers you as very important. That is why he comes to snuggle next to you after a hearty meal.

how do you know if your dog loves you
Image by Marco Massimo from Pixabay


Holds Eye Contact

You know how you can’t help but steal glances at the love of your life in a room full of other human faces? Well, what happens, when you two somehow glance at each other at the same time and maintain eye contact? 

You could almost drown in the depths you see in each other’s eyes. It’s safe to say that your dog somewhat feels the same way. 

Eye contact is a strong gauge of your dog’s love. It shows that your dog recognizes you and feels deeply connected to you. 

Also, a transfer of oxytocin takes place when your dog maintains eye contact with you. The love hormone which strengthens the bond between a nursing mother and her baby has the same effect in both your canine and you.

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Brings You Its Favorite Toy

When he brings you his favorite toy, he is not just telling you he wants to play. Your pet is telling you he wants to share his favorite toy with you because he honors and loves you. 

You don’t hand out your valuables to just anybody, do you? Of course, your dog loves you. The toy in your hand is proof.


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Smiles at You

I guess you weren’t expecting it the very first day you saw it. You didn’t believe a dog could smile. However, your canine love proved he could pick up certain things from you. 

Yeah, he learned to smile by watching you. That toothy doggy smile is proof of your influence on him and proof of his love for you.


Pees When He Sees You

Yes, sometimes he pees a little bit when he sees you. But isn’t that supposed to be gross? Nope. Not when it comes as a result of his excitement at seeing you. 

It is referred to as submissive urination. It is not a sign that your dog’s health is failing. It is a sign that he knows you are in charge, and trusts you. 


Steals Your Clothes

You might return home to see that your dog had ransacked your laundry bag or shoe pile and is clutching a sock, scarf, underwear or shoe.

 It is not because he is trying to create a mess, which he still might have already created.

 It is not because he wants to make you slave away at tidying up the mess. It is because he knows your scent, loves it, and always wants you around. 


Final Words – How Do You Know Your Dog Loves You?

When you see these signs, know without a doubt that you are loved. However, dogs show their love for their owners in more ways than the ones mentioned. Do well to observe your dog and understand his body language, so you can respond appropriately. No one wants a case of unrequited love. Not even your canine warrior.