Dog Clothes And Accessories- Your Dog Can Be A Fashionista Too!

Okay, isn’t this a fun topic? Today we’ll be talking about dog clothes and accessories. Don’t you just love those dogs during the summer with their cool sunglasses? Or the dogs in winter with their cute little sweaters?

We are going to show you some of the best dog clothes and accessories for your dogs and what situations you can use them. We will also show you some cases where you should not use them or find alternatives for certain accessories.

Alright, let’s get down to it.

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Should I Dress Up My Dog in Dog Clothes And Accessories?

This topic is quite different than a lot of others out there because there is no hard and fast rule to it. Putting up a fashion show with your pooch as the lead star might be great to some people and a bust to others.

At the end of the day, whether to dress up or not to dress up, is totally up to you, the pet owner.

As much as experts might know, no one, absolutely no one, knows more about your pup than you do. You’ve stayed with the little pooch the longest and can tell what he’s comfortable with and what he is not.

So, if your dog is patient enough to let you hang that scarf around his neck, wear him those sunglasses and step unto the beach, well then good for you and him. However, if he blatantly refuses and is obviously uncomfortable, so that you don’t cause any problems you might not be aware of, it is best to call it quits, sorry.

Although, if your dog is uncomfortable but not so much, a little positive reinforcement can coax him into loving dog clothes and accessories. Don’t forget, most of the time, positive reinforcement is really all you need to make your dog love something he thought he didn’t at first.

If he still doesn’t enjoy it after a lot of positive reinforcement then it’s best to shirk the idea of dog clothes and accessories all together. However, if he grows into loving it you want to go ahead and praise that pooch like he just came first in “New York pet fashion show” just to tell him you’re proud of him.



When Can My Dog Start Wearing Dog Clothes And Accessories?

The best time to start teaching your dog to wear dog clothes and accessories is once he enters your life if he’s adopted. If you got him as a pup, then once he’s ready for behavioral training.

Please take note, you do not want to bother a newly born with wearing dog clothes and accessories. This is because clothes can get very itchy and uncomfortable for your dog. Also, because he might not be able to show that’s he’s uncomfortable, the cloth can choke him if it’s too tight.

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Getting Started: Things To Look Out For In Dog Clothes And Accessories

If your dog has never worn dog clothes before, there are few things you might want to take into consideration. These things are needful to ensure that so what started out as play doesn’t escalate into a hazard.



We cannot over-emphasize this, always make sure your dog is comfortable with wearing dog clothes and accessories, first. If your dog isn’t comfortable and looks for every way to break free from them, please don’t be a dictator. Your dog is not your slave. Free him, dogs’ comfort matters.

Also, on comfort, make sure that if your dog agrees to wear his dog clothes and accessories, that the clothes are comfortable for him. Scarves shouldn’t be choke-holds, clothes shouldn’t be holding the rib cage ransom, boots and shoes should give room for toes to breathe.

Make Sure It Suits The Weather

Just like you have different clothes for different seasons, so should your pup. You don’t want to wear him sweaters and scarves in the summer and then just a bandana in the winter.

You’ll have to get different clothing materials also. For example, wool is a lot thicker than cotton and would be better suited for winter.

It Should Be Their Right Size

Make sure that the dog clothes and accessories you’re getting are the right fit. No dog wants clothes that are too big cos they can restrict their movement, or too small that they feel squashed.


The dog clothes and accessories should be beautiful. Just like you won’t want to go out looking like a clown, don’t dress your dog like that. Well except it’s Halloween, then it’s acceptable.

Your dog should be stylish, the one that everyone dog owner at the dog park wants to pet. Give him a nice cologne, make him attractive to the ladies. Who knows? Maybe a good tux on your pooch can change biology and make the girls in heat chase him instead of the other way around, lol.

Okay, to make this more interesting we’ll be dividing what we’re talking about today into two. Dog clothes and dog accessories.

Firstly, we discuss:



Dog Clothes

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Asides being fashionable there are some health benefits of dog clothes. The following categories of dogs need clothes to keep warm during extreme colds:

  • Smaller dog breeds, short-haired breeds, and bigger dogs with thin coats, are more than likely to experience shivers throughout the winter. This is because their fur coat is not enough to protect them against the harsh conditions.

If your dog’s breed falls into any of the categories mentioned above then you might want to seriously consider getting him some dog sweaters for the winter.

  • Older dogs also tend to get cold and some might require clothes to keep warm.
  • Dogs who just came out of surgery or suffer any disease that makes them susceptible to the cold would also need clothes to keep warm.
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Different Kinds Of Dog Clothes

Dog Sweaters


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Because you have to walk your dog always, even during the winter, it would be a very good idea to get him a sweater.

Although, some breeds are capable of keeping themselves warm even during winter, others are not so great at it. At the end of the day, it all comes down to you the owner and noticing whether your dog is cold or not.

Sweaters come in different materials. You want to go for a material that won’t itch your dog and make him uncomfortable. Also, you want to check the thickness. As bad as cold sounds for your dog, overheating is an equal worry. Know what works for your dog.


Dog Shirts

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These are basically something beautiful for your dog to put on during the summer. Preferably something that is free enough for him to run around in.

Dog shirts also help to keep your dog clean, especially because it keeps the sand out. On the beach, some dogs will love to roll and play on the warm sand, that can be very frustrating when you’re bathing them. So, keep the sand out and wear him a shirt.



Anxiety Vests

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If your dog is a very anxious dog, the solution might be an anxiety vest. There is a certain feeling of security your dog feels when snug-fit into those vests. Remember how your dog felt on the 4th of July? Maybe an anxiety vest will help him feel more safe and secure while the ruckus goes on outside.




Dog Accessories

Dogs like humans have a whole bunch of accessories. Some are very useful for different things while others are simply for the purpose of beautification.

The first and most important dog accessory is dog footwear. See more details about dog footwear below:

Dog Footwear


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Dog footwear is the most important thing when it comes to dog clothes and accessory that you need. Why? Because your dogs’ paws are very sensitive and, contrary to popular opinion, need to be protected almost all the time.

Dog clothes and accessories may not be something you worry yourself about except it’s of course, some footwear. Why?

1. When it’s snowing- because you have to walk your dog every day even when it snows, you need some shoes to prevent your dog from catching a cold. Cold gets into your dog through his paws so if they’re bare in extreme colds, you’ll find your pet shivering.

Even if your dog has proper paw insulation, the salt used on the road to clear out snow is not always dog-friendly and can irritate your dogs’ paws.

2. When it’s really hot- Imagine walking on the sidewalk barefoot on the hottest summer days, burns yeah? Same goes for your dogs. Paws are sensitive and will burn when exposed to hot surface areas for a long time.

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3. Active dogs- If your dog hikes, hunts or does some of form of sports, it’s good practice to get him some shoes for protection against small pricks that can injure him.

4. When it’s raining- No one likes to have slimy stuff stuck to their feet including your pooch. This might make him want to lick it off and well, you don’t want your dog licking such.

There are different types of dog footwear that should be used for different purposes. You can find a full list of different types of footwear and their uses here.


Scarves And Mufflers

Dog necks contain little fat and fur, and as such, little insulation from the cold. When the weather gets really cold, together with a dog sweater, you might want to get your dog a scarf.

Scarves are also very cool to wear during the summer especially when your dog is naked from neck down.

Be very careful when you’re wearing your dog a scarf. Wear it too tight and you risk him getting choked. Wear it too loose and find it in your neighbor’s garden.


Swimming Accessories

  • Life Jacket And Goggles- Some dogs hate to swim.  If your dog isn’t a very good swimmer but you as his owner loves to swim, no need to worry. You don’t need to leave your dog in the crate anymore when you go for a good swim. Just take him along. With life jacket and goggles, your pooch can swim with you even if he can’t swim.

But please make sure that he isn’t scared of the water entirely. Also, make sure he is comfortable with the idea of swimming.

  • Swimming Trunk- Some dogs can swim but hate when water is stuck to their fur because it can get itchy. Wear him some swimming trunks to prevent water from getting deep into his fur.

If your dog isn’t very comfortable with clothes, you need not be left out in the fun. There are other cloth alternatives, they might not be it but play right with them and they’re fun.

  • Bandana- This is dog owners’ first port of call if their dogs aren’t comfortable in clothes. Make them into ties, bows or whatever. Bandanas are a surefire to get other dogs wagging once they see yours.


  • Harnesses and collars- Change the way you look at harnesses and collars, yes, they might be really serious things but nobody says they can’t be fun and beautiful too. Get yourself a beautiful harness and you might not see the need for shirts again.



SMALLLEE_LUCKY_STORE Pet Clothes for Small Dog Cat Red Plaid Shirts Sweater with Khaki Overalls Pants Jumpsuit Outfits L


And that is all for dog clothes and accessories, hope we’ve been helpful?

Don’t forget to take your dog’s appropriate measurement before sewing or buying him any clothes so they are his size.

Dog clothes and accessories can be a fun game and bonding activity for both pup and owner. However, both parties have to like it.

For the last time, we say, if your dog isn’t comfortable with dog clothes and accessories, forget the whole idea. However, there are those other times when the reason you want him to put on clothes might be health-related. In such cases, it’s best to see a vet for a proper alternative.

You can even try dressing up mates as a couple, cute isn’t it? Well, get on with it.











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