Django Puffer Dog Raincoat — Detailed Review

Django Puffer Dog Raincoat

Hello Guys! Today, we’ll be reviewing the Django Puffer Dog Raincoat.

You probably get really frustrated when you have to wipe your dog every time he comes in from taking a pee in the rain.

Or perhaps you’re like most of us who detest the “wet-dog smell”? Well, the remedy you need for all those is a dog raincoat.

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The Django Puffer Dog Raincoat is brought to you by a Django, a company that was named after the dog of the company owners.

Django says it’s committed to making quality products. And so, to make that possible, the brand promises its customers that all its products are designed by skilled artisans only.

This company boldly proclaims that #AllDogsAreAdventureDogs.

Who Can Wear The Django Puffer Dog Raincoat?

If what you’re trying to know is whether certain breed types will react badly to the raincoat then we’re glad to tell you, no.

This dog raincoat is good enough for use by any dog, no matter the breed type, provided it is available in his size.

So, What Sizes Are Available?

This dog raincoat is available in four different sizes;

  • Extra small.
  • Small.
  • Medium.
  • Large.

Before we move on, please, do not use your dog’s weight to determine what size is good for him and what size isn’t.

Rather, what you need to measure are his neck length, back length, and chest girth.

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Then check through the company’s sizing chart (see image below) for the measurements attached to each size.

If your pooch is in between sizes, we advise that you order a size up. That way, the raincoat will be able to cover more of your pup, rather than, less.

If you still don’t find a size that’s comfortable enough for you to buy, head on to our “alternative options”. There, you will find other dog raincoats.

DJANGO Puffer Dog Jacket and Reversible Cold Weather Dog Coat with Full Coverage and Windproof Protection (Medium, Lava Red/Buffalo Plaid)






Features Of The Django Puffer Dog Raincoat

1. Material

This raincoat is made with two materials. However, unlike regular double-layered raincoats, this one has one surrounding layer and one inner layer.

Regular raincoats have one on top to shield against the rain, and one touching the skin of the dog.

a.) Outer-Layer

The outer layer or shell of this dog raincoat is made with weather-resistant fabric.

The manufacturers of this dog raincoat did not tell what material was used in making this, so, we don’t know and wouldn’t want to jump into any conclusions.

However, what we do know is that it is a synthetic material.

Also, it is windproof, meaning that it should not blow open even in really windy situations. So, as you can guess, the material is quite sturdy.

b.) The Interior Layer

This one, we know the name of. The interior layer of this dog raincoat is made with 100% fiber cotton, a soft, strong, and durable material.

This material being used as the inner layer will guarantee your dog warmth while he has this raincoat on.

So, you can step out when it’s snowing without the fear that your dog will catch a cold.

This is something you want for your dog especially if they’re too small or short-coated to provide their own warmth.

The placement of these materials is like a burrito. The outer layer or shell of the dog raincoat, is the bread of the burrito while the fiber cotton is the other ingredients nestled inside the bread.

Django Puffer Dog Raincoat 


2. Design/Style

The Django Puffer Dog Raincoat comes in a sports design but does not come with a hoodie, which is bad and surprising especially since this is supposed to be coming from an outdoorsy brand.

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Without a hoodie, your dog’s head is completely exposed to the elements. If he has sensitive skin on his head, it could be a big problem.

However, the company complemented this by providing a long collar.

So, you might not be getting a hoodie to cover your pup’s head, but at least, you get a thick collar to protect his neck.

In addition, the Django Puffer Dog Raincoat comes with oversized armholes to prevent from itching and scratching.

Your dog’s “armpits” have very sensitive skin. If the armholes on the dog raincoat are tight, after a while, it’ll begin to irritate and itch your dog.

This raincoat, however, won’t itch him because the armholes are wide and free.

Also, these oversized armholes allow for free movement. They do not restrict your dog’s forelegs and will allow him full stretch.

Lastly, this raincoat is reversible. So the front is the front and can also be the back, too. And also, the back is the back but can also be the front, too.

3. Color

This is available in 4 (2 for each) colors, viz:

  • Lava Red/ Buffalo Plaid.
  • Matte Navy/ Green & Navy Plaid.
  • Sage Green/Buffalo Plaid.

As beautiful as these colors are, we have to point out one thing, they are not very visible, which is bad news for when it gets dark out.

More so, this raincoat also does not come with reflective stripes, further denying this raincoat of any form of visibility.



Pros Of The Django Puffer Dog Raincoat

Ease Of Use And Adjustability

Because it’s reversible, whatever side you get on your dog first, is fine. That is really good if you have a dog that struggles to put on his clothes a lot.

Adding to the adjustability is the Velcro strap. This raincoat comes with a big Velcro strap across the belly which makes it easy to put in place and snap shut.

Django Puffer Dog Raincoat






No hoodie

This does not come with a hoodie, which means that it will leave your dog’s head and neck — which are pretty sensitive parts of the body — exposed.

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Not The Best For Visibility

Dog raincoats should always come in bright colors since we all know that rain is oftentimes accompanied by clouds and consequently some level of darkness.

The colors here aren’t exactly such colors that would make your dog visible to you or an oncoming vehicle in the dark.

Adding reflective stripes would have helped but apparently Django skipped that, too.

For a brand that claims to be committed to quality products, this seems to be an obvious oversight.



Alternative Options To The Django Puffer Dog Raincoat

More Affordable Option — Ethical Pet Dog Raincoat



Our featured product is a bit in the high range, so it’s understandable if it’s a bit out of reach for some people.

And that’s why we have included this alternative. Check it out. It’s a little more pocket-friendly but still highly functional.

However, we should warn you that this alternative does not provide your dog with any warmth or insulation from the cold.

It is made with only a single-layered polyester material. So, it is not exactly going to give a warming effect.


Alternative Design — MaruPet Dog Raincoat




If you do not like the sports vest design of the dog raincoat in review, you could check out this alternative with jumpsuit style design.

A jumpsuit means it covers more parts of your dog, although, it might be more stressful to get him into it.




Comparison Table

Django Puffer Dog Raincoat

Click here for details


Ethical Pet Dog Raincoat

Click here for details


MaruPet Dog Raincoat

Click here for details


Material Synthetic shell and fiber cotton interior Polyester Polyester and mesh fabric
Hoodie No Yes Yes



What Do Other People Think?

People really appreciated the fact that this raincoat features a leash access hole to make it easy for them to walk their dog.

Plus, the thick interior lining to keep dogs warm was a hit for most pet parents.


What Do We Think?

The Django Puffer Dog Raincoat is a great buy, no doubt.

However, we still feel like there were a few obvious places where Django fell short.

For instance, the colors aren’t exactly functional as they do not aid visibility.

And then there are no reflective stripes which would have helped the situation a bit.

But then again, it’s warm and comes with a leash access hole.

We just wish Django had worked to deliver a perfect product. It seems like that wouldn’t have been too difficult to pull off.

Django Puffer Dog Raincoat