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Dog Supplies — Everything You Need For Your New Pup

There is a certain rush of adrenaline when you realize that a new pup is coming to join the family soon. However, you’re not sure of all the dog supplies you might need and why exactly you might need them.

That’s why we’re here. Today we’ll be bringing you all the basic dog supplies you would need when getting your new best-friend, stick around to find out.

But before that, how about some general tips to take note of when bringing home, a new furry friend. Without further ado, here are:

Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Bringing That Pup Home

Do You Have Other Pets?


If you have an older pup already and you want to bring in a new one, make sure to figure out how your dog reacts to new pets on his lawn. Some dogs can get very territorial.

This trait means that if they feel threatened, they might even attack. A new pup stands no chance against an older dog – he’s screwed.

Where Do You Live?

You need to consider where you live heavily before getting a new pup. Do you live in warmer climates? Do you live in colder regions?

Is your backyard big enough for play and exercise?

Are the roads safe for a walk? Are the streets dog friendly?

These are just a few of the questions you would need to ask as regards where you reside.

What Happens On Vacations?

You need to make plans about who the dog stays with during your vacation and work travels. Dogs can go with you on vacations but it might sometimes not be possible.

If at all he’ll be traveling with you, where is the place you all are going to? How would he react to it?

Are There Any Dog Haters Around You?

So, you don’t become selfish, you’ll need to ask everyone you live with and the closest people to you whether getting a dog is cool. If the dog would make anybody uncomfortable, then you might want to reconsider.

Also, some people are strongly allergic to dogs while some are just plain frightened. Make sure that everyone around you is as comfortable with the idea of a new pup as you.

What Breed Should I Get?

In case you haven’t already chosen a new friend, this is one thing you should not knock over. It goes way past whether a pup is cute or not. That should be a huge factor, but not totally.

You’ll need to get a pup that fits perfectly into your lifestyle.

If you’re a very energetic person who loves to exercise, getting a toy breed might be a wrong fit. Yes, toy breeds are really cute, but they’re couch potatoes. They won’t be as enthusiastic as Golden Retrievers when it comes to exercise and the likes.

When thinking about breed type, you’ll also need to look at size. There are basically 3 sizes of dogs. Small, medium, large.

Find one that you prefer the most before getting it. Don’t be deceived by puppy size, almost all dogs are the same size as puppies. You’ll need to ask or make research about how big that particular breed can get.

Other things you should take into consideration are:


There is a lot of cost you’ll need to consider before getting a pet. Cost depending on dog breeds might include:

Purchase- buying the dog.





Licensing (if needed).

Other dog supplies


Will you be around often enough to take care of him? Things like feeding three times a day requires that you be around for those 3 times. However, if you won’t be around, you can get a dog sitter.

We’ll be moving on swiftly to the dog supplies you’ll need to get for your new pups below:

Dog Supplies You Need For Your New Dog

Dog Bed


Dog Supplies -- FurHaven Pet Dog Bed | Orthopedic Ultra Plush Sofa-Style Couch Pet Bed for Dogs & Cats, Gray, Large A good first impression is great. Now you want to show your pup that good first impression by getting him a comfortable dog bed.

Dog beds are very essential. They guarantee your dog a good night’s rest on his first day in your home. This is so important because if your dog in any way feels threatened on his first day, it might be hard for him to trust again.

It is important to note that if you’re getting a new pup from a breeder, you’re detaching the pup from its comfort zone with his mum and siblings. Now, to integrate him into another home you would need to make him feel safe.

There is no better feeling that cuddling up in a really warm bed. The day may not have gone so well, but the fact that your dog can relax in his bed is a very good thing.

Also, dogs need a healthy 12-14 hours of sleep. A healthy ten hours of sleep would be regularly distorted if your dog isn’t comfortable. Putting him on a mat is not a good idea either.

Mats do not provide any form of cushion or insulation for your dog. That’s right, your pup’s temperature needs to be regulated 100% of the time. Puppies do not have the ability to regulate their own body temperature and as such would require a warm place to sleep.

Also, if you love your furniture and you do not want your dog to be on it all the time so he doesn’t mess it up, get him his own furniture.

Click here to view our review of dog beds. It gives you an extended view of what dog beds are, why you need them, the different types there are, and their uses.

However, for the first few weeks your pup is in his chewing phase, make sure she isn’t ingesting the beddings and foam of the bed. If he does this constantly, consider replacing the bed for a warm blanket for a brief period, till the chewing phase is over.

Dog Crates Or Other Forms Of Containment


Dog Supplies -- AmazonBasics Single-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate - 36 Inches

Dog crates are ultimately essential for the following reasons:

  • Confinement.
  • Training.


This is the basic reason why you need a dog crate. For the purpose of confinement. When you get a new pup, it is important you monitor him at all times. Just like children, young dogs can hurt themselves even in the process of playing.

A dog crate will ensure that you can watch what your pup is doing at all times. It also makes sure that he does not wander into areas of the house that might be dangerous for him. Areas of the house like stairs and even the front door.

Puppies need to be confined for their own safety. Of course, you would bring them out to play and stretch out those cute legs. But they also need a place to stay when you’re not watching.


Things like house training and potty-training need dog crates to be achieved.

Potty training is training your dog to know where it is right to take a dump and where it is not. This is made easier by using dog crates. Why?

Because dogs would not take a dump where they would sleep. So, once the dog recognizes his crate as his sleeping area, he would not take a dump there. That means that if he is in his crate and wants to pee or poo, he would somehow alert you.

Once he alerts you, you can now train him to know the right place by taking him there every time.

Also, you’ll need to train your dog to recognize his crate as a safe haven for him. Sometimes dogs just want to chill out and back away from the crowd. A crate would help him in this situation.

Hint: The way to train your dog to recognize his crate as a safe place is to:

  1. Play with him till he’s tired and exhausted.
  2. Once he’s physically worn out, carry him to his crate.
  3. Try employing some positive reinforcement once he enters his crate.

Also, make sure that you place some of his favorite toys in his crate. This would make his brain match the crate with good things, thereby making him more eager to go there.

Dog Supplies — Identification


Your new pup would obviously need some form of identification. In a case where your dog is lost, he’ll to have some form of identification on him. This is will enable whoever finds him to trace you the wonder and return him.

The most popular type of identification is a collar. A collar is worn around the neck of your pup. In an ideal case, a collar should contain; the name of the dog, his license and his id tag.

A collar shouldn’t be too tight on the neck so it doesn’t strangle your dog. Also, it shouldn’t be too loose that it can fall off.

For a new pup, get one that is easily adjustable. This is because at that stage, pups grow really fast. So, if you get something that isn’t adjustable, they would soon outgrow it.

While collars are the easiest to find anywhere, some others prefer permanent identification. Permanent identification can be in form of a tattoo or a microchip.

Please, if you want to give your pup a tattoo, make sure it doesn’t hurt more than he can bear.

Dog Supplies — Food And Treats


Iams Proactive Health Adult Large Breed Dry Dog Food Chicken, 30 Lb. Bag

Food. Without food, your pup would be “dead in 24 hours.” Make sure you get all the food the puppy would need for a while before even getting him. Once he gets to the house, you might need to feed him, just to make him know he’s safe with you.

While human leftovers might not be a bad idea to feed your dog, he would also need his kibble. Original dog food contains certain things that aid the growth and development of your pup.

Treats on the other hand, are necessary for training. They are the most effective positive reinforcement tool you can find. Simply giving your dog a treat after doing something would make him want to do it again.

Treats, aside being useful for training, are a healthy snack too. Everyone loves sweet things including your dog. However, please be watchful so you don’t over-treat your dog as this can lead to obesity.

If your dog has bad breath, a minty treat will help a lot, you can call it a “treatmint”.

Dog Supplies — Feeding Containers

We’ve talked about getting food and treats now we’ll talk about where to keep them.

Feeding containers are very essential. If you simply place your dog’s food on the floor, it will teach your dog to pick up food from the floor even when outside.

Doing this puts him at the risk of eating germs and bacteria.

Also, it is necessary for your dog to have a particular bowl. This would make him see that bowl as his only source of food reducing begging.

Feeding bowls also include water bowls and treat bags. Just like their names imply, a water bowl should be for water. This should always be filled with fresh, clean water to keep your dog hydrated all the time.

Treat bags should contain treats. You should be able to manipulate them easily. This makes dishing it out easy.

Because you give the treats one at a time, the bag needs to be easy to open so you don’t keep your dog waiting for too long.

A treat bag is one factor that some dog parents don’t really look at but should. If you waste time after a particular good reaction before giving the treat, your dog won’t recognize that as good behavior.

Grooming Kit


This refers to all the dog supplies you would need for grooming. We’ll go ahead to list the general grooming kit dog supplies first, then proceed to list those dog supplies that dogs with a lot of fur need.

  • Dog blow dryer.
  • Brush.
  • Nail clippers.
  • Grooming area.
  • Bathing dog supplies.
  • Scissors.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Towels.

However, if you have a furry dog, you would further need to purchase the following:

  • Conditioner and shampoo.
  • Conditioning spray.
  • Comb.


The last thing your pup would need are toys! Toys! Toys! We cannot say this enough. Toys are very essential in pup development. They can also be used in behavioral training to stop bad habits like chewing and digging.


Phew! Well, we are done. We’ve gone through the things you need to take into consideration before getting a pup. We would like to assume that you have answered all those questions and proceeded to get your pup.

We then showed you the most basic dog supplies you’ll need for the first few weeks of your pup’s life. But hey there’s one last one but this one’s for dogs all ages.

A group of dogs supplies you might need in the long run is; dog training kit. This is because training doesn’t end at puppyhood and there are all kinds of trainings for dogs for different purposes and different reasons.

Get on now! Go make your purchase list.

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