Guardian Gear Dog Raincoat — Detailed Review

Guardian Gear Dog RaincoatToday we review the Guardian Gear Dog Raincoat.

First off, we have to say that Guardian is a child company, together with four other companies, to the parent company, Premier Pets. This company has been in the business of making pet products for the past 10 years and Guardian is its pet clothing subsidiary.

This company claims to produce quality products at a great price, offered to you by great customer service representatives. As is often said at the company “we’re the pets guardian, you are the parent”.

Well, this is what the company says about itself. If you have an experience with them that doesn’t tally with their claims, please feel free to leave us a comment.




Who Can Use The Guardian Gear Dog Raincoat?

This raincoat is available in small, medium, large, extra-large, extra extra-large. So, there’s a wide range of dogs that this raincoat caters to. To be sure though, ensure that you measure and confirm with the sizing chart before you make your purchase.

If your dog is in between sizes, always ensure you order a size up. Better to end up with a slightly oversized coat than an undersized one.

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Features Of The Guardian Gear Dog Raincoat


Guardian Gear Dog Raincoat



1. Material

The Guardian Gear Dog Raincoat is made of 100% vinyl material — a type of man-made plastic which is, of course, water-resistant.

“I, Frankenstein, am here to tell you that not everything that is done in the lab ends well”, lol.

Well, a lot of customers complained that this dog raincoat smelt really awful especially during the first few weeks of use. Some complained that it smelt like petrol, others said it smelt like chemical spray.

But for keeping your pup dry, well, the material does good. Not like it’s fantastic or over the board or anything but it works just as well as polyester in keeping your pooch dry.

Another thing, the material is lightweight. This means that it doesn’t provide your dog any warmth when it’s cold. If your dog gets really cold when it’s raining, be prepared to buy a dog sweater separately if you buy this dog raincoat.


2. Color

This dog raincoat only comes in blue, which is strange because we’re used to seeing dog raincoats in the color- yellow. Most times, if the manufacturer provides other colors, they always provide yellow and if they produce just one, they produce yellow.

Either way though, we are indifferent. We don’t know about you.

What’s more important for us is that this raincoat with a reflective stripe which would make your pup easier to see in the dark.

Guardian Gear Dog Raincoat





1. The adjustability of this raincoat makes it convenient to dress your dog in and take off.

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2. Elastic leg straps help to keep the raincoat in place no matter how vigorously your dog shakes.

Guardian Gear Dog Raincoat





1. The elastic leg straps which we mentioned as a pro can quickly become a con if it’s not a great fit for your dog. Plus, aggressive dogs are usually able to rip it apart.

2. Also, the leg straps are not adjustable.

2. Your dog’s underbelly is left exposed to the rain as there’s nothing to cover her there.




Alternative Options To The Guardian Gear Dog Raincoat

Other Sizes Available — UsefulThingy Dog Raincoat



If you didn’t find your pups’ size earlier, we’re sure you’ll find it here. Features seven different sizes of dog raincoats. With this, you’re sure to find your pups’ perfect size, or at least, something very close.


Jumpsuit Alternative — OSPet Dog Raincoat




If you prefer a jumpsuit style raincoat for your dog, something that would cover his chest and belly properly, you should check this out. Made with 100% polyester material, you can rest assured that this won’t come with any petroleum or chemical stench.

It has buttons instead of Velcro straps, a hoodie and four sleeves for your pups’ legs.



More Affordable Option — HDE Dog Raincoat



If you want a dog raincoat that’s more affordable, you should check this out. This will save you a few bucks which you could use to buy some dog shoes to go with his raincoat.

Click here to read our buying guide on dog footwear.

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Comparison Table

Guardian Gear Dog Raincoat

Click here to get one for your dog now! 


UsefulThingy Dog Raincoat

Click here to get the UsefulThingy Dog Raincoat


OSPet Dog Raincoat

Click here to get the OSPet Dog Raincoat


HDE Dog Raincoat

Click here to get the HDE Dog Raincoat


Material Vinyl Nylon and fleece Polyester Polyester
Hoodie Yes No Yes Yes
Style Poncho Poncho Jumpsuit Vest



What Do Other People Think?

People think it’s a good product. However, they all hate the smell it comes with for the first few weeks of use.

If you’re able to withstand those weeks of terrible smells, you might actually get to like the raincoat.



What Do We Think?

Not worth it. For us, the cons of this product surpass the pros. Because of that, we think it’s not a great product. In fact, it’s below average. Only works well for a few people, the majority are left regretting.

Guardian Gear Dog Raincoat