Glowys LED Nylon Dog Collar — Indepth Review

Glowys LED Nylon Dog Collar

Glowys is known in the market for its glowing products. In fact, the company name even suggests this. The Glowys LED Nylon Dog Collar is just one of its many products.

The products that Glowys pushes into the market include glowing hand bands, glowing head bands and of course, glowing dog collars.

Now, particularly about the Glowys LED Nylon Dog Collar. The idea behind the collar is for your dog to be seen in the dark or in dim light.

We’ll see in subsequent subs what the Glowys LED Nylon Dog Collar is really about. So just be sure to stick with us.



Who Can Wear The Glowys LED Nylon Dog Collar?

The collar can be worn by any dog. It is a light up collar so it is basically worn in areas where you know that spotting your dog will be kinda difficult.

This collar does not have a size or breed restriction. It isn’t heavy making it an OK collar for even small dogs.

Also, the Glowys LED Nylon Dog Collar comes in a wide range of sizes that should fit a wide range of dogs.

LED Flashing Lights Dog Collar Nylon (Red, Extra Large)



Features Of The Glowys LED Nylon Dog Collar

1. Material

This collar is made of pretty durable nylon. A glow-up collar is not necessarily a regular collar as it is usually only worn in situations where it could be difficult to see one’s dog.

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So, that it is worn infrequently could prolong the life of the collar.

Now, aside being durable, this collar is also soft. So that whenever your dog wears it he doesn’t have to risk scratches, scrapes or injuries.

Altogether, we think the material is pretty decent. One more thing, although nylon collars are usually washable, this isn’t because of the lights and the electronic stuff going on.

2. Lights

The lights are secured in the strap of the collar and are bright enough that they shine through.

Like most light up collars, the lights of this collar are powered by Light Emitting Diodes (LED).

The lights are located throughout the collar except where the buckle and control box are located. So, even though we cannot say that the glow is 360 degrees, we can say that the glow is sufficiently rounded.

What we mean is, you won’t have a problem with spotting your dog from a number of positions, provided the collar keeps its glow. You can get between 60 and 100 hours of light before you need to change the batteries.

3. Batteries

The collar makes use of two replaceable batteries. Thankfully, the batteries are ones that you can get at any hardware store around you. It doesn’t have to be Glowys custom made.

We are not sure we like that this collar uses 2 batteries. The reason is that in the long run, it could prove to be a pricey thing. Because you’ll have to buy not one but 2 replacement batteries.

4. The Control Box

A box, which we would have liked to be smaller, is “hidden” between folds of material. Now the reason this box is important is that it controls the workings of the collar. And the reason it is hidden is so that your dog cannot reach it.

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Now, there are 3 light modes on this collar; steady glow, slow flash and fast flash. And it is on this box that you switch among these modes. You could also put the collar off when it is not in use.

The control box is pretty easy to operate.

5. Clasp, D Ring And Tri Glide

The Glowys LED Nylon Dog Collar makes use of a regular black plastic buckle.

The D Ring is also your regular metal D Ring. It is rust resistant, hence, durable. However, there is a little snatch.

The D Ring is attached to what seems to be the front of the collar (directly opposite where the buckle is). And we don’t think that is the proper place to attach a leash.

Another little problem is that the D Ring looks like it was added as an afterthought. Instead of being sewn into the collar, it was attached to the collar by a piece of material. We don’t think the D Ring will stay on this way.

The tri glide is your regular plastic glide and moves along the strap pretty easily.

LED Flashing Lights Dog Collar Nylon (Red, Extra Large)



Is The Glowys LED Nylon Dog Collar User Friendly?

You could actually operate this collar with your eyes closed (but please don’t). It is that easy to use.



Pros Of The Glowys LED Nylon Dog Collar

1. The Lights

We like that the lights are bright enough that they shine well through the material inside which they are hidden.

2. The Material

Well, the material is soft and durable so that is definitely a plus.

3. The Control Box

It is constructed and hidden in such a way that dogs cannot operate it.

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LED Flashing Lights Dog Collar Nylon (Red, Extra Large)



Cons Of The Glowys LED Nylon Dog Collar

We would have liked a better construction done with the D Ring. If it was sewn into the strap itself instead of attached to the collar by a separate piece of material, the D Ring would have stood a better chance of hanging on.

Also, this might not be a problem for some people, but we think that one battery would have been more cost effective in the long term.



Alternative Options To The Glowys LED Nylon Dog Collar

Rechargeable Option

Illumiseen LED Dog Collar

LED Dog Collar - USB Rechargeable - Available in 6 Colors & 6 Sizes - Makes Your Dog Visible, Safe & Seen

The Illumiseen LED Dog Collar is powered by rechargeable batteries making it a cost effective option in the long run. It comes with its own charging cable which you can attach to basically any USB port available.

Also, the collar comes with a lifetime guarantee. So you can always get a replacement if something legitimately goes wrong with the collar.

However, adjusting the collar is not the easiest you’ll ever get to do. So if you are getting this, try to get your dog’s exact size or one that is as close to his exact size as possible. Our article on this collar is more detailed.


Opposite Spectrum

B.Seen LED Dog Collar

BSeen LED Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable, Glowing Pet Dog Collar for Night Safety, Fashion Light UP Collar for Small Medium Large Dog (Neon Green)

The B.Seen LED Dog Collar made it to our opposite spectrum category for two reasons. One it is made of plastic. The collar is basically a small plastic tube twisted into a collar circle and secured by a plastic tube. There are LED light tubes inside of course.

The second reason is that, it doesn’t have a tri glide. This is because to adjust it, you either cut it to size or double wrap in the case of a small dog. You could check out our article on this product if you are interested.



Comparison Table

Glowys LED Nylon Dog Collar

Click here for details

Illumiseen LED Dog Collar

Click here for details

B.Seen LED Dog Collar

Click here for details

Material Nylon Nylon Plastic
Battery Replaceable Rechargeable Rechargeable
Adjustment Tri Glide Tri Glide Double wrap or cut to size


What People Think About The Glowys LED Nylon Dog Collar

This collar seems to be doing only fairly well in the market. It does what it is supposed to do even though it has some not so good things about it.



What We Think

Well, you could decide to go for the Glowys LED Nylon Dog Collar if you can cope with the downsides.

LED Flashing Lights Dog Collar Nylon (Red, Extra Large)