Golden Retriever Mixed with Lab: Your Complete Guide

If you’re considering adding a new four-legged member to your family, the golden retriever mixed with lab, often referred to as a Goldador, might be just the right breed for you. In this article, we will delve into the origins, characteristics, and care requirements of this popular mixed breed.

golden retriever mixed with lab
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Origins of the Golden Retriever Mixed with Lab

The golden retriever mixed with lab is a hybrid breed that originated from breeding a purebred Labrador Retriever and a Golden Retriever. While there isn’t a specific date tied to their creation, these mix-breeds have become popular in the past two decades. With both parent breeds sharing similar backgrounds as hunting and service dogs, Goldadors have inherited excellent working skills, making them versatile in various roles such as guide dogs, therapy dogs, and search and rescue dogs.

Physical Characteristics of the Golden Retriever Mixed with Lab

When you think of a golden retriever mixed with lab, imagine a strong, medium-to-large sized dog that typically weighs between 60 and 80 pounds. This breed possesses a dense, short-to-medium length coat that can come in a variety of colors, including black, chocolate, yellow, or golden. They usually have brown almond-shaped eyes that convey a warm and friendly expression.

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Temperament of the Golden Retriever Mixed with Lab

The temperament of the golden retriever mixed with lab is often described as friendly, outgoing, and affectionate. Both Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers are known for their friendly and tolerant attitudes, which their offspring typically inherit. These breeds are known for being good with kids and other animals, making them excellent family pets. The temperament of these mixed breeds can vary slightly, so socialization at an early age is crucial for them to grow into well-rounded dogs.

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Caring for Your Golden Retriever Mixed with Lab

Caring for your golden retriever mixed with lab requires attention to their diet, exercise, grooming, and health needs. Due to their large size, they need a diet high in protein to maintain muscle mass and joint health. Regular exercise is also crucial for this energetic breed. Daily walks, fetch games, and mental stimulation exercises are a few ways to keep them happy and healthy. Regular grooming, which includes brushing their coat weekly and occasional baths, can keep their coat shiny and healthy. Regular vet visits are also essential to monitor their health and address any potential issues promptly, as suggested by the ASPCA.


The golden retriever mixed with lab is a delightful breed that promises to bring joy and companionship to your household. Their loving, friendly nature, combined with their eagerness to please, make them an excellent choice for families, couples, or individuals. Remember to provide them with the care they need, and in return, you’ll receive the unconditional love and loyalty these wonderful dogs offer.